14 thoughts on “Funny Friday”

  1. Regarding the moon…..

    I’m quite certain that it actually a very large wheel of Swiss Cheese.

    That said, please do lump me together with the moon is made of GREEN cheese. Those guys are clearly a bunch of wack jobs.

    If you would like more information please send $19.95 plus $83.33 for shipping & handling to my paypal…….

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    1. Thanks! No secret! Hubby finds most of them from forum sites he frequents. And I add to the mix by taking them from sites I visit or I get a hankering for something on a theme, like ‘fall’ or ‘squirrels’ and do a general search for: funny ‘goat’ memes, or whatever. 😁

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        1. Well actually, if you’re asking seriously, the earth is still round in that model, it’s just not spherical, right? How can we say for sure if the moon is not also ‘flat’? Or something else altogether, like a reflection, or optical illusion?

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    1. Sorry… I did not mean “I”, I meant “they”.
      Only… using “they” might just be disrespectful towards the transgender type. All the while, I find it disrespectful that the word “they” was commandeered for other uses.
      But that’s a topic for another time… and place.

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