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    1. I think what Michelle really meant by others “giving up a piece of their pie” is to have her moronic constituents pay a chunk of *their* wealth to her and her criminal pals as taxpayers and as consumers. So if my reading of her commentary is correct, she’s actually not a hypocrite for saying this. Michelle probably believes in that concept wholeheartedly. She believes in what is essentially a modern form of feudalism, where someone else is always guaranteed to dole out a percentage of their money to maintain their lavish lifestyles and to bankroll whatever projects they have in mind. After all, you cannot have a guaranteed stream of income without having others always pay into your system. Insurance also operates the same way as well.

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      1. I think ‘entitled hypocrite’ might be a good label. I agree with your observations here, but she (they) don’t sell it like that, hence the ‘hypocrite’ label. They don’t say, ‘wealth and power for us and servitude and obedience for y’all’. They instead pretend ‘equity’ is the achievable goal for all, that if we all just follow orders and be proper consumer-citizens the ‘trickle down’ prosperity will lift all boats. Do they actually believe that, or is it their con? Here might be a good test. If she actually said: “Some are going to have to give up more of their pie, because we need more, so fork it over.” Would they still have the public in their back pocket? Scary thought, because folks are so demoralized I think that might still work.

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        1. Yes, and you see the same “equity” demanded of the vaccine manufacturers, who also make a huge killing off of scamming us all to the tune of billions of dollars annually. This time, it applies to third world countries that can’t afford (or aren’t willing) to buy their lethal inoculations to control their population numbers and make new customers for the for-profit pharmaceutical industry – all in the name of upholding “public health”. It’s all about equalizing the cost and harm for everyone. That way, their bottom lines will be fully met.

          And speaking of vaccines, the Obamas also presided over the H1N1 scamdemic from a decade ago, which is similar to the present Coronavirus “pandemic” of the past two years. Under their administration, billions of federal tax dollars were allocated into the production and sale of H1N1 ‘Swine Flu’ vaccine by the vaccine industry, primarily into the hands of pharmacy giant Novartis. And I’d to add that POTUS Joe Biden, who is now currently overseeing the response to the Coronavirus pandemic, also played a central role in making the Obama regime’s response to the former pandemic possible, albeit his role was relegated behind-the-scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Barack or Michelle held stocks in Novartis and co. After all, the public sector profits off of this as much as do the private sector.

          As for your final point, past history has shown us how “the public” reacts to such massive and pervasive grifts by their owners. Look no further than the publicity given by the media of taxpayer bailouts to corporate America, which further widened the monetary gap between the few and the many in this country. Besides a few protests on Wall St., there was no massive blacklash or revolution across the country over the brazen theft of state coffers by the predatory rich. The masses are indeed stupid enough to allow themselves to be fleeced like sheep, so you’re correct.

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          1. Gives a different take on the ‘we’re all in this together’ slogan. That’s so true about the lack of massive backlash at an ideal opportunity. I think the massive media coverage helps to diffuse the public outrage, they think someone else is going to take care of it all, and go back to sleep for another few years until the next big thing jostles their slumber.


  1. I had an uncle that lived well into his upper 90’s & he treasured every dandelion he could find. The young leaves went into his salads, tough leaves got cooked & added to his veggies & other parts became wine. I was too young at the time to appreciate what has turned out to be a wise use on his part.

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    1. If you have a healthy lawn and see dandelions, don’t destroy them. They aren’t weeds, they are helpful herbs. I eat dandelion greens, routinely and the little yellow flowers are edible. They white, puffy seeds, not so much. So, if you don’t drown your lawn with Roundup or commercial fertilizer, eat ’em…good for the gallbladder and blood.

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  2. re: “give up a piece of their pie so others can have more.”

    Funny thing about pie.

    You can always bake more. In fact, you can bake any kind of pie you want, rather than settle for a piece of someone else’s pie.


    …hold on, now, this one’s a game changer…

    You can bake a cake, instead, if you wanted to.

    All you need are the ingredients, and to be willing to put the work in.

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  3. Regarding the first meme; Looks like Obama is going to get fat eating all that pie. They served themselves another slice while building their new mansion in Hawaii. Nothing worst than a f**king hypocrite!

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