Story Sunday: It Was 1976 — Cosmic Observation

When history repeats with mind-boggling accuracy, do you choose to get off the merry-go-round of propaganda at last?

From Rockefeller to Gates, recognizing any patterns yet?

Thanks Vic at Cosmic Observation for sharing these still very relevant old clips. ~KH

60 Minutes Additional Information

Story Sunday: It Was 1976 — Cosmic Observation

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

9 thoughts on “Story Sunday: It Was 1976 — Cosmic Observation”

  1. Truth is a very difficult thing to deal with, esp. if you discover it late in life. Many have a vested interest in maintaining a status quo. Power corrupts and, absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Truth can be like the sand under your feet. It will put you on your ass if you don’t pay attention. Instead of saying “OH! Thank you for the information!”, most run away, screaming and want to hide in a closet.

    Life will be very hard and short for those too stupid to learn.

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  2. My pleasure, thank you! These propagandists and myth-makers are not so creative, they are able to succeed using the same parlor tricks over and over and still the majority will go along. I just don’t get it. Sometimes I think folks actually like to be lied to.

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  3. To quote the Poet Laureate
    of Rock ‘n’ Roll …

    “How much do I know
    To talk out of turn
    You might say that I’m young
    You might say I’m unlearned
    But there’s one thing I know
    Though I’m younger than you
    That even Jesus would never
    Forgive what you do
    Let me ask you one question
    Is your money that good?
    Will it buy you forgiveness
    Do you think that it could?
    I think you will find
    When your death takes its toll
    All the money you made
    Will never buy back your soul”

    ~ Bob Dylan (Masters of War,
    but could just as easily apply
    to those Masters of Money)

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