Garden-to-Table Resources

Favorite Sites and Books about all things Homesteading and Natural Living, in no particular order and updated often, please send any suggestions!

An excellent resource for gardening and permaculture tips, techniques, inspiration with very detailed information about growing all kinds of great plants!  A new find for me and highly recommended: Deep Green Permaculture

The best site I know of on my new favorite thing, kombucha.  I tried it before a few years ago, being it’s so trendy, but it didn’t take.  Then a friend gave me a new scoby and some more nudging, and introduced me to this site, and I can’t get enough!  Lots of other great info there on fermented foods and a weekly podcast.  Cultured Food Life

Lots of inspiring traditional recipes, especially offal, and just generally a quality blog at: Of Goats and Greens

Weston A. Price website and podcast is informative, inspirational, sometimes even a bit edgy.  Lots about healing, healthy lifestyles, wholesome foods.








Really interesting Bitchute channel with regular posts about effective old remedies, harvesting, lost arts, fascinating stuff in general, Magical Hoof:


Really interesting early ‘American Heritage’ cooking, way before the age of the grocery store!


A resource for Treatment-free beekeeping!

A great permaculture channel if you like a quirky sense of humor as much as I do, Stefan Sobkoviak in Canada:

Off-Grid with Doug & Stacy is a popular one on Youtube:

Learn how to live and eat with the seasons at:
We love their chickweed pesto and it inspired us to try all kinds of new varieties depending on what’s growing on.

Henbit and Jumping Jack pesto, yum!


The first homesteading book I ever read, the original, the classic:


Living the Good Life: How to Live Sanely and Simply in a Troubled World by Helen and Scott Nearing (1954)

“Everywhere in the world the galloping urbanization is proving to be ecologically and fiscally unviable; worse, it is impossible to bring up citizens in urban and suburban areas that are no longer cities. The processing and social engineering that go with the conditions have called forth waves of populist protest, articulate and inarticulate, by those who are pushed around and find themselves without power. And finally, the expanding Gross National Product, the ever higher Standard of Living, which was the justification for all this, has begun to yield sharply diminishing returns, trivial goods, incompetent services, base culture, and spiraling inflation.”
Introduction by Paul Goodman, 1970



A very informative website, blog and podcast:

She’s also working on a film: Sacred Cow
show her some support, if you can!

The best cheese making resource online I’d say, The Curd Nerd, Gavin Webber from Australia:


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