On Sacking Rome!

On sacking Rome. That is: On Censorship! YAY!
If we had a dime for every bloke screaming censorship right now we could build our own damn castle in Narnia.

Seriously?  You want to sack Rome, but you expect them to provide the roads?

Wow!  Basic training bugles sounding now.

The censorship banner is waving so fast and furious it’s like Kundera or Kafka or Poet-President Havel—if you haven’t been to prison you haven’t lived!  Please, censor me, I never expected or prepared for this, and now I’m . . . Magically Justified.

At least I can rely on Corbett to continue to pierce the veil?

And Jon Rappaport,  relatively delusion-free, still, after all these years, still powering on, even after banned from this very WordPress channel.

Wise-up, quick, I beg y’all. Collaborative Wisdom from the wee homestead: Circle the Wagons folks.




Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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