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‘moment of insight’
(Zen Japanese)

Kensho Homestead is our attempt to align our life with our values.  We moved to rural East Texas after two ‘hundred-year hurricane’ evacuations (Katrina in New Orleans and Ike in Galveston) chased us out of the Gulf region.  We don’t regret it!

I’m Mishelle—writer, gardener, teacher, chronic student—and Ken is Handy Hubby (former) helicopter pilot, awesome builder, superior critter caretaker, most tender critic, best friend.

I have a Master’s in French Literature from Arizona State University and spent nearly 20 years teaching in various colleges and countries.  My last position was online at American Public University who threatened, literally: “Get on board, or get out.”  That meant, get on board with their spyware and their corporatist New World Order indoctrination.  Guess what I did!  After putting up with it for FAR too long, when the bough breaks, it’s never pretty.

Like my previous blog at Peace Corps Worldwide (Czech Republic 1994-96)—who deplatformed me in 2015 as soon as I started talking ‘conspiracy theory’—this one also includes our varied interests and worldviews–from gardening to Globalism–and how these seemingly disparate topics converge.

A tornado in 2018, our 3rd weather disaster, has made geoengineering/weather modification/weather warfare a permanent theme here, along with the ever-escalating tyranny around our realm.

Basically, it’s a blog of sometimes scathing social criticism interrupted regularly by homestead happy snaps and varied like-minded shares and much musing on life’s many squashers, liberty’s sorry lack and nature’s incessant persecutors.  And, how we’re planting, and sharing, and doing what we can in our wee way to stand against these corrupting forces.

Above all, we love self-reliance!  So, we’re raising a small herd of sheep and goats, a happy family of Red Wattle pigs, pastured poultry, growing year-round produce, keeping honeybees, as well as producing homemade raw milk cheeses, hard cider, Kombucha, sourdough breads, and loads of canned goods and treats.

We’re not open to the public, but we do SO appreciate making equitable barters and inviting interesting visitors.  If you fit into one of those select groups, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

A big Texas welcome to y’all and thanks for cyber-visiting!

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