Blessed in Our Depravities — Dispatches from the Asylum

A wonderful dose of clarity with some great quotes, well worth taking a moment . . .

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. – H.L. Mencken “We’re doing tremendously well. Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut, and they’re loaded up with money. And they’re buying — I saw the Walmart numbers, they were through […]

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I’m sorry, I have felt inclined to turn on the latest MSM pack of lies just now, the 30 minutes of Nighttime terror passing as NEWS, of shooters and mayhem and the latest Iran traps, and total Crap-Lie-Shenanigans of which we need an entire new language to define.

I’m too disgusted after 20 seconds to further the poison, and put it to mute, while allowing the visual poison to land, and what comes to me as remedy, for what reasons I’ve no clue at all, but think, then please, if it helps me it will help others wake from the catastrophic delusions, into something that’s at least moderately less delusional in at least that it fully embraces delusion in the form of some sort of hope!

They are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel now, don’t buy it, my unknown worldly wise friends, see it, see through it, NOW, at once, I BEG y’all!  This BS is not US.  This is not our land, our country, our government has been usurped and we are beggars at the door of total dysfunction and delusion.

STOP BUYING OUR BS! Insulate yourselves, protect yourselves from the DEVILs.

Trump’s Lies

President Trump is the true trump card because he is a master manipulator.  This is a skill that is highly prized in American culture—the gift and craft of the card sharks, the Players—we reward this brand of flinchless bluffing with high praise and big $$$.

We even give its own fun, fuzzy word, so it doesn’t sound like lying. Just bluffing.

Most of Trump’s lies are lies of omission.  A perfect example would be his recent lie about this being a good year for farmers in America.  For a select few corporate farmers this has indeed been a very good year.  All you have to do is show a couple tall smiling types in cowboy hats on stage while presenting this Trumpspectacle and the public buys it.  Sure, a miserable few know the whole truth, but the majority believe their eyes and ears and not their sense of reason, which is why this tactic works so well.


As long as a few are getting fabulously rich, it doesn’t matter what the hordes of losers think.

The truly clueless ones will play along each election and convince themselves, despite all odds, that the next guy will be different.

Update: Trump’s USDA Trade Bailout Flows to City Slickers, a D.C. Lobbyist and ‘Farms’ on Golf Courses

Losers we are indeed, according to the sociopaths running this asylum, because we’re not good at their Big Games, yet we keep coming back for more.  Wouldn’t you be feeling bloated and boastful in their shoes?  They keep winning, while we keep playing and after all—All’s fair in love and war, and it’s always about love and war.  That sums up the entirety of modern life and politics right there.

We’ve got the great ‘lovers’ like Epstein on one side of the ring of distraction and division, and the great warmongers on the other.  And what a match it is!  Timeless, universal, griping dramatic strategy all around—we are indeed privileged in this country to have a front-row seat—just like George Carlin joked to laughing audiences for decades.


Isn’t it so funny?!  They got us again, how about that!  The little devils, how do they keep getting away with it?

Such a mystery! Whatever will they come up with next?!
Stay tuned . . . I’m sure the next gripping episode is right around the corner.

Censorship Violates Consciousness

Our old paradigms of consciousness are shifting.  More and more we have the courageous scientists stepping out of their consensus trance, and one of the biggest is certainly Nassim Haramein.  I heard him first many years ago, and while he’s still way over my head, this interview helps to break down his theory to the lay audience.

While I can’t say how or why or if crystals work, or planets are hollow, or if the Fractal Systems Theory is the new Big Bang, I can agree on one fundamental aspect of the nature of the universe and of consciousness, and that is what the spiritualists once called ‘ether’ exists.  We are ‘informing’ the universe and it us in return at every nano-second.  I know this by studying nature, as did many of Haramein’s predecessors, like Viktor Shauburger and Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.  You don’t have to be an actual renowned physicist, or a 19th century clairvoyant, you only have to start to recognize and appreciate the patterns of nature all around us.  There is an organizing principle, a higher law, and to bring this all back down to earth, this is why censorship is a crime.

We absolutely need more powerful individuals like this Google insider gone whistleblower to clean out these violations of natural law.

The voice and will of the people is what creates our reality, at every layer.

Hate is Love

What if each time the ‘copy’ gets ‘better’?  I’ve come to hate my own language.  I’ve come to hate my own culture, my own country.  My own family, sometimes.

But, what if that’s a good thing?

What do we really know about consciousness?  What might we be taking for granted?

I ‘discovered’ this band through a ‘friend’ I’ve never met, in a space I’ve never ‘seen’ or ‘occupied’ and I’m terribly sorry for all the quotes, but the language is failing us, as the culture is, as the ‘climate’ is, the media, government, sport, job, spouse, sink, toaster, or whatever the hell IS at the moment, there really IS still something greater, something genius, wondrous, magical, when someone, somewhere is able to add on brilliant, to copy +, or whatever it is, that makes the creative spirit make magic, over and over, and then . . . Even better.

And then, be at my fingertips, at any moment, presumably . . . indefinitely.

What if ‘Google’ or SelfishSquidsPro, had abrupted this magic, for, ‘copyright’ + ‘violation’?

What if that then plunged me into summer doldrums without recourse?  What if I then suffered serious depression?

IDK, could be room for a new ‘liable’ industry, no?

I do think there could be a there-there!


Robot sex brothels: good or bad? — Culturico

Abnormal pleasures kill the taste for normal ones.”
Henry & June

Two years ago, the first sex doll-based brothel was opened in Spain. At the current time, is the growing fame and success of these brothels something to worry about? Are robot sex workers great tools to replace prostitution, or will they be the cause of further societal damage? In 2017, Lumidolls, the first Robot sex…

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Said the Joker to the Thief

Recognize you are prey and deal with the consequences of nature, it’s really not rocket science, my dear.


Really? So he said.  So I heard.

As prey, asprey, xx xx xx xx, huh, wait, why the auto-correct? WTF? What happened to my language? What’s happening to my reality?


I’ve experienced that before, haven’t I? The ‘reality check’?

Laundry day, Paris, I think. 199?

You have “abilities” do you not?  All prey do, dew, due, n’est-ce pas? Look where you come from.

You look pretty enough, well . . . in this light, anyway.


Give us a twirl now.

Senior Prom, St. Louis 1986

Suck in your stomach.  That’s a good girl. Give us a pout now.  There you go.

So pretty.