Christmas Wishes

All I want for Christmas is my . . .

~~~Weather to resemble something remotely near natural.

12.25.2021 Not natural or normal!

~~~Science to reflect a true concern for natural life, not just a study of our abuses of it.
For instance, as they study the effect of this crazy atmospheric tampering on insects (see study quote below), perhaps they might consider shedding some light on the animal and human behavioral consequences—like our dear Tori— bred and raised as a mighty protector, who paces, shakes and cowers during these manufactured weather whiplash events.
“This series of studies investigated the effects of applied, low-intensity electromagnetic fields on the behaviour of several species. To cover a range of species; the eusocial harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex sp.), solitary orb-weaving spiders, and aquatic planarian (Dugesia tigrina) were examined for behavioural consequences associated with applied electromagnetic fields. An additional component examined these effects on various volumes of water. In all species examined, significant behavioural consequences were observed. Intensities of the used fields ranged from nanotesla to millitesla, and their patterns included a fixed-pattern 60 Hz field, and a more complex-patterned field. A separate component also analyzed the effects of light and polarity, where additional effects were evident. For the experiments with the harvester ants, significant changes in tunneling behavior were observed; for the spiders, significant changes in the structure of the web were observed; for the planarian, significant effects on t-maze arm selection occurred; and for water, significant changes in pH were detected.”

In other words, frequency affects everything, all of Life, right down to whether my sourdough is a failure or success!

~~~countrymen would deal their Kayfabe* reality obsessions before the delusions destroy us all.

(*kayfabe: portraying staged events as real. Wrestling terminology meeting Western reality.)

I have NO HOPE whatsoever any of these hopes will manifest in my lifetime!

But I do still hold out hope that some folks, maybe even just a few, will realize the technology does not make the man. And the true man can and will walk away from his man-made abominations whenever he chooses.

And he will reawaken to God’s mysteries rather than drown in the absurdities of his own ephemeral creations.

Merry Christmas, y’all, thanks for being here.
Please do share your Christmas wishes too, if you are feeling so inclined!

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes”

  1. Kind of comforting to know someone else is feeling the same things I do. This might explain the reports of some of the strange behavior being exhibited by people. When you don’t share these strange feelings with someone you start to think you’re the one going cuckoo.

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  2. Watched the film & the narrator says that no one is questioning the strange weather. She’s wrong. Many people are asking & except for sites like Geoengineering no one is answering. We can see what’s going on but just like the narrator, she says “man”, or “they” are doing this. What “man”? Who are “they”? Not only that but if we ever got the answers how or who could stop them (whoever or whatever they are)? We can’t even stop the corruption going on in our gov. The devastation shown in the podcast is overwhelming & I feel it’s being done on purpose. One freaky weather event could be accepted but so many happening simultaneously cannot in any shape or form be called a freak of nature especially all over the world. As I watch what’s going on I still wonder what the end result is being aimed for.

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    1. That’s right, Granny, many people are asking and is a great resource for information. As far as I can tell, when folks start asking questions there’s a few things that happen: 1. They turn on MSM (the ‘legacy’ media as the ‘alternative’ media sources call them) where they hear either this is ‘just Mother Nature’ or it’s ‘climate change’ caused by man’s SUVs, cow farts, and high meat consumption that are the problems. No mention that the military is BY FAR the greatest polluter in the world. 2. They don’t believe the MSM bullshit narrative and so go to ‘alternative’ sources, a good portion which are also corrupt. Here they hear it’s ‘climate change’ caused by the Grand Solar Minimum (aka the Marauder Minimum) and believe it, not questioning further and thinking it’s a natural cycle that will eventually pass. 3. They actually do go to Geoengineering watch, view some vids, read some articles, and get super freaked out b/c they say we’re all going to die of abrupt climate catastrophe in 5 years anyway, so why not rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic and grab an adult beverage and choose the right tunes for the perfect collapse scenario.
      What do you think, did I miss anything?! 😉


    2. Oh and as far as the ‘who’ — these are global public/private partnerships and industries and governments around the world which are profiting greatly from the chaos, destruction and experimentations. The motives are the same as they always are—money, control, power. Not sure how to stop it, or if that’s even possible, but do think it worth the effort! I keep thinking if folks could just start discerning again between natural and man made that is a good start. Any more suggestions?


  3. What interesting observations. There’s been days when I’ve awakened to extreme unusual feelings such as anxiety, fear, depression, etc. with absolutely no logical explanation. You can bet that now I’m going to start paying attention to a connection to strange (out of the ordinary) weather conditions which seem to be occurring more frequently. Thanks for a new area to pay attention to.

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    1. There are lots of associated symptoms folks are experiencing, and getting ignored, minimized, redirected by authorities who think their drugs will solve every problem. I also get ‘random’ symptoms like you describe in the middle of the night or very early A.M. along with tinnitus that sounds like very loud Morse code in multiple pitches. This woman has several channels and playlists on YT, Bitchute and Odyssey (called NeverLoseTruth) that talk about it and there are always lots of comments from others like us who get associated symptoms and are also experiencing much destruction (at least it is nice to know we are not alone!):


  4. Dear Kensho Homestead,

    I particularly like this sentence:

    But I do still hold out hope that some folks, maybe even just a few, will realize the technology does not make the man. And the true man can and will walk away from his man-made abominations whenever he chooses.

    Similarly, I have expressed the following in my post entitled “💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠“:

    Meanwhile, the lucrative lure and relentless pursuit of ever greater wealth and unmitigated prosperity continue to supersede the temperance and morality necessary for cultivating moderation and voluntary self-restraint as well as for complementing wisdom, courage, humility, humanity, justice and transcendence, without which the future prospect and collective survival of the human species will continue to be uncontrollably tethered to Viral Falsity and corrupt politics, which exacerbate the onerous challenges and escalating crises (im)posed by overpopulation, overproduction, overconsumption and overexploitation, thus culminating in a world of conspicuous squandering and wastefulness devoid or deprived of the possibility of, and the willingness for, sweeping remediation and lasting reformation, and hence resulting in a world increasingly strained and precariously poised between economic boom of diminishing returns and social catastrophe of dramatic concerns, whilst unabatedly heightening the overall risk, severity and frequency of anthropogenic hazards and environmental disasters, and also periodically triggering or precipitating disruptions and ruinations unprecedented in scale, complexity and intractability. Across various parts and regions of the world, climate change has both directly and indirectly caused countless millions of cases of health issues, deaths, injuries, famine, food insecurity, water shortage, property damage, socioeconomic disruptions, exacerbation of natural disasters, degradation of natural resources, extinction of species, extreme weather, conflicts, warfare, the spread of diseases, displacements, mass migrations, sociopolitical upheavals, regime changes and so on, many if not all of which have been worsening substantially since the end of the 20th century, perhaps even already accelerating inexorably towards some eventual calamities or runaway cataclysms, being well on track in facilitating a wholesale and terminal decline of Homo sapiens, a species unable to transcend its own fate, incapable of fathoming let alone solving the great riddle of life, and succumbing in due course to not merely a surfeit of wayward violence and aggressive expansion but also exiguous comprehension of its own existential mess, pernicious strain and destructive streak, never mind the spectres of an even deadlier pandemic (whether zoonotic or genetically engineered), industrial disaster, biochemical apocalypse and nuclear holocaust as well as all-out cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism and cyberattacks.

    As for Christmas Wishes, I have just published a new and special post entitled “🎊 Season’s Greetings: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 🎄🎅☃️” to celebrate the festive season. The post combines art, graphics, poems, music and animations. May you relish my new post to your heart’s content!

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    Wishing you a 🎄🎊 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ☃️🎅!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderfully productive weekend doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most! Take care and prosper!

    Yours sincerely,

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