The King and I – Search for the King Cobra

Fantastic! I love this man’s posts and this one is particularly impressive!

incidental naturalist

The little island of Singapore has an abundance of wildlife. The government strategy is to evolve from a Garden City to become a City in Nature. Singapore already boasts an impressive list of iconic wildlife such as huge Saltwater crocodiles, otters that roam the city, wild boars in suburbia and hornbills in the sky above.

Icons of wild Singapore at Sungei Buloh Wetlands

The green spaces are wriggling with a jewel box of snakes. Always nearby but hardly ever seen, there seems to be a snake for every occasion in Singapore. They range from the huge Reticulated python to the deadly Blue Coral snake, but there is one snake that captures the imagination of people all over the world like no other – the King Cobra.

Singapore King Cobra

I have seen many snakes in Singapore, but the elusive King cobra had evaded me for almost 2 years. It was…

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