The Lies The Grownups Told Us — Caitlin Johnstone

I remember that moment distinctly, at 7 or so, when I first thought, I can’t wait to be grown up and have figured it all out.

“It doesn’t have to be like this,” I remember distinctly knowing.  And I imagined, some day as an adult, it all will make sense, at last.

Now at 50 a lot of it really does make sense, once you see we’re living in an insane asylum where fakery and pretense are rewarded, and where honesty and reality are blissfully ignored and/or cunningly avoided.

Welcome to the world where your child’s peanut butter & fluff sandwich is considered not only sustenance, but perfectly healthy.

CJ:  “But that’s all they’re ever doing: pretending. The only difference between you and the confident-sounding pundit people on TV is that the confident-sounding pundit people on TV have gotten good at faking it. They don’t actually understand life any better than you do, they’ve just learned the secret that you can get pretty much as far as you want to in life by feigning confidence in yourself.”

When you’re a small kid the grownups tell you cute little lies. Lies about things like those presents under the Christmas tree coming from a hairy obese trespasser instead of your poor overworked mother, or that babies come from a man and a woman loving each other.Then you get a little bigger and you learn…

via The Lies The Grownups Told Us — Caitlin Johnstone

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