A Dandelion Manifesto: A Call For A Summer of Healing And Mending — Wrench in the Gears

Beautiful, powerfully inspired, count me in!

Whereas human beings on this planet have experienced a year of collective trauma; Whereas our understanding of the nature of this trauma varies widely; Whereas the elite have sought to pit us against one another as they consolidate power; Whereas people are rightly confused, fearful, and anxious; We therefore propose a summer of healing and…

A Dandelion Manifesto: A Call For A Summer of Healing And Mending — Wrench in the Gears

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

2 thoughts on “A Dandelion Manifesto: A Call For A Summer of Healing And Mending — Wrench in the Gears”

  1. HA, yes, when we are young and knew it all, eh?! I’ve never tried dandelion wine, would like to.

    So glad you like the post, the woman who wrote it also has a YT channel with all kinds of great talks about technocracy and the Great Reset, she’s really well-informed and well-spoken.


  2. Just finished reading the Dandelion manifesto. It was worth every minute I spent reading it. How beautiful & thought inspiring. I grew up being taught that the dandelion was a noxious weed & was tasked by my Dad ( at about 12 years old , which was about 70 years ago) to spend my time digging out every dandelion on our property. Part of my allowance requirements. Remember when kids had to do chores in order to receive spending money? At that time I also had a farm raised uncle who also attacked every dandelion with gusto but for an entirely different purpose. He explained that the little center leaves were going into his salad & the rest was to become dandelion wine. Oh yuck I thought, why would someone want to eat weeds. Now I wish I had been older & smarter & more curious as I probably could have learned a lot from this man.

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