Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature

Oh those crazy conspiracy theories!

ClimateViewer News

A Presentation by Jim Lee of ClimateViewer News given at the Freedom Force International’s 3rd Congress in Phoenix, Arizona.  December 3, 2016.
G. Edward Griffin’s “Global Warming: an Inconvenient Lie”

This PowerPoint presentation may be freely downloaded, distributed, and is intended to raise public awareness of a critical issue facing every organism on our planet: Geoengineering and Weather Modification.  This presentation will shatter every conspiracy theory and educate you on the long history of hacking hurricanes, altering weather, and avoiding liability.  Please download these files and share them with your representatives, the time for action is now!

Video of the actual presentation coming soon!
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33 thoughts on “Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature”

  1. Hello Kensho!

    > One of our dog is missing now for over 24 hours. I’m quite attached to this old hooligan.
    Is the dog the black one appearing in the picture on the article page? Is he very aged?
    This is mere speculation, but some animals with noble souls, want to die solely. May want to leave from his/her master, to not wanting to show himself/herself dying in front of the beloved. A possibility if the dog had lived up to the lifespan. In these kind of cases, humans have to respect the animal’s noble choices. Have to let go.
    This may manifest as, car accident stuff also.

    Very negative perspective speculation is this. There are satanic ritual followers who kidnap animals to use in their sacrifices. They may use the pet specifically targeting the owner, or just by random coincidence. I hesitated whether to write this, but think you can handle this. An example that these things may happen even to good metaphysical persons.

    Of Owls, Cats and Satanists.

    Other than that, you have to trust the dog. The dog will come back, if he/she loves you LOL! The dog may had some job to do, leaving your place for a while.

    > I had some doubts when I read it too and also that it sounded a bit ‘new agey’.
    Circumstances change as the time progresses. Masanobu’s method worked great in his situations, but may not work to others even at his time, and certainly would not apply effective in the recent situations. All the landscapes polluted by acid rain, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and geoengineering aerosols, even if the seeds were natural, they would die out even if they sprout.

    I am not sure if Masanobu was wise enough to come up with an updated-way to be effective in this timeframe, if he was still alive. His son is probably merely inheriting the land where Masanobu had already invigorated, so his son may not be wise to figure out ways to start from zero. Mechanical methods and techniques can be taught, inherited, but the inner wisdom cannot. Each person has to root/embody the wisdom into oneself, even if they were shared from their teachers, the hints to the wisdom.

    Could’t find good recent video of the Fukuoka’s garden, but here is some related stuff.

    Masanobu’s son’s webpage
    15 years practitioner strictly following Fukuoka’s methods

    > You talk quite a bit about fear here, but what about anger, in your opinion.
    I’ll keep it short now :)!
    If something hits you physically, it hurts even if the person is a holy saint. But the saint knows that the physical pain will eventually fade out, if he does not hold on to it.

    Similar to the emotions. Something hits. It flows away, if the person does not hold on to it. Average persons hold on to certain emotions, mostly unconsciously, to replay/repeat their initial emotions so they can experience that vibration for a long time. That interferes with the emotional flow and make a blockage in the emotional-body.

    It’s no fair to put “anger” into a single category, because there are “holy righteous indignations”, which are different from average anger emotions.
    But even that holy indignation, is based on boundaries of the ego. The ego may be the span of the person, the tribe, the nation, the planetary collective, the galactic collective. Anger exists only from the perspective of the ego, trying to protect its boundaries. To the ego, fear arises, in the belief that something exterior can hurt the ego’s boundary. As long as an entity is in the perspective of an individual being aka ego, the ego is prevalent, and there may be the possibility of anger. (Angry like the Milky Way feminine galaxy having bad intercourse if the masculine Andromeda galaxy is not softly merging LOL!) But wise entities let it flow. There is nothing wrong with the ego, because that is necessary to play in the universe playing as an individual role/ego.

    Ego may be in other term, individualized spirit/soul.

    Is it wrong to feel the pain if you are hit physically. Not to feel Ouch? NO!!!

    Is it wrong to feel anger if you feel angry? NO!!! as long as you let it flow.

    Pain is a signal of the potential injuries to the body. Helpful notification.

    Anger is a signal showing what the perspective/belief boundary of the person is ringing the bell. A person can change one’s perspective if the person does not prefer that anymore.

    All physical pain/pleasure are based on the existence of the boundary of the individual physical body.

    Similar to that, all emotions, both negative and positive, are based on the existence of the boundary of the emotional body. All are defined by boundaries, aka ego.

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    1. Howdy Yamakawa! I appreciate your replies and wish you deep reflective solstice and courageous new year! I do indeed read and reflect and research your posts and am grateful to receive them. I am feeling so much gratitude at the moment, because I have retrieved our dear Papi, the precious pet I wrote about, yes, the black lab in the photo. I am in the process of writing a new post about this, but what an unprecedented event it is for me! Perhaps I must eat my words a bit now, lol, no problem for me! Back soon, hope you are well, thanks.


      1. Thanks Kensho! Great for the return of Papi 🙂
        I’m having nice time in Japan here also.

        I have enjoyed and blessed solstice, now enjoying thankful christmas timeframe.
        The sun is beautiful in the skies. Also seeing the sun thru the tree leaves, accompanied by the breezes of the winds, weave soft shimmering sound and light.
        And the winter stars are clearly seen at night too!


  2. Jim Lee is great fun!
    He recently got in the radio show in Redding, in the “home ground” of DW LOL!

    38:10 mind control, Perception managers
    40:35 he who should not be mentioned LOL!

    I have just received a direct email from Anonymous Uprising, to my primary email address. Jim is?/was Anonymous hacker member (mentioned himself in his video), so they probably “found out” my address. Fairly possibly easy to track that 🙂 . Internet infiltration is more vulnerable than black magic infiltrations, I’m acknowledged LOL!


  3. Hello Kensho! Thanks for your articles and comments!
    I have my own preferences, aka biases, so looking to other person’s perspectives are quite fun!

    Yes, I had seen some Michael Tsarion videos before. I’ll see his new ones soon, but probably, his is not my preference, sorry. I’ll write my opinions to his video, if I felt something inspired, and felt to write about it.

    Yes, Sun Tzu is the ancient Chinese similar to Machiavelli. Probably, more cunning LOL! As a Japanese, I have the privilege to read the direct texts written in Chinese characters.

    Yes, Masanobu Fukuoka. He passed away, but his son is running the place now. I bought some vegetables and fruits there, but was not that much impressed. Masanobu’s mud-seed-ball tactics won’t work effectively in this current harsh timeframe anymore. The seeds that can be obtained easily now, are F1 hybrids, GMO seeds, so they don’t naturally make sane offsprings. That tactic was effective when the seeds easily acquirable were natural.

    Yes, I haven’t read “the Secret” books LOL! The Law of Attraction stuff explained in half-truths. They don’t address the core question, “why do I want to attract that?”. Half-baked teachers do not ask for persons to see why they desire something to attract to themselves.

    I haven’t tried the “paid materials” in Mastering Alchemy by Jim Self. I might try his entry paid videos, so I might write about them after I had tried and verified their stuff. I have looked thru their students photos in their sites, where some looked very empowered, and some looking very dumb! Fishy isn’t it LOL!

    I’ve recently viewed a video with a person saying that Michael Tellinger of the Ubuntu movement is a “political guy”. The person stated that he had visited Tellinger’s place, and saw that most projects were not operating. So I see many “New Age” stuffs are compromised, and/or are lies, and the unpleasant pictures are hidden.

    So I personally don’t care much about group movements and mass awakening/acknowledgement stuffs. Anti-geoengineering, propagating the infos to the unaware masses? Ascension stories as well. I work my own stuff, where I can be fully responsible.

    I had looked and researched thru conspiracy stuff and black magic infos, so that those knowledge could help me protect me from the dark forces. Recently, I have understood that those evils are projections from my inner fears, resonating thru my inner fears to invite outer darknesses. So I don’t feel the need to do the research in that directions any more. My motivations for the research were not in using the dark techniques onto others to attack them LOL

    The core principle in the black magic is simple. The manipulators/perpetrators try to infiltrate the inner of the target person, so they can implant the ”fear thoughtform” to the target. The “fear thoughtform” assimilates to the subconscious of the target, if the target person does not consciously look to one’s inner frequently. The person dismisses the subconscious implants, hence, the subconscious fear program automatically runs to manifest into outward fear expressions.

    I look to my inner to see what is inside me, what is resonating with the outer evil manifesting in front of me. If I find this inner fear/evil, then I can integrate that dark part to me. I do not deny my inner darkness, I accept/embrace them. This is the same to “good” things as well. So good and evil is equal, equally important.

    I quite like evil dark stuff, however, am choosing not to utilize the dark ways in this current life. I currently feel more empathic to the surroundings, so can’t intentionally do something to hurt others, which is really hurting myself.

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    1. So interesting to hear your perspectives Yamakama, thanks for sharing! I do not like the dark research at all, some of it I still have to avoid because it affects me so deeply. You talk quite a bit about fear here, but what about anger, in your opinion. Thanks too for the links, I hadn’t seen those from Jim yet. That’s unfortunate to hear about the farm/seeds not being effective anymore or his methods not being sustainable enough. I had some doubts when I read it too and also that it sounded a bit ‘new agey’. Right now I’m really hoping their ‘law of attraction’ theory works, because we really want our dog back. 😦


  4. Hi Yamakawa, I’m still looking through your links! My you are quick! lol
    As for ‘the game’ of part 4, it’s not important. I am just fooling around with the some numerology and gematria lately and Tarot, part of my re-education. I’ve been feeling a lot of resonance with the work of Michael Tsarion, I was just about to write a new post about it. You have mentioned several times now about me giving up. Never! I will rest when I need it, but I’m in this forever. I understand what you say earlier about just increasing numbers or a kind of antagonistic advocacy not being effective and the importance of focusing on self- empowerment and awareness–at least that’s what I took from your replies. I agree on a certain level, but not completely. “They” need thorns in their sides, these ‘overlords’, preferably poisoned. I do get angry about this stuff, all the secret society bs, it really does piss me off. I need that level energy to keep digging into it all and never giving up. 🙂


    1. You wrote: “And what is sad, is that, paying attention with less awareness is fueling your energies to the very thing you are protesting. This is the core technique in the art of black magic rituals. This is how fear porns are used to guide subconscious collective minds to fuel the manifestations of the realities the instigators wishes to bring.” I absolutely agree with you, well spoken!


      1. I just read to this line in your “Shift” e-book share: “However, between where we currently exist and this new higher dimension of “Heaven on Earth,” where we will soon arrive, there is a bit of a gap … ” I stop there, because it’s screaming of New Age “the Secret” nonsense and I’ve watched and read quite a lot of this in years past and I think it’s actually a war tactic–it’s about control and crafting diversions. I’m also currently reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu, have you read it? A Japanese book I read a couple years ago was the One Straw Revolution. Good one. In fact, when I was younger my fav novel was Shogun. 🙂 Another fav about Japan was Commodor Perry’s Minstrel Show by Richard Wiley, an old friend of mine. Anyway, just a side note.


    1. Hello kensho! thanks for the reply.

      > BTW, I guess you missed in that post ‘the game’
      > What about the game,
      Probably, I’m not good at getting the nuances since I’m not an American…
      I’m rereading your recent article and comments, but I’m not getting what you are trying to say, the core part. What you are trying to say, “The GAME”?

      It would be helpful if you could write more in the next article, or in the comments. I’ll check your posts, so I think I can give a reply after reading that. After I think I got what you are trying to say.

      You can write/question straightforward to me, don’t worry about politically correct roundabout way. I don’t feel offended to honest thoughts. I can “cool down” before writing, even if I felt mad LOL! 🙂
      (I get irritated by dumb troll repetitions though LOL !!!)

      > these two are not for me AT ALL.
      Great! I still like them, but they look “controlled oppositions”, don’t they!!! But I personally think Harald’s speak about orgones and morphogenetic technologies are pretty insightful. I respect your personal preferences.

      How about your current impression to Elana Freeland and “HAARP man” Billy Hayes? Transhumanism perspective?

      Glad to hear, you like Jim Lee too?
      I’ve watched his newest video. He is open-minded, FUN and brilliant. His openness links to other fun persons, so he is a cool guy to watch. I really respect his “fun” and “loving what he is doing” part.

      Most anti-geoengineering activists seem too darn serious and close-minded, and righteously depressing. Their obligated mindsets do not have the “loving what they do” part. So most of their stuff is boring, at least to me.

      I’m trying Jim’s map app, it is great. I’ll probably use the capture images from the map app more, to post to Truthdig and Truthout comments.


  5. Here is a fun video. In Denny Hunt’s youtube channel.

    Imagine the Prize Cara St. Louis 13 Dec 2016

    12:10 implying about the mess about chemtrails community. around 2014, probably GWsite group

    2nd video:
    4:20 half draco half mantid British: probably Simon Parkes LOL!

    Bases 45 Cara St Louis Part 4 The Phe (Fairies) VIDEO Miles Johnston;read=44457

    @ Cara St. Louis, an organic preference person
    She is the co-author of the book with Harald Kautz Vella. They broke up in late 2015.

    Harald himself mentions in some videos that he is from the bloodlines using black magic. That is why he is privy. He had gone thru inner work to liberate himself and his bloodline from the ancestral negative karma. He realized the elderers problem in half 2016. He seems rather free and happy now. I like him anyway.

    There are controlled-oppositions even in the little-upper dimensions. The 4D consciousness, the astral realms. So persons stuck in the physical realm have no chance against them. One opposition example is: Fae vs Draco LOL 😉

    A person has to connect to one’s soul to reclaim one’s innate powers. Then, the inner guidance would be consciously available.

    This is why I can go through English materials in such a quick time, even if it is not my mother language. Because I can “smell” what is useful to me and skip garbage fast. I view unimportant videos in x1.5 or x2.0 speed, and switch to x1.0 when it gets important.

    I have already skimmed thru all the articles of Jim Lee, some wayback archives, some videos and most of his interviews available, and his javascript codes in Github. His map app is great, but can’t get the coordinates of the location from the mouse cursor. My conclusion is, Jim is fun and brilliant, but not useful for self empowerment. Another matrix entertainment.


    1. I’m glad I came across this Cara St Louis and Harald, and it shows me precisely what I need to turn away from, that is true instinct, these two are not for me AT ALL. I will continue to benefit from Jim’s work, thank the magnetosphere, perhaps?! I feel a complete aversion to them now after only a short time.


  6. Hello kensho! I have read your newest post.

    I know you’ll be blasted, being exposed to the most toughest stuffs, like those from Harald and Elana. Too tough and diverse perspectives to digest in such a short time.

    I’m not your teacher, so I don’t have the right to say this which may sound arrogant. Sorry in advance, if what I write may make you feel offended.


    What is your primary motive of your research delving into geoengineering? Is it to become all-privy, however being depressed by the plethora of down-lifting infos?

    Or do you prioritize in empowering yourself, even if you have to let go of the lust of being privy to all the infos out there?

    The true insiders would never reveal the truth, at least never soon. And even if they did, they won’t put them out in a comprehensive easy-to-understand way. And even if a person understood the mechanism, doesn’t mean that info would help you heal the negativity.

    Understanding HAARP mechanisms won’t help much for personal empowerment.

    So what do you want?

    To be happy, and then, help others to be happy? Being self-empowered enough to help others who are not?

    Or to know the mechanism of HAARP and other weapons, but only to be more unhappy? Being more disempowered? Those knowledge is useless to heal oneself as well as others, to the planet.

    (But I assume you have to do more research exhaustively, to understand this “to the gut”. Until you give up.).


    1. Here is a recommendation, AFTER YOU GAVE UP. Empowering stuff for personal inner work. 🙂

      You can verify and practice yourself. You don’t have to rely on others’ infos. All the “evidences” out there are all “indirect proofs”.

      There are several comments on this article page

      @ Christianity (traditional, requires serious devotion)
      The holy teaching was hidden to the mass people, like the Essenes. In this very dire times, the esoteric is allowed to be open to the persons who have the eyes to see.

      The Parables and Other Stories
      by Stylianos Atteshlis AKA Daskalos (Author), Panayiota Theotoki (Introduction)

      Swimming with the Whale by Daniel Joseph

      @ Modern (not pop new age, very serious, but fun)


      There are free practices and inner works that a person can try. Personally verifiable whether it works or not.

      You can go try other stuff, after trying those. Because each person has different soul preferences.

      But I think you have to nurture self empowerment up to a certain level first. Then, you have the power to discern more clearly and effectively.


    2. Hi Yamakawa, no my main purpose is not at all to be happy, to make others happy or to blindly empower anyone–this is New Age-speak and I find it rather shallow. I hope you aren’t offended! I do not want to live in a one-season world and be a one-season person. Happiness is for children opening presents. I like reality, even when it’s harsh–that’s why I love biodiversity and NATURE to be natural. I DESPISE the hubris of these “experts” and no amount of ‘happiness empowering’ will make me love them and extend them forgiveness and blessings to continue their destructive agendas. It’s nice there are folks out there who think they can imagine and pray and meditate their way out of this current crisis, more power to ’em! I won’t be joining in their follies again, though I do have my own practices with these techniques. More importantly, I have serious research to do and some of the time their nonsense is fogging the field, which is annoying. I hope you will allow yourself the full expression of human emotions, it is wonderful and anger and frustration are very empowering. (BTW, I guess you missed in that post ‘the game’ — maybe that’s from going through so much material so quickly!) 🙂


      1. Thanks kensho!
        > I hope you aren’t offended!
        Not at all. Rather, I’m glad to hear what you had wrote.
        Because, me too, I did’t/don’t care much about my personal happiness either LOL!
        I wanted the TRUTH, that was my utmost priority.
        I was basically a science-lover, which is fading out recently though.

        I got it, that you don’t like New age stuff.
        I’m sorry for writing about those stuffs that you didn’t like.

        I’m rather happy with my understanding to timelines now. My prioritization was not for seeking happiness, but I am now happy luckily anyway.


  7. Here is a good introduction to “advanced sciences”. A good intro to orgone tech.

    Harald Kautzvella about Desert Greening (Eng)

    Some more here, Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger

    The positive facet can be reversed to negative. The orgone energies could be “sucked in”, so the focus point could be very powerful, but the “sucked out” locations would turn desolate. Not considering circulation of the energies with less understanding would lead to this, so some chembuster users are having problems.

    The manipulators are using this technology negatively, of course in geoengineering, so sadly, anti-geoengineering communities stuck in “conservative scientific views” really don’t have a chance.

    Skimmed thru Jim Lee’s site, but no mentioning about orgone and related matters. Elana Freeland has been a Rudolf Steiner school teacher, so she should know biodynamics. And metaphysical facets.

    I have posted several times about chembusters and orgone stuff, Steiner’s biodynamics to GWsite, all were rejected. Only few comments about Japanese microbe technology utilized to neutralize Fukushima nuke pollution was approved, but only partial.

    I have checked satellite images of DW’s residence, and the trees were really dying as in his videos. No traces of outdoor gardens to grow vegetables for off-grid sustainable lifestyle could be seen in the satellite images. Difficult to tell about the presence of indoor gardening to prevent outside pollution.

    If he was open-minded to accept these technologies, at least his surroundings could be invigorated, even if aerosols are sprayed to the areas. My personal conclusion is that GWsite is not really aimed and interested about persons’ empowerment. Well, that is not that website’s role.

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    1. Thanks for all the info, I’m looking through it all. Had I already mentioned Elana? I don’t remember doing so I’ve just found her and been listening to her interviews. What info and thoughts do you have on the Space Fence theory?


      1. Hello kensho!
        Yes I don’t think you have mentioned about Elana. I suppose, GWsite suppresses Elana and Harald info (however, their info are approved as comments in the past, and Elana and Harald themselves’ comments are still there also), as well as Cloudviewer app & Jim Lee, so I assumed you are newly opened to their “fishy? non-conservative” infos recently.

        I think most of Elana’s explanations make sense, considering her friend “HAARP man” Billy Hayes info also. She provides good references to support her outlooks. I know her background belief system based on Rudolf Steiner, so don’t think her esoteric views fishy.(I personally think Steiner system is outdated though, some still useful)

        “BUT”, only true to the transhumanism timelines. NOT TRUE, or diminishes in the organic timelines. So I am careful not to focus too much attention to those depressing infos. I acknowledge the info, to be aware NOT to accept the invitation to that depressing timelines.

        If not aware, the high probability is, to be in a transhumanism timeline struggling as a positive person with organic preferences, a minor positive person in that negative timeline LOL! How to trap good-hearted persons in to the negative timelines, is to make them engage in activism. Activism is accepting the very thing they are fighting against, which is accepting the existence of what they are against, in their personal timelines.

        at 14:50, big difference between CURING and HEALING
        Mt Shasta Cacao Boy, Part 1 12 05 16

        I think that video would give good insight. Very fun too, funny and empowering, enough to see all through it LOL!

        The multiple timeline perspective is not my personal fishy belief. Many persons are describing the wisdom in their own ways. Some good descriptions I have found in English sentences.

        What Reality Are You In? By Marguerite Rigoglioso
        The Art of Jumping Time Lines

        Ms.Rigoglioso’s videos are also in Denny Hunt’s youtube channel, Cacao boy video is in that channel. John Titor and other “fishy” timeline person are there also. So timeline wisdom is being leaked recently.


      2. Sorry, to be precise
        activism -> protesting activities

        Activism is powerful, if it is rooted in itself. If it is not relying on something to “negate” and/or protest over.
        Protesting activities are entrapment to victim-victimizer matrix. A good example is seen at GWsite comments section.

        @ Space Fence
        Space Fence Solution
        Kwajalein Atoll
        8.726903, 167.734856

        EOSDIS 2016, Nov 10 weird cyclone center

        change dates, some fishy cloud shapes appear at times.
        Couldn’t find HAARP type ripples though. Ripples appear at near oceans. Probably from mobile ship HAARP sites, explained in Jim Lee’s newest videos.


    2. I have been watching some Victor Shauberger and Herald Kautz vids recently and am quite blown away by them! I am continuing through your list of links and really appreciate them. I’ve also been going through Jim Lee’s work more. I also appreciate you sharing what you’ve researched on the other topics. When it comes to solutions I find myself going back to something I studied 4 or 5 years ago now but it really sticks with me is Don Beck talking about the theory of Spiral Dynamics–here’s an intro.
      This brings back the “woo” conversations to practical solutions on this planet right now! 🙂 Which imo needs to be centered around conflict resolution, which means having a deep understanding of psychology and sociology.

      Of course, that’s just one small piece of the puzzle maybe when we are discussing aliens! I wonder, why do they use names like “black goo” and “reptilians” and “the greys” and all this, when the words themselves provoke an adolescent mindset and the images we get from them come quite often from old science fiction stories–it’s like they are begging to NOT be taken seriously. Or, they are, expressly or not, playing on our tendency to believe mythology and be very swayed by stories? IDK, but this in one big problem I’ve had with the alien agenda research since Day 1.

      Another issue I have with the New Age movement, who tends to hijack these ideas and integrate them into their belief structures and rhetoric also take quite serious theories (which may original come from Tavistock or another think tank for all I know) like Spiral Dynamics and use them to feel superior, more enlightened than, and ultimately, collectivism, with everyone expected to get on the fast train to their version of Enlightenment. I was in a new age-type group for several years and the general mindset of the ‘enlightened’ types was quasi-fascist for sure. It’s like Technocracy for the hippy-dippies–they have no idea or care who the enemy is or if there is one, they assume ‘they’ can all be bypassed with the imagination. It’s a lovely notion, don’t get me wrong, but I tend to be more pragmatic than that.

      Anyway, back to the links. 🙂


      1. Thanks kensho! My references are biased by my personal curator preferences, so only take what resonates with you! I presume you are grounded well living with nature and well-balanced, so am glad you have approved some fishy stuffs 😉

        @ spiral dynamics
        Thanks, watched Don Beck’s video. I have heard about spiral dynamics a little bit when I had looked thru Ken Wilber and transpersonal psychology movements several years ago. I’m not following recent stuff.

        I kind of felt those belief systems constructed by colors are based from “the source”, if the channel/scholar is deeply connected via inner work. So there are many common similarities seen in different founders.

        But they easily get corrupted by infiltrations when they grow to organizations. Also corruptions from “follower” mindsets. Theosophy 7/12(+1) rays and traditional chakra-color systems get diverted and misinterpreted by followers just “believing” but “not understanding” supported by inner work. Each person need to connect personally to their souls and to the source to really get rooted understanding.

        > Another issue I have with the New Age movement
        Not only in the new age communities. But new-age-dreamers tend to “deny” negative stuffs. Persons need to “acknowledge” even negative stuffs, integrate those stuffs to their inner, if they want to overcome them. Then, the person can consciously diminish their attentions to negative stuffs, if they don’t want that. So docile new-agers are not immune to transhumanism if they “deny” negative geoengineering stuff.

        @ spiritual maturity differs with persons
        > when the words themselves provoke an adolescent mindset and the images we get from

        Brainy intellectual persons do not mean they have “heart intelligence”. Hearty intellect can “intuitively” go over the delusions of terminology. Jim Lee’s slavespeak is well mentioned, but I suppose some brainies can’t understand it. Same with Harald’s talk about degradation in modern languages.

        My understanding accept each person/soul’s preference and maturity are vastly different. Some persons may be reputed as smart, but may be very dumb in spiritual maturity. Transhumanists are those dumb ones LOL

        Manipulators have some level of time manipulation technologies, so they can foresee the probable futures in some timelines. Some can go back to the “past” to manipulate the timelines to undo things inconvenient to their agendas. Not all but some ideas are put in the media in a stupid way to discredit the true ones.

        We see this apparent in “The Mandela Effect” being said recently. Some changes may come from negative intentions, but some may not. I am not sure about the details.

        @ The Pre/Trans Fallacy.
        I think you’ve heard about the confusion in pre-personal and trans-personal issues. Those are seen common in “advanced sciences” info too.

        In the ancient times with primitive technologies, the tools required some training and skills to be used effectively.

        In the conventional sciences, every average persons were nearly equal to use the technologies. Like a gun. Unskillful persons can easily kill others without training.

        In the advanced sciences, some technologies require the inner maturity of the user. So persons stuck in “brainwashed conventional mind” could not utilize the technologies. Or they would misuse it in a dangerous way.


  8. thanks for your reply and link Yamakawa, I read through it, very interesting! It’s nice to see such cordial exchanges with good info. I want to better understand the science behind at all, certainly. I can really appreciate your focus on solutions and I’m hearing that a lot. I think GeoengineeringWatch does have a solution, and that’s activism. Their focus is very much about awareness and education, which makes perfect sense as first steps. And as you notice, it’s possible that’s not even possible, or necessary. Look how many folks are educated and aware about GMOs, for example, creating a booming market for organics, but unable to get even labeling accomplished so far, let alone keep these experiments out of the market completely, which would be my solution. I would be the dreaded Draconian measures old hag when it comes to the health of our planet! And yet, I’m all for the free-market, so my “solution” is a complete contradiction, I realize. My only solution so far is, just stop the widespread tampering with nature. If you must continue with your experiments, do them on a remote and isolated island, and after three or four generations if you still swear by them, then you can test them in the market. This goes for weather modification as much as all of it that is altering our globe so dramatically. It’s not worth it. My simple and completely unrealistic solution. 🙂 Do you have any to share?


    1. Help Kensho!
      I saw your wildcraft photo. Great balance LOL!
      I smelled your skill in craftsmanship, looking at your previous yummy cooking posts 🙂 !

      > Do you have any to share?
      Yes, my current fishy understanding is that there are multiple realities, each personal timelines for each souls.

      What the manipulators don’t want persons to know is the truth that there are no such thing as “single shared reality”, a one reality that many souls share. The truth is that each soul has each different timeline, each personal reality.

      The manipulators suppressed that wisdom and guided most persons to follow and accept, and share the fear-infested-reality that they have prepared.

      Many souls with similar preferences has similar timelines, so they interpret that they are in a single shared reality.

      Similar timelines overlaps together to share similar realities with many souls, with similar preferences. Many similar timelines overlaps together to weave a timeline stream.

      In the near timeframe, the future seem to divide into two major “stream timelines”. One is an organic path, another is the transhumanism path. This is the major broad picture I see, shared concept, in many new age and spiritual communities, exopolitic disclosure and SSP:secret space program communities.

      So the organic path would lead to the future with persons in harmony with the planet. Technologies regarding the health to the organisms and to the planet. We see some good hearted empowered persons in good communities. Some are apparent in Mount Shasta communities in the US and the Ubuntu movements. We have some in Japan.

      The another path, transhumanism path is proceeding on schedule, which is being very apparent in this current timeframe. Geoengineering is promoting this timeline. They don’t have to put physical implants to the people anymore, because nanoparticles assimilated to vulnerable persons would be conductive to electromagnetic waves and be easily manipulatable. Persons who favor this path does not like the “unpredictable joy and dirtiness” of organic nature. So they prefer “controllable nature”. They can be indoors and engage in Virtual Reality technology, where clean, ideal environments are provided. It does not matter much whether the outside nature is toxicated and polluted.

      Unconscious and unaware mass people would likely to be guided to the latter negative path. Persons have to be empowered to a certain degree to consciously choose the former positive path.

      Those multiple realities coexist, but are likely that each side does not see the other. The former higher vibrants could see the latter, but the latter does not recognize the former. New agers say the split is accelerating. I personally agree with this perspective.

      So the universe is very merciful to provide the mischiefs to experiment their mad-scientist transhumanism future version to the planet. Persons who don’t resonate with the madness can choose the alternative organic pathway to a more cooperative fun future timelines.

      What a person focus one’s attention, is what one gets, so I am diminishing my interests to geoengineering currently. I have tech-savvy friends who are likely to proceed to transhumanism, but I respect their preferences. Pursuing negative technologies are fun, as long as they can be in the top part of the hierarchy.

      I am focusing onto organic consciousness ways recently even more!

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    2. > I think GeoengineeringWatch does have a solution, and that’s activism.
      Yes, activism is VERY POWERFUL, “IF” done effectively backed by wisdom. So if there are certain numbers of empowered “supporters” to GWsite, they would help Dane positively, and the positive facet of the whole anti-geoengineering movement. Even if Dane were an operative. There ain’t much diligent passionate hardworking candidates out there to take that tough position, even if it is an operative backed by the support! LOL

      I haven’t looked at Jim Lee further yet, but he may be a diligent person as well!!! Well, Dane may be more handsome-good-looking than Jim 🙂

      Here is an explanation to the black magic knowledge to divert the anti-activities, protesting activities. May be too fishy, but can be verifiable by personal discernment.

      Standing up in an effective way.

      I don’t mean to be pushy, but I think that helps the understandings to the black magic utilized to the mass people. Don’t have to accept all the fishy stories by Harald, since he had his own personal issues as well in the past.

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  9. Thanks! I’ve downloaded the nice presentation.

    Climateviwer3D is a good map application, I use it at times. It shortens my labor to see overt HAARP sites in the map quickly.

    I have posted the link to climateviewer3D several times to GWsite, when I was commenting on HAARP sites locations, but all were not approved. One time, the comment was so good, so it got approved, but the part on climateviewer3D was removed, edited. There are articles on Jim Lee in the past articles in GWsite, but the relationship seemed to have broken up. Divided and Conquered in the anti-geoengineering community.

    Even if Jim Lee was an operative?, not approved by Mr.Wigington, the map is useful anyway LOL!

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    1. I agree! At this point I kinda assume everyone is an operative, whether they know it or not. 🙂 I’m so glad to see you follow the geoengineering so closely and make comments, even though they aren’t always approved at GW. I think Jim Lee’s compilation of information is very useful and I want to start using his Map ap, but haven’t yet. I’m not sold on his solution yet though and the thought that the chemtrails are jet fuel and not being sprayed contradicts some of what I’ve seen, but these are just details, imo. I have issues with the entire field, I am against this kind of fiddling with nature overall, I find it to be arrogant and unnecessary. What got you interested in the topic and what do you think about it in general?


      1. Hello kensho!

        > At this point I kinda assume everyone is an operative, whether they know it or not.
        Yes, me too! What I see are controlled oppositions entertaining people to be stuck into debates. It does not matter much really if they are an operative or not, because after accepting geoengineering in a broad picture, the minute technical details and debates over the differences of the explanations does not matter much.

        We want to know how to heal the problems, which they don’t provide, like GWsite. Only the explanations to the problems, no cure.

        Most people stuck in anti-geoengineering, even if they are good-hearted, they are still in the matrix. They are stuck in unhappiness because they are stuck in belief that they cannot personally do anything about it. Not aware of self empowerment.

        But the primary incentive to study geoengineering ongoing is, to how to cope with the problems and empower oneself to happiness, then do something positive to the planet, isn’t it? Not to be stuck in hopelessness waiting for “mass acknowledgement” to happen in the future.

        > What got you interested in the topic and what do you think about it in general?
        I have acknowledged the broad picture long ago, skimming thru major conspiracy stuffs, after realizing something wrong with everything right after 911 in year 2001. Many popular major conspiracy English books are translated to Japanese books. I reserved my judgements to “fishy” details, but smelled the underlying bigger pictures.

        I think I read something about chemtrails in around 2003. Japanese websites with spraying photos. I acknowledge metaphysical aspects, so I thought those stories are possible. I recognized seeing the sprayings in Japan after that.

        I became friends with an US lady this April, then she introduced me to GWsite. So I studied the minute details and the recent situations in the US. I was aware that it was just a hobby, because getting privy with technical information won’t serve much positively for spiritual empowerment.

        I accept metaphysical wisdom, so I acknowledge the “fishy aspects” also. In the negative facet, the hidden technologies used in tandem with traditional black magic to suppress the collective, and transhumanism aspects.

        Also the positive wisdom to overcome the negativity. I personally am working with my inner, so am quite positive and confident with my personal timeline and the future of the planet. The inner really projects to the outer reality, to the timeline a person is experiencing. That may seem “fishy”, but it can be verifiable by experimenting and practicing by oneself. I wrote some in the DISQUS comments.

        Currently, my focus to conventional scientific facets of geoengineering, is small. Since I don’t have authorities to stop them thru external activities. And the conventional sciences really don’t have solutions to heal the problems. But I use the scientific knowledge as proof to provide to the skeptics and trolls, and “play around” in DISQUS comments LOL! Some skeptics may get inspired to leave their comfort zones!!

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    1. Hello Jim! Thanks for the reply!

      Your presentation slides were cool, good designed, and easy to read & see. And well-referenced for readers to easily further the research.

      Looking forward for your personal report of the experiences at the Ed Griffin’s conference! How you swimmed thru some “apparent liars” there! I couldn’t find any articles on that, if it was already posted.

      I viewed some of your youtube videos. I quite like your voice. Fun vibes with humor, even in dire issues LOL!

      Glad to hear your relationship still continuing well with Elana Freeland. I recognized Elana mentioning about you in her videos, so I noticed you are good open-minded, and not “darn righteous stubborn”.

      About mentioning about “operatives”, sorry if that made you feel bad. I have found traces of fishiness about Mr.Wigington of GWsite by myself, probably already known in the insiders of the anti-geoengineering communities. Dane was not the initial founder of the GWsite anyway.

      Dane states himself in his article and video that he left working for Bechtel for 30 years. So he is an activist type, not so deep in the engineering and/or scientific facet. He is really a real estate developer/investor, at least the surface career, if he was a prepared operative. I have found traces of his potential connections to Michael Parver Associates, an advertising company, in his real estate traces in Arizona.

      His recent fishiness appeared when he ignored whistleblower Kristen Meghan. Now the interview video and the transcripts that was on his articles are deleted. The video was Dr. Mercola Interviews Dane Wigington. in around 29:10,

      > We have a former Air Force industrial hygienist ― their job is to check for environmental toxins ― and she has spoken on the record … She’s seen the canisters being loaded, she’s tested for the materials … Her name is Kristen Meghan, and she was getting tremendous pressure from her former superiors about speaking out and she has since gone off the record.”

      So there are some signals of his fishiness.

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