Man-made Clouds

No rain, as I expected, only man-made clouds.  According to some idiots on Youtube we are supposed to admire these Frankenclouds and find them fascinating and their creators marvels of science and engineering.  Whatever. Where’s the rain?!

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

One thought on “Man-made Clouds”

  1. Hello Kensho!
    Yeah, I’m seeing your sky photos.

    This is not “acting positive”, but I do try to get something out from observing sprayed skies, which I could not get from seeing natural skies. The chemical spraying does help physically visualize the layers of the sky. Without “artificial coloring”, it is not possible to see the flows, without “etheric vision” aka psychic vision LOL!

    The spraying does help visualize the flowing multiple layers of the atmosphere. I feel like looking-up from bottom of the atmosphere-ocean bed, up to the surface of the atmosphere-sea. Fishes can go up and down, but I can only grovel around the bottom floor of the atmospheric-sea!

    It’s like observing the water flowing in the rivers. Depending only onto the superficial vision of the physical eyes, we can only see the surface of the river. That’s only 2D-vision, like polygon-surface-vision of the computer graphic screen. But really, we are feeling the “depth” of the river flows sometimes. Multiple layers flowing the river at different depths. That’s 3D sensation. Sometimes more than 3Dimension.

    So, if we realize the depths, the multiple layers in the atmosphere, we realize that chemtrails are only able to influence “several layers” out of the multiple layers of the flow. No matter how much the diligent investments, the chemtrailing efforts are merely partial.


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