An infrequent Swede visitation

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Ideas for blog posts are infrequent.  I think of it as sitting in the woods passively observing, when a rabbit runs by. I had no idea last evening that a rabbit was on the way to this blog in the form of a Montana man I’ve known (via the blog) for years, Big Swede. He dropped in to insult us, and indeed he can be infuriating because he does not read. Therefore, he gets to lay his business on us, and anything said in return will bounce off, unread.

His first comment was to deliver a video to “… all you deep thinking intellectuals who hang out here.” It was the video I offer below.

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7 thoughts on “An infrequent Swede visitation”

  1. I am of the opinion that everything you see on TV is staged. Most of history is staged. A bit of this comes from personal experience, and the majority from history and the research of others I can not verify and do not have time or inclination to try to vet. Once upon a time I did try, the Mena-Iran-Contra Fake trials with Ollie North or whatever his name was, it was ages ago and I saw up close and personal how utterly fucked up the system really is. Everything is a stage and we only actors.


  2. Heh. Nothing like a drive-by dumb ass.

    I was surprised about the guy’s view on Jonestown. Was it staged? I’d never heard that suggested. I was in 7th grade when all that happened. Interesting…

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