Funny Friday

It’s that time again!
Hope there’s something in here to tickle your fancy.

KH: Actually, definite YUM potential, that stoner should be commended and we want to try it! Preferably all homemade with natural ingredients. 🙂
KH: Now the more sad than funny.

KH: This artist forgot the heart tattoo and a quote that says ‘All you need is love!”
KH: And that’s all folks! 😁

Wishing y’all a lovely weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

6 thoughts on “Funny Friday”

  1. 1) I feel the dude pouring liquor in the coke
    2) that burger looks good
    3) I think Lindsey Lohan is trying to get her crap together. The other two are a mess.
    4) I sent my husband the sushi one because that reminds me of how our groceries are going on this inflation plan. Aren’t we so glad the government just forgave peoples student loans, I wonder when they’ll send me $10k since my college is completely paid for and we make less than the cutoff amount. 🤔probably won’t happen.

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