Jim Lee on The Ochelli Effect – Geoengineering, Slavespeak, and FUD

An excellent must-hear interview and site I’ll be digging deeply into for quite a while!

ClimateViewer News

Friday, November 18, 2016 – Jim Lee  touches on Slavespeak, HAARP, Mind Control, His personal history as an anon force,and the main thrust of the conversation centers on “artificial clouds” AKA Chemtrails and/or Geoengineering. Jim has a solution and a history lesson on Man-Made clouds and weather warfare. Jim will be speaking at G. Edward Griffin conference in AZ in December. Jim is the creator of ClimateViewer.org

And now, on with our Featured Presentation

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Ochelli.com – 11/18/2016 Friday – Jim Lee “artificial clouds” ClimateViewer.org

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