Magnetic Clouds?!

I do not know what to make of the last “storm” that blew through East Texas.  It was unusual, to say the least.  I am not making any assumptions, just trying to describe it and find out more information.  I’ve found some amazing sites the last few days, but much of the material is over my head.  Pun intended, hehe.  🙂

But I won’t give up!


The winds of this storm were intense and the weather felt very hot and uncomfortable just prior to it.  It was 78 degrees in the shade, according to my thermometer, but it felt hotter to me.  It blew over quickly, there was very little rain, unfortunately, less than a quarter of an inch.  I noticed the raindrops were very cold and large. By the time the storm passed the temperatures dropped significantly and the next morning it was 45 degrees.  This is not the biggest drop we’ve had with recent storms.

As the storm system was moving through I could see these clouds above it.  They were extremely unusual, they had a cobweb look to them and they reminded me of iron shavings under a magnet.


I don’t know what, why or how these clouds form, I just know I haven’t seen the likes of them before, which got me thinking, and searching, and I found this man’s site, which is so complex I’m not sure if I’m on the right track at all, but it sure looks interesting.

Nanotechnology?  Could that be what I’m seeing?  I have no idea, but I’m trying to learn.  Science classes in school didn’t seem to help me much.
Nanotechnology with Pete Ramon.

“*The main effect would be to create cirrus clouds that contain more but smaller ice particles, which might resemble laser written contrails.*”

The plasma-channel is HAARP proof-of-concept technology. They both create the same type of plasma to produce plasma-evaporated ice crystals encapsulating MEMS/NEMS devices that can be directed in the atmosphere via radio frequencies.”

Am I way off track here, any thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Magnetic Clouds?!”

  1. Thanks kensho!
    > but before action can be really effective, I think, it needs to come from a place of wisdom.

    I completely agree. Merely believing onto infos from other persons are powerless, without being rooted to the person him/herself. Even if they are true to some persons, may not to others. So I experiment some things that interests me, verify it myself.

    I am aware with chembusters and orgone stuff, which is effective in some extent. But I recognize it works on some persons, and less to others. I recognize, it is not only the matter of how the materials are correctly manufactured, but how the persons around are resonating with their surroundings. “Fishy technologies” have resonances to the psyche to the organisms around. It does not operate equally the same to all the users.

    I have tested microbes blends on personal farming, and compared other persons using the same blends on their gardens. The result differs completely! Microbes blend are “alive”, so persons with ugly minds, the fluid rots and smells bad if maintained badly LOL! I learned the lessons, and am learning, to be friendly to bacterias and even to insects munching on the vegetables !!!

    My current understanding, is that positive facet of the “fishy technologies” are that organic orgone, etheric technologies, microbe technologies.
    The negative facet is in the chemtrails and HAARP. The fishy metaphysical, exopolitic perspectives are explained in some extent in Harald Kauz Vella and Elana Freeland books and videos, sorry if you already know.

    In my current understanding, the chemtrail and HAARP have multiple facets, one facet with extraterrestrial interventions. But merely acknowledging those kind of information without knowing the wisdom to overcome the negative influences just makes a person desperate.

    ( So I understand Dane Wigington would not put those fishy stuff in his website, he has to stick to conservative facet of scientific data, he can’t risk his strategy. However, he is definitely a spiritual person, hanging spiritual pictures on his room, apparent in his videos. He did not approve my several posts on chembusters and towerbusters, and other fishy comments LOL! )

    Personally, I have inner guidance, so outer solutions are becoming more as mere supplementaries to me. The effectiveness of material goods and electromagnetic protection technologies are becoming less important to me. Hence, currently I am not affected much by nuke pollution and chemtrails aerosols.

    In Japan, those farming persons are quite healthy and vibrant. But other people I see around, some are getting sick in the average. Probably primarily from nuke pollution. We do have chemtrail sprayings, but not that much than California reported in GWsite.


  2. Thanks for your comment! I will browse through your link. I think it’s too early for solutions, because we still don’t fully understand the problem. I recently heard of a couple “gifting orgonite” –they have a podcast, and this is their “solution”. I think it’s wonderful that folks are becoming more aware and looking to take action, but before action can be really effective, I think, it needs to come from a place of wisdom. I could be wrong, maybe effective solutions can come from ‘inspiration’ alone–that’s certainly one of the questions that motivates me. I’ll be sure to include more gardening-specific posts, that really is where my passion is, every deviation from topic stems from there. 🙂


  3. Hello kensho, this is my first comment, from Tokyo. I’m Japanese.

    I think I had found your site link via geoengineeringwatch website comments, several months ago. I was interested to see how non-corporate-size-farming, non-business, organic gardening persons in US are doing. I am curious how persons in US are doing, those who are consciously acknowledging geoengineering ongoing, regarding those chemical aerosols and other toxicity polluting the US land and soil. How they are coping/neutralizing the toxicities to do farming/gardening.

    Currently, I’m not doing personal farming, but am linked with several persons/groups in similar gardening/farming in Japan, so that’s the reason I got interested. (Those Japanes persons are attentive and acknowledging chemtrails LOL). Farming/gardening without(or very less) chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, those “unnatural toxic stuffs”. And considering some effective “fishy technologies” to cope with nuke pollution considering Fukushima contamination spread thru Japanese island.

    Those persons are doing quite effectively. But not widely known even inside Japan. Good things get suppressed, and are not accepted by stubborn skeptics, even those who see “proof” right before there eyes. Those ignorances are global LOL.

    Here are some links to academic papers concerning aerosols and HAARP. Those are links to my comments to Truthout and Truthdig articles. There are also some “fishy” comments, those that do not get approved in GWsite!

    YAMAKAWA Disqus Profile

    I studied those academic papers to understand the underlying “conventional technological facet” in geoengineering, to get some hints to reverse the toxicity. However, my current understanding is, it does not help that much. The same level of consciousness that made the problem, can not solve the problem.

    So, to go over that layer of problem-consciousness, that’s my personal interest.

    The farming persons that I know, use some mixes of microbes as medium for fermentation to invigorate the soil. An organic nanotechnology in harmony with the planet.

    A medium of what? LOVE! (or technically, the flow of etheric energies). So I understand skeptics bound to “conventional sciences” would never accept or understand anytime soon.
    Well, looking forward for your gardening post!

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