How CDC/WHO will fake the effects of the COVID vaccine to make it look like a success « Jon Rappoport’s Blog — MCViewPoint

ONE: Rework the definition of a “COVID case.” Presently, the CDC absurdly allows doctors to diagnose a person with COVID who has a cough, or chills and fever, and lives in an area where cases are being claimed. No test necessary. Committing these crimes are a walk in the park for public health agencies. And […]

How CDC/WHO will fake the effects of the COVID vaccine to make it look like a success « Jon Rappoport’s Blog — MCViewPoint

Tiptoe to the Tyrants

These will be the most honest words
I’ve ever spoken or written
Honesty is never ever
the best policy for children
Or adults living as children
under tyranny

The ice trays are too full
The ice trays are not full enough
Next time you’re grounded
I’ll give you something to cry about
Is that lint on the floor
A bigger list now you’re nearly six
I’m in charge you’re responsible
Front and center
Claims the parent-mentor

You don’t like your latest step-mum
Ingrate, why can’t you be the bigger person
Your boyfriend won’t lend me money again
What a loser
Never whisper our secrets to a soul
We have no secrets

Why should he tell you the truth when
he tells no one else anything close to it
You are so entitled
What makes you so special
Basic bitch

I screamed I could not breath!
Year after year
I yelled I cried
I was ignored
Now the tyrants insist ALL
Stifle breathing
with a suffocating, humiliating
face diaper
Is that very hard for you Now?
Seems to me you’ve always played
right in line
so the air deprivation should
work just fine

Somehow I am not able to garner much
I wonder
Bitterness from lack of tenderness

Why should I lift a finger to help you
when you never lifted a finger to help me
Now right now
when I have the power
why I wonder
do I choose to guard it small and tight
beyond any rationality ALL
Rather to watch it wither and die
than ever have it
mistakenly serve you
as you are always
serving Them
Not ever
Ever again

I LOVE to serve! I LIVE to serve!
What does that feel like, I wonder, when I shift every effort
from service to y’all, to place it all
right back on me?
And the roots of my tiny tree
Oh, what glee!
No wonder at all why you twisted and maneuvered
so very hard way back
while you still had the chance
my power is so immense

Petty Shallow
Vindictive ingrate
Spiteful Selfish Self-serving
You bet!
Congratulations on your very excellent
very reciprocal child rearing
enough power to watch you all drown
with nary a frown

Comme Ci Comme Ca

Peace is not order
Passion is not chaos

Sorrow is not sadness
Gladness is not joy

Weakness is not vulnerability
Virtue is not kindness

Piousness is not graciousness
Beauty is not perfection

Creativity is not a gift
Life is not a right

Courageousness like chastity
is never generous
is never ever assigned
is rarely if ever aligned
with the divine

Means created
Become ends justified
Lies manipulated
Rhyme with the Signs
of the Times

Homestead Happy Snaps

We mustn’t let the tyrants and clowns get us down
Joy and laughter can still abound
Mantras and cliches can spout the latest crazes
But it’s Nature that always amazes!

Praying Mantis living on Wandering Jew, seems somehow apropos, no? He really does live there and he’s pretty good company. 🙂
I’ve heard of bats in the belfry, but in the umbrella?!
How about a cuteness contest—goats or sheep? I know my opinion! Share yours below?
It’s very zen to watch the bees, I find. Next time I’ll figure out how to add sound—I love that soothing buzz of what appears to be such well-ordered chaos—Such miracles in nature!

Mother’s Tender

No that
I did not know
Tenderness it is said
Like the sacred grove that
I’m afraid
I did not know

At the breast so one rests
it is said
I do not know
Breasts of tenderness no
That I’m afraid
I do not know

There are shoulders
It is said
Like mountains of tenderness Too
Swallow you up
deliver you from fear
It is said
I do not know

But when I cry they say
I play victim
so it is said
again and again
whether I freeze, fly, fawn or fight

They only like when I play knight
All else
They don’t like
I do not know

Barnum Statement

Once upon a time in Agora
Barnum Statement crowned himself King
Free Trade! 

That Kingdom claimed loud
obviously proud

Bring your goods your crops your crafts

Gather round the Sacred Ground

where Business is magically no longer a dirty word

Communists though they cried!

Sacred Ground
where we unite
whether to trade or sing or pray

now make way for our well-crafted nearly blind
Guilded Age

Where to steal or piss

whether grafted gifted or grifted

Where all your  Sacred Cows

Now browse with great Satanic Masters

Insisting every facet bow
How, now?

No evil
here nor there
Blinders on eyes

Masks on mouths

Muffled ears

Shame-filled tears

All hail the Circus crowd!

Who needs crew or crop or tribe

Sign on now, brown cow

Your ass will be assigned

No doubt
Don’t hesitate
Line up now






Funny Friday

I hope y’all have a fabulous holiday weekend here in the States and if it’s not a holiday where you reside, I hope it feels like one anyway. I thought I’d share a bit of inspiration toward that end.

Rebel Hen: “I lay where I choose!”
Kids orders: “Plant more Mulberries!”
Handy Hubby’s handiwork makes me soo happy! Maybe my new grow light station is not that funny, but it sure is fun. (No illegal plants were tortured to capture this photo.)

And best of all for everyone, guess what, there’s a 99% chance you won’t die of the Covid cooties, yippie, let’s celebrate!

So funny, do yourself a favor because laughter is the best medicine! 🙂

Scent of Harvest Moon

If Daffodil had smell
He’d tell Narcissus
Go to hell

If Rose had forgone thorns
She’d have lost long ago
to those with horns

If Datura did not ignite
Swirl of day within each night
Scent so luxuriant
Rose Daffodil Narcissus
Might come close to claim
Fiery Fairy trips
Come close to define
Yet alone master refine
Sheerest delight
Such exquisite illicit
ephemeral beauty that
she exhales each night