About Us

‘moment of insight’
(Zen Japanese)

Kensho Homestead is our attempt to align our life with our values.  We moved to rural East Texas after two ‘hundred-year hurricane’ evacuations (Katrina and Ike) chased us out of the Gulf region.  We’ve never regretted it!  I’m Mishelle, a writer, gardener, teacher, chronic student, and Ken is my Handy Hubby, helicopter pilot, builder, superior critter caretaker, most tender critic, best friend and greatest support.

Like my previous blog at Peace Corps Worldwide—which kicked me off without warning as soon as I started talking about conspiracy theory—this one will also include our varied interests and worldviews–everything from gardening to conspiracy theory–and how these seemingly disparate topics converge.

Mostly, it’s a blog about liberty, individual and local sovereignty, and the why and how we’re trying to get there.

We’re raising a small herd of sheep, a happy family of Red Wattle pigs, pastured poultry, seasonal fresh produce, and honeybees, as well as produce homemade raw milk cheeses, hard cider, sourdough breads, and loads of canned goods and treats.

We’re not open to the public, but we do appreciate equitable barters.

A big Texas welcome to y’all, thanks for visiting!  Feel free to say hello at: wanderingshepard@gmail.com