Funny Friday

I hope y’all have a fabulous holiday weekend here in the States and if it’s not a holiday where you reside, I hope it feels like one anyway. I thought I’d share a bit of inspiration toward that end.

Rebel Hen: “I lay where I choose!”
Kids orders: “Plant more Mulberries!”
Handy Hubby’s handiwork makes me soo happy! Maybe my new grow light station is not that funny, but it sure is fun. (No illegal plants were tortured to capture this photo.)

And best of all for everyone, guess what, there’s a 99% chance you won’t die of the Covid cooties, yippie, let’s celebrate!

So funny, do yourself a favor because laughter is the best medicine! 🙂

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

8 thoughts on “Funny Friday”

  1. She actually lays there, that is if the dogs ignore her long enough to complete the action! No idea why, but this whole flock of hens is weird, they all prefer to lay in odd places, find eggs everywhere but their boxes. It was a novelty to have the chickens around for a while, but now it’s just annoying to have them poop on the deck when there’s lots of yard all around. Can’t wait to move them to the new space across the fence.


  2. Is that chicken just resting or is she going to try and lay eggs on that hard surface without any nesting material? I know nothing about chickens but what would attract her to this spot? Just curious.

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  3. I sometimes wish I could read an animals mind. Wonder what the pup was thinking at that moment. When I was lucky enough to have a dog I got pretty good at reading his expressions & body language which made for a happy relationship. On second thought dogs are so honest maybe it’s best not to read their minds. The goats on the other hand seemed pretty obvious with their thoughts & I think you nailed it perfectly. Really like your animal pictures. Please do more. I’d love to see more closeups of the bees also.

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