Science Fraud & Fantasy (part 6)

Here’s the good news, though I don’t know who in the universe to give credit where such credit is due:  I retrieved our precious pooch from the wild side.

Was there some Law of Attraction happening there, as I challenged in my last post? I can’t really say, but it makes for a great story. I found him with a pack of dogs, half of them feral. He was injured, limping and highly disoriented. I am still bringing him back to health, slowly. I am bursting with joy he is home, in any case.

Here’s the bad news. Geoengineering is the greatest shell game on earth. It’s a Psy-Op Supreme with all the fixings, being carried out from the very top of the pyramid with far more angles and rabbit holes, trolls and shills than anyone I’ve heard speaking about it cares to admit.  It’s a cesspool of cons, collaborators and deniers, just like vaccines.

I am loathe to admit I have also been a loser in this shell game, but I’m starting to get better at it. For starters, I trust NO ONE now. I’ve been a fool, as I started out saying with this series of posts, on a fool’s journey. I’ve supported, in word and even with our hard-earned dollars, some of the very people I now find highly suspect. I will refrain from naming names at the moment, since I have no proof and no desire to slander, but do know I’m watching them all now with far more critical eyes.

I will retract one thing directly I said in just the last post, I will not be studying the work of Michael Tsarion with any more depth, it’s a dead end. I can add him to the growing list along with Stefan Molyneux, Alan Watt, Alex Jones, and several other shell gamers on whom I once wasted time. I now recognize ‘the scent’ of these players; I can hear their NLP tricks (neuro-linguistic programming); I can see their ‘cult of personality’ following and I am out of their loops.

Still, I’m not saying they don’t have some good tidbits to consume, they certainly do, otherwise they would not be where they are. For example, I think Michael Tsarion has some crucial advice about self-empowerment and his work about ‘psychic vampirism’ has helped me understand some of the nature of evil, how to recognize it and to root it out of my own life. His work in mythology and ancient history is also compelling, but lots of folks are doing compelling work in these fields and arriving at far different conclusions. The conclusions these folks are making is where the issue lies.

For example this fascinating researcher who looks like she’s doing some fabulous work debunking the sciences of anthropology and archeology. She’s turned me on to my new favorite word: Quackademics! Now that’s funny! And it’s so true, I can say that after spending over twenty years in the system—the number of blind order-followers there must surely rival the best armies. I listen for her data, her conclusions ring false to me, like all the others.

More breadcrumbs for this week:

Fraud in medicine, rampant!

Chemtrail psy-op on mainstream news, feeding the insanity.

The most important thing I’ve read all year. Oh the peace of mind I could’ve saved myself had I read this years ago!

The gentleperson’s guide to forum spies:

More blatant science fraud.

The truth is precious. It is sad that there are so many in our society who have lost respect for it; people who have traded in their conscience and their soul for temporary financial comfort while sacrificing the stability and balance of the rest of the country in the process. The human psyche breathes on the air of truth. Without it, humanity cannot survive. Without it, the species will collapse, starving from lack of intellectual and emotional sustenance.” Tyler Durden

It’s not just sad, it’s devastating and disgusting.  These aren’t just little white lies to keep from hurting someone’s feelings; these are blatant and brutal attacks on sanity and consciousness and nature.


From 80 degrees when I went to bed, to icicles when I woke up in the morning.  The mainstream weathermen give this incredible shift some ridiculous new name so we think it’s ‘normal’ or at least ‘normalish’.  What I do know, without any doubt is, our ancestors could never have survived with such rapid and regular temperature extremes. If the plants don’t like it, it’s not normal.




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  1. Hello kensho!
    Yes, I do have those feelings in my dream state. Sometime, in this reality too. I can levitate-swim in my dreams, but I can’t float-fly in this reality yet LOL!

    I’m pretty sure Viktor sensed those feelings observing the water flowing in the rivers, feeling with, at one with the waters. Those feelings are the root of the inspirations of his understandings. Not from studying documents and playing with mathematical equations.
    I’m not yet sure, if Nikola felt with the flow with the plasma, at one with the electromagnetic waves (well, there are photos of him playing with lightning flows)!!!

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  2. The basic principle of floating is raising the vibrations of the targeted area (vehicle) than the surrounding vibrations.

    In the water, where the surroundings are mainly “liquid state of matter”, utilizing “gas state of matter”, is the method mainly used by nature to control the density (the vibration) of the vehicle, or the vessel of the organism. The gaseous state is one step higher in vibration than the liquid state of matter.

    In the air, where the surroundings are mainly “gas state of matter”, the options left are “lighter air” or “plasma state of matter”. The balloon vehicles are using “lighter air”, using heated gases that are in higher vibrations than the surrounding air.

    We are apt to think birds and bugs fluttering their wings as pushing the air for propulsion and flying. Some part may be true, but another part is, they are changing their vibrations higher by the oscillation factor, for levitation (floating). Really??? LOL 😉

    Thinking by vibrations are more natural thinking model in line with nature. Dismiss the particle mental model imposed by the conventional scientific belief system for a while. The conventional science view of gases are, particles moving fast in Brownian motion mental model. Just take that “moving faster” as “vibrating higher”.

    Viktor Schauberger’s thinking process was likely progressing the way I had wrote in this and the previous comment.

    So Viktor’s question was, is there a more effective way to raise vibrations of matter?

    Schauberger’s books are there in It’s tedious to read the sentences, but just looking at the diagrams and pictures are pretty insightful. Google images show many. You can compare the diagrams with Walter Russell.

    You can view in analogy, where swim bladder of fishes utilize liquid and gas circulation. Compare that with Schauberger’s engine.

    Tesla and extraterrestrials and other origin of technologies, the methodologies of changing the vibrations of matter may vary by the origin, but the basic principle is the same. This is my current understanding.

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    1. > they are changing their vibrations higher by the oscillation factor, for levitation (floating).

      Hideyuki Iijima’s model airplane 1-4

      Iijima style radio control airplane 1-2


      1. Thank you for all your thoughts and info! I have not looked at it all yet, but am very interested. It reminds me that as a child, I’d have dreams where I was flying and it was so amazing. I had the “feeling” of it, a real feeling, not as if I watched something on TV. It was not like swimming in that there was no effort at all to it, but it was like swimming in that a slight gesture would guide my body in one direction or another. I’ve often wondered how it is we can have feelings in dreams that we have not ever experienced while awake.


  3. Hello kensho!

    About gravity, I sometime “blankslate” all the stuff I had inputted from others’ info. I use those educated materials and terminologies as tools to communicate with others, but basically, I detox those info at times.

    I just observe being “stupid” and “empty minded“ 🙂

    I see birds and butterflies not as flying. I see them “swimming”, “diving” and “floating”. The densities are different than going up and down in the waters, but it is really similar “diving” in the atmospheric air. The gliding is floating. The airflows are similar in the water flow layers in the rivers, in different depths layers and riverbeds.

    So the next question is, how is diving and floating in the waters done in nature? Does that understanding in the waters be helpful to understand in analogy, in diving and floating in the air? (The answer is yes.)

    If you have noticed, I have written before that plants are utilizing the vertical flows to grow vertically standing up to the ground. You can observe that when the seeds sprout, the buds could grow in random directions, but in the end, they find the direction vertical, the roots vertically down, the bud vertically up.

    In undersea, the seaweeds are vertically standing up in the seabeds, where water flow “winds” are blowing.

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  4. thanks kensho!
    (I thought I had posted this comment. I am reposting it just in case. Kensho can disapprove it if he wants to, don’t mind YAMAKAWA, this is your website!)

    > I was a bit confused by your last posts.
    Which part? Very curious! 😉

    > Have you gotten the feeling of intense alignment with a place that you could not explain,
    Yep, several times in several places. My experience was not that very intensive, but had those feelings. I was a woman in some, being mommy of kids also, so those memories? make me help understand women psychology LOL! ladies!!! :0)

    > I appreciate your recommending them.
    Glad if you like Whitecrow. He served the military, so he is a shamanic warrior. So his wisdom does have the perspective of being a powerful warrior, effective in engaging in battles. I highly recommend the 2part video in Denny Hunt’s channel. I have rewatched the videos to check if it was worth recommending to kensho, and am confident is worth watching. What Whitecrow is saying is very harsh and tough to face seriously though.

    @ my recent breadcrumb in geoengineering, sorry if you already know

    New Documentary “Overcast” – A Breakthrough In The Research Of Geoengineering And Chemtrails

    Who Is Spraying Us? Raytheon, MITRE Corporation, MIT Are Prime Suspects: Peter Kirby

    47:50 how elites protect themselves from chemtrail spraying: concoctions
    Very likely the insiders are utilizing homeophathic remedies to neutralize the chemtrail poison.

    OVERCAST Prof Ulrike Lohmann (English) – aluminium and barium in the jet fuel

    Jim Lee’s comment


    I am going to observe, how this documentary info would propagate in the US anti-geoengineering communities. It really is weird to see the community being so compartmentalized. Probably, GWsite would not approve comments mentioning about the documentary, time would tell. By google searching GWsite Peter Kirby, his article is still there in 2012, but none recently.

    Jim Lee is aware of the overcast documentary, he commented in some youtube video pages.


    1. The gravity-free icicles–cold fusion, zero point energy?! I think I’m really on a roll now and unfortunately the typical chemtrail stuff is not helping. What happened there with the icicles: warm earth, highly active water due to high nitrogen soil and water infused with air (slight pressure leak from hose), quick temp drop and puddle becomes “flames from water”. Crazy?! I might be using wrong terminology, but I’m on to something with this for sure! 🙂


  5. Hello kensho.
    I have thought you were looking for the “empowering positive” next steps after the acknowledgement of the ongoing geoengineering explanations. Because, most whistleblowers stop at the step of educating the masses, which is the strategy relying on other persons to wake up. Trying to educate “the sleeping masses?”, but in the personal level, they are merely waiting and sitting down until the masses wake up. But what are the “PERSONAL” next steps to take after knowing what is happening? Only educating the sleeping persons around, just complaining about the ignorances of those people around???

    You can’t take full responsibility for other persons to wake up, but you can be FULLY RESPONSIBLE for your personal soul.

    I speculate that you might have Irish and native American blood in your ancestral DNA. Considering your interest to Mr.Tsarion, which might indicate your resonance to Celtic traditions.

    Whether current kensho can handle the dire conspiracies behind the scenes, geoengineering agendas included, here is the “indirect explanation” to your question about timelines.

    The Mandela Effect Dec 12, 2016

    > It’s up to you to chose the time line you wish to live on.
    > The best time machine you have at your disposal is your mind and spirit.
    > Use them wisely.

    I hope you would like William Whitecrow. Although I don’t resonate in Whitecrow’s personal future timeline much, I do like him. He is a cool and warm awesome guy. I like his voice and his wise tough balanced integrity.

    You can find Whitecrow and Mr.Tsarion collaboration videos in youtube. So I think you can feel if you personally resonate with Whitecrow, whether he is in with your personal preference. There is a very recent video in Denny Hunt’s youtube channel, so you can observe Whitecrow’s body language and voices to smell his sincerity. Whitecrow has his own youtube channel, which has good tips and wisdom living off grid. Herbs wisdom also.

    Whitecrow has Irish and native American blood in his DNA. He is known as a good shaman. He did not come out about his experience as a Mars operative until early 2016, so he was not publicly known about Mars when he had talk with Mr.Tsarion.

    I suppose you can feel it would be very difficult to manipulate such physical and mentally tough and balanced guy as Mr.Whitecrow!!! I personally began to recognize Mars Secret Space Programs stories worth considering seriously, when I recognized Whitecrow speaking. Man, it would be downright difficult to brainwash Whitecrow 😉 LOL!!!


    1. Hi Yamaha-Kawasaki! I was a bit confused by your last posts. But how flattering you have taken such an interest in my musings, I continue to welcome your comments. 🙂

      You mentioned correctly about having some Irish and Native American ancestors, at least according to my grandmother. But I have most closely resonated with the regions of Bavaria and Bohemia. Have you had a chance to travel much? Have you gotten the feeling of intense alignment with a place that you could not explain, that felt very much bigger than you? I have felt that a couple of times, once took me there, and then took me here.

      I looked at one interview between M.Tsarion and Whitecrow, but it was quite old. I tried others on his site, but they would not work. I will try again shortly, I appreciate your recommending them. I consider these teachers as side-efforts to the geo-engineering research. I continue them in tandem because as you say, it is more self-empowering, but that is then in turn to learn to know better in order to fight better the assholes carrying on with this insane manipulation of our once beautiful skies. You don’t need to worry that I will burn out or get lost, it’s not my first rodeo, as we say here in TX. 🙂

      Wishing you well and here, at last, some rain! Yippie!


  6. Hello kensho!
    Sorry if some of my writings irritated you smelling arrogant!
    I got it now, that what kind of info and explanations you currently wanted, reading your newest post. Thank goodness for so many mismatches lol!

    >I wonder, do you ever find it comes off as condescending?
    I thought it was “CONDENSING” at first, pointing out my comments were too long rubbish 😦 !

    I will “condense” this comment LOL!!!

    Well, I still think burning salt is worth trying, because it links with native American culture with Hominy and Nixtamalization, methods for neutralizing plant toxins which are present even in some organic vegetables and grains. Burning salt purification is utilized in Japanese Shinto Traditions, so it is rooted in ancient wisdom too.


  7. I don’t mind your “fishy” comments! I’m happy for you if it is working for you! I wonder, do you ever find it comes off as condescending? I mean, not just your comments, but so much of the “new age” stuff?


  8. Hello kensho!

    I don’t want to flood you with recommendations and fishy infos too much LOL, so I will pause referencing stuffs a while!

    > burned salt’ info and vid, interesting, but I’m not sure how that would apply in a large garden.
    Applying to the garden, the effectiveness would vary by the state of your garden. So I can’t assure you if that would work positively in your situations. Probably not effective in your case, because burning salt water solution would work as balancing the over-acidic state of the soil.

    You have to “ask” the garden if it would work, kind of ask permission from the gardens, if you want to succeed well. Your garden might not want the salt, even if it was burned salt water solution (normal salt is not welcome to the soil usually, as you know).

    I would recommend you try on boiling pastas first, so you could compare the textures and tastes, with the pasta boiled with the unburned salt. Start the experiment small, then if it was effective, you can expand gradually to other situations.

    I think you have your grown organic vegetables, so neutralizing pesticides sprinkled vegetables are not necessary for kensho’s situations….! But you can try it on wrinkled old vegetables.

    > how is it connected to the “gravity-free icicles”?
    I have written the simple conclusions(hints) already in my past comments, but you can’t detect it yet. Because, you have not embodied the wisdom yet. No hurry!
    Try and experiment the burning salt first, observe carefully, then ask questions later.

    You can observe the icicles carefully too, you’re not observing carefully enough. I think you can find videos on silicon oxide crystals growing in accelerated time play, so you can compare icicles growth with that. 0-Si-0 crystals vs H-O-H water crystals. Study by yourself!!!

    > Sorry to hear you are giving up on exploring geoengineering more.
    No, I have not given up at all. But I am approaching from upstream, not downstream.

    You can see that approaching only from downstream is not effective as the track record of the anti-geoengineering activisms had already proven. Looking at GWsite’s veteran posters’ comments are those concrete evidence.

    You see, many average people say they love nature. But most don’t even hear the voice from the planet “directly”. And they say they worry about the planet. They “pretend” that they are anxious about nature. They never consider about doing inner work to consciously connect with mother earth directly. How can a person worry about the planet “properly” when they are ignoring the planet’s voice??? (See Kavassilas’s videos for hints.)

    Cern?Space Weather?Weather Weapon?WTF

    These “whiteouts” in MIMIC imagery are not from artificial HAARP electromagnetic waves. These are plasma interventions from the planet. Proof? You can ask the planet directly. If you can hear her answers. It is not English language LOL 😉

    [Well, you can compare the “whiteouts” with the arc-shaped wiping images appearing in MIMIC, which are likely from ionospheric heater wiping flashes. In my DISQUS profiles.]

    Persons don’t have to rely on NASA and those technological satellite imagery and worry about image processing censorship manipulations, if they could directly ask the planet.

    So persons can stick to the confined conventional scientific belief systems, in closed minded belief that they could never communicate directly with the planet. Planets are just compositions of dead minerals right? Communicating with the planet??? New-age-wacko LOL!

    Or like me, a person can connect with the planet consciously. Those persons don’t worry about geoengineering much. I don’t worry about earthquakes, which are frequent in Japan. I accept that the planet has to do qigong massively and massage herself harshly dancing at times to heal and invigorate herself. I groovy dance with the quivering quakes, because I know the quake is not deadly to me, when I have it happening in my timeline.

    Fishy? Persons can verify themselves…. 🙂 !


  9. This is an “easy answer example”. I think George Kavassilas’s storyline illustrates well about the major timelines in a broad perspective. And warnings indicating highly probable traps prepared to invite and lure unconscious persons. Persons not awaken to their inner soul would probably get engaged/trapped in those timelines.

    The 3 Levels of Imposition on Humanity

    Stumbling on geoengineering acknowledgement issues and activisms is merely entry point to the Level 1 🙂 LOL!!!

    I’m aware kensho doesn’t like new-age stuff. But if you want to “smell” timelines stuffs intuitively, I think it is difficult to grasp from “logical rational stories”.

    I personally thought George’s videos are fun, inspiring, and empowering. Sorry if kensho doesn’t like it. But I presume a person can grasp intuitively the significance of getting rooted and grounded to the planet earth and the sun.

    GEORGE KAVASSILAS – Sydney Equinox 1/3 (SK titulky)


    1. I’ll take a look now, thanks YK! I looked at the ‘burned salt’ info and vid, interesting, but I’m not sure how that would apply in a large garden. Also, how is it connected to the “gravity-free icicles”? I watched one of the Anthroposophy videos, very interesting indeed, I’ll look into that more. Sorry to hear you are giving up on exploring geoengineering more. I can’t really stop now even if I cared to, it is so extremely unpleasant on so many levels. I just can’t stand by and do nothing–I hear the plants and land crying to me!


  10. Hello kensho!

    > But it sounds like you are discounting all of Smallstorm
    Simply put, I’m not interested much in geoengineering field/issues anymore. I don’t have space left to cover more persons not satisfying my personal standards. I personally think covering GWsite and Climateviewer is enough in that field. I have other fields of interest that has more priority.

    Adding to that, I “smelled” the vibrations of her recent state of her consciousness, listening to her voice in her videos and reading her writings in her articles. Even if I were open minded(?), I have limited time. Definitely, I don’t have time to consume on her. This is my personal preference.

    Kenosho has to ask himself what he is interested and/or resonated specifically with her. What is the core motivation to delve into her research? If that is not clear yet, then you can look deeper into her stuff and you’ll find out sooner or later.

    @ 1
    > I am also trying to understand ‘scalar physics’, if you have more info on that too.
    I’m sorry, but I have not yet studied enough to give you good reference recommendations in that field. Personally, I consider the recent root in that field starts from Nikola Tesla, so understanding his basic research is crucial. Also Viktor Schauberger.

    By the way, can you tell me whether you have affinity to the education in the conventional sciences? Because, if you are not used to mathematical formulations and concepts, at least at the level of quantum physics wave functions, I think studying and reading documents in the “conventional scientific terminology” is not a suitable path for kensho.

    There are other good intuitive paths without delving too much into the current mathematical-formulation-terminologies.

    @@ 2
    > Indeed, everything is an opportunity to learn–but at what cost?
    It depends on how deep a person want the answer. Deep answers would definitely not be pleasant for the lower mind. A person has to ask oneself, the root of the motivation why the question is asked. And, who is asking the question?

    Because most persons ask questions from utter curiosities, without understanding what is “who” asking the questions.

    The answer would vary with the perspective point of the awareness of the “who”. You have to dig deep within yourself to get the true answer for yourself. Answers and/or theories/stories provided from others would be unsatisfactory.

    @@@ 3
    > So, a few times now you’ve talked about “time lines”
    A person’s lower mind is based on the premise, the foundation of accepting the concept of “time”. If a person is to “objectively observe” time, a person has to overcome the concept of time. That means, a person has to overcome the lower mind.

    Hence, it is virtually impossible for the lower mind to “think” or “understand” timelines. Simply put, a person has to go to one’s soul to grasp it. The soul is over the concept of time.

    Poetic expression would be, “go to one’s inner heart”.

    The inner heart is the core heart, not to be confused with the so-called heart chakra. Those are distinctly different, they are pointing at the different stuffs.

    @@@@ 4
    To @2, @3, I’ll give an “easy answer” in the next comment, but those are cheap stories. Exterior stories are merely partial-truths. Good partial-truths are stepping stones to guide persons to their inner core heart.


  11. Ah yes, the flat-earth! When I heard her talking about that I also thought to discount all she’s saying. Still, I have many doubts about NASA myself so that some are taking their own doubts to an extreme, while certainly off-putting, does not totally put me off. 🙂 You said in a previous comment: “You can ignore the reptilian stories if you don’t like it anyway. A person can still consider good info, similar to considering something from a person even if he has alligators as pets in his house LOL.” But it sounds like you are discounting all of Smallstorm based on her openness to flat earth theories, no?

    So, a few times now you’ve talked about “time lines” — could you provide some more info on this please? I’m not understanding these parts well, but am curious.

    I am also trying to understand ‘scalar physics’, if you have more info on that too.

    I was thinking more about this which you wrote: “I have learned from observing the dissipation process of the aerosol sprayings. Without visible trails, it is difficult to observe the air flows. So observing chemtrails assists to see visually, how the ionospheric flow, plasmic waves are working in the air. Might even help sensing the “sylphs”, the elementals working to neutralize the toxins too LOL!!!” Indeed, everything is an opportunity to learn–but at what cost? Children who are abused, for example, learn a lot, some things that other children never learn, so does that mean we must look at the “bright side” of abuse?!


  12. Hello kensho!
    No need for hurry, but I do recommend trying out burning salt, because it can be tested physically. Other comments compared to that, like comments on HAARP sites, are junk, in my opinion 😉 LOL

    @ flat earth theory: a “descended” mind
    > Sofia Smallstorm
    Just recognized her from your comments. I have finished my personal discernment to her quickly. Personally, I will ignore her research and infos. Completely waste of time for me.

    I deem persons stuck in “flat earth” not worth paying attention. Both from conventional scientific views and metaphysical wisdom. Persons considering “flat earth theory” do not have a mature mind. This is not my personal biased view, it is purely from mature perspectives. Considering that theory is not “open minded”, they are simply dumb. Their mind does not have the maturity enough to process reasoning deep enough to understand the theory is purely flawed.

    So I see those person as an intentional psi-op operative, and/or a dummy. I would not trust any material coming from a psi-op agenda polluted research, and/or from a dumb immature confused mind.

    If a person accept physical experiences as “proof”, they can simply go see the horizon. If they can acknowledge the eyesight senses from the physical eyes as trustful evidence, then they can accept the curvature perception of the horizon as “not flat”. It’s that simple for a mature mind.

    A person can be seriously skeptic if one could deeply doubt the five senses. Also the mind and the perceptions of reality. But that would be only for over-mature metaphysically serious persons.

    Worldview perspectives are mind-constructs projected from the soul. So-called realities are hologram perceptions projected from the inner soul. One reality/timeline per soul.

    So it is possible to have the senses of organisms to be designed in the construct, that their perspectives of the world would be 2D-cartesian coordinates worldview. The core point is where to fix the perception center in the 2D map plane. Also, how to process the edges. Topologically, in order to have no edges, the 2D-plane would be sphere or torus topology.

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  13. Hello kensho!

    Here’s my past comments to GWsite about “burning salt” method. A “truly scientific stuff” that each person can experiment and verify by themselves.

    Yamakawa says: May 20, 2016 at 11:00 am

    Those comments were “purposely written” so it could be approved by DW. DW’s “demand” wanting info from real Japanese residing in Japan and report about Fukushima situation. I inserted “fishy positive stuffs” as much as I can, “supplying” DW’s demands also, so it could be approved LOL

    I’ll write more if kensho is interested. If you are interested enough, probably after you had experimented by yourself. I’ll mention about more fishy stuffs “disapproved” by GWSite.

    It is related with the icicle stuff in this page. It is also in relation with the “etheric breathing” that I had wrote in the recent DISQUS comments. All interconnected!!! 🙂

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    1. Hi JK 🙂 I will certainly look into whatever you’d like to share here! I still have a couple of your past links to look at, and will do so this week, and reply more to your previous post. I’ve also been looking at the work of Sofia Smallstorm. Are you familiar with her?


  14. Happy New Year kensho!

    > I’m glad you did not get upset by my negative comments about “surrender” and aliens.
    Thank you too! It would be boring if we just kept conservative to politically correct ideas. I don’t get upset much anymore, even in the “real” world outside the internet. Because recently I don’t have the urge to persuade and push my thoughts to others. This is your website, so you could not approve my comments and/or delete the comments. And I have my freedom to leave your website if I don’t want to read the articles anymore! So we have mutual freedom.

    I’m basically brainy skeptical educated well with the conventional system. Conventional scientific belief system and authorized history books LOL So I have gone thru, am going thru all those confusion and irritations breaking thru the imposed authorized belief systems 🙂 Not that different with kensho. I am physically forty now, how old are you?

    > Would you feel comfortable sharing what your core heart is telling you?
    I’m aware that this is still a public place, which could be read by other persons. So I’m not going to write too much private stuff that is not important. But basically, I am writing what I want to. Kensho’s site is very balanced and open minded, so I am writing very fishy stuff honestly, based on my current preferences and biases. I might be wrong, and some thing may be true to me, but not true to others. I will probably update my views to, like Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy, so my perspectives may change thru time and my personal progress.

    > I have been a bit agitated by the fact that it seems when looking at others’ works, all roads lead to aliens and/or AI.
    They are all external perspectives anyway. Not much different debating over Trump and Obama stuff, just a bit in a more broader perspective LOL!

    Well, if we dig deep, those issues can’t be ignored. How the infos are represented are biased by the persons’ preferences, even if they were not polluted by malevolent agendas. So a person has to verify and rely on their inner to check whether that resonates with one’s soul. So a person have to resort to one’s inner heart anyway, if one is to be true to oneself.

    There are no such things as “concrete evidences”. “Indirect proofs” are possible though. What is concrete, is the direct knowing from the inner.

    A person has to see what other persons’ terminology is “pointing at”, not stuck in the labels, the terminology. We see many persons stuck on the labels. Labels, current degraded language words, are destined to be incomplete.

    > You seem to not have concern for how the geoengineering will be resolved or what damage it might do to the earth in the meantime.
    Personally, my understanding is that there are multiple timelines which I had wrote before. So some timelines are destined to be nasty, where for some persons would experience UNHAPPY NEW YEAR LOL! I personally perceive benevolent timelines. Currently, we can see multiple timelines overlapping.

    It depends on accepting the 3D-4D-5Dimension, the different layers of the planetary realm. The lower layer is being shoved off, so persons focusing into those layers will leave their physical bodies eventually.

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  15. Hello Kensho!

    > What do you think of the fact that in the photos the “icicles” defy the “law” of gravity?

    You can compare how crystals grow, however the timeframe of the process is slower than the growth of the icicles, water crystallization.
    The similar energetic flow is used in the growth of the mineral crystallization growth, and also in the plants growing “vertically” in line with what is currently termed as gravity.

    I think Viktor Schauberger mentioned about a trout “stopping” in the stream of running water. Also fishes “climbing up” waterfalls.
    A yacht proceeding against the wind.
    A counteractive flow going opposite to the physical flow.

    There is a concept in traditional mysticisms as “etheric plane” which acknowledges the etheric flows underlying, being a template to the physical realm. You can study in that perspective in Rudolf Steiner’s stuff with plants and agriculture. One of Rudolf’s proposed way for persons to nurture their senses about the etheric flows, was the Formenzeichnen. There are “some” current updated books from the researchers in the anthroposophy group.

    I haven’t studied enough about current open scalar physics, and Nikola Tesla’s current understandings, so I can’t express well in that “advanced scientific terminology” yet. The etheric flows are grasped in the “scientific perspective” that could be put into mathematical formulations, in the scalar wave terminologies.

    Basically, they are pointing at the similar things. Different perspectives, different terminologies, different expressions.

    I think, if a person is grounded/rooted deeply enough to the planet, then the planet would teach/inspire a person to the wisdom. So a person won’t need to learn other persons’ materials much. For me, looking to other persons’ stuff is like discovering other persons with similar understandings, sort of finding new friends. Also, to a certain degree, it would help verify my personal understandings, preventing myself from being stuck to selfish misunderstandings. This is the good thing of looking at “others’” perspectives.

    > The alien agenda is Tavistock brainwashing, and my has it been effective!
    Yes, there are agendas conspired by “earth” humans. There are also agendas conspired by “extraterrestrial” humans and non-humans. So focusing attentions too much to “their stories” are not beneficial to self-empowerment.

    After the geoenginnering problem is cleared comes the staged extraterrestrial controlled oppositions which is already happening. The matrix is not only on this earth planetary planes. Not a matrix, matrices. Layers of matrices which could only be perceived by the inner soul. Even the grandest mind cannot handle that.

    As a person progresses self-empowerment, one would come up remembering one’s own families up in the stars, and one’s experiences in those realms. So it is not that much important to listen to other persons’ own lineages, because that will be different to one’s own lineages.

    I think you don’t have to consider Bridget much if you don’t resonate with her stuff. Her soul group has their own agendas, which can’t be put simply to good and evil in the planetary sense. But I think some of Ken’s stuff will be resourceful if a person is interested in the application of the orgone and scalar wave technologies in the positive sense. You can ignore the reptilian stories if you don’t like it anyway. A person can still consider good info, similar to considering something from a person even if he has alligators as pets in his house LOL.

    I am personally interested to the basic principles than the applications. Do-it-myself, not interested much on buying someone else’s applications and/or manufactured tools, products. So it is not quick, it takes time and energy to study and digest core principles, but this is my preference. I have seen many persons wanting “quick answers/explanations”, “good solutions”, and are satisfied by shallow understandings, in those microbes farming stuff and Fukushima pollution remedies.

    > if a person’s “solution” has anything to do with “surrender” to a higher authority
    This is the most important part. My personal trait goes against “worshipping”. I really hate believing something blindly. I don’t deny everything though. I just reserve my judgements, if I don’t understand something.

    But I think you can see many persons’ preferences are to following the authorities and/or worshipping something. Worshipping targets can be iconic figures, demigods, images, belief systems, technologies, extraterrestrials, methods, techniques. Virtually anything not flowing LOL!

    About “surrender”, “give up” terminology. Yes, some are giving up their souls, which is a sad thing. But “giving up” the distorted mind is a necessary process to proceed to the broader ways. There is a distinct difference into surrendering to “exterior authorities” and “inner core”.

    I am/was brainy type, so my mind didn’t give up LOL I basically got “fed up”, my mind itself is understanding its limits. So I(my lower mind) naturally gave up/ am giving up to my core heart!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wonderful reply Yamakawa, I appreciate your candor and depth. Would you feel comfortable sharing what your core heart is telling you? I’m glad you did not get upset by my negative comments about “surrender” and aliens. I have been a bit agitated by the fact that it seems when looking at others’ works, all roads lead to aliens and/or AI. This seems awfully convenient to me as a story the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ tell to keep the population asleep and enslaved. ‘It’s so much bigger than you, don’t even try to figure it out, or if you try, here’s where you should end up!’

      “But I think you can see many persons’ preferences are to following the authorities and/or worshipping something.” Yes, so true! Still, there is good reason for this, it’s how folks have been educated into hierarchy, never ‘growing up’ into sovereign adults because of the dumbing down process of the education system and media. IMO, no healthy adult under normal world circumstances would choose to be ruled over by another. The powers have created a population of fear and distraction. They have created non-individuals who are not growing up, like a population of Peter Pans!

      My deepest sense tells me humans are as highly self-organizing as a beehive, and when they are not permitted to self-organize, but are instead pushed and prodded into “roles” of another’s choosing, unable to find their own paths, the colony naturally goes into collapse.

      The mind is a terrible thing to waste, even in service to the heart. 🙂

      You seem to not have concern for how the geoengineering will be resolved or what damage it might do to the earth in the meantime. There is quite a confidence in your tone. This makes me so curious! Are you an older or younger person? What is your background? What do you consider as your unique life path?
      Happy New Year! You celebrate it a different time there, right?


  16. On that note let me add–if a person’s “solution” has anything to do with “surrender” to a higher authority, be it aliens or the collective will (any form of communism) or AI or some other great masters are still deep in the matrix.


  17. Hello kensho!
    I am aware this will sound fishy, but I will write it anyway! LOL

    In Japan, I had participated in a group where they use microbe blends for farming. They use it as fertilizers and sprayings to the leaves. The microbes are hyperthemophiles which were found in a submarine volcano, so could flourish in over 1000 degrees celsius. They don’t die by burning fire. The very high vibrations of the microbes is said to resonate with the carbon molecules, so this invigorates the carbon based organisms, in farming, the crops and the soil. But not all persons could utilize the microbe blends successfully, because, it is a “living thing”.

    Some persons used the microbe blend in their lands, successfully invigorating their soils. The soils were flourishing by those microbes, making the soil very soft and warm. The soil was cooler than the surroundings in the summer, warmer in the winter. Persons in the North part of Japan, reported that the part of the land invigorated by the microbes, had snow melted more than the part that was not. The soil has strong buffer to harsh conditions of the weather. Also, the soil is soft-well-ventilated like a good sponge, so even when they had massive rainfalls, the water pours down quickly to underground water stream.

    Well, the core point I want to say, is, the soil must be healthy to withstand harsh conditions. The roots of the plants all reside in the soil. Digging the soil by cultivators are not recommended.

    Here comes the fishy part. To help the planet, a person needs to acknowledge that the planet is a living being with her ego, her self awareness, her consciousness.

    Farming is taking care of the planet’s skin. Playing with and helping the planet as a co-creating human being. In this kind of perspective, it would feel very disrespectful to dig her skin roughly by crude machines.

    The native Americans showed the respect to the land, and communicated with the planetary awareness, being rooted and grounded with her consciousness. The natives could feel what was necessary to help her, when she needed assistance.

    I am not aware of kensho’s residence, but I assume there are some remnants of the ancient sacred places, where the natives had conducted ceremonies to honor the land. In Japan, even in suburban area in Tokyo region where I reside, have some remnants of the Jomons, the ancient indigenous people of Japan. Some are shell mounds, some sites are overlayed by shrines and temples. I don’t do ceremonies, but sometime go to those places to say hello and thanks.

    It would help if you become friends, with the region you reside. Honor with respect to the spirits of the area. They would be gratified if a human being acknowledges them in this degraded society. They would be eager to help a human who would help invigorate the region.

    I’m not super-psychic, so I don’t consciously visually recognize them, but kind of feel them thru the voices and the sounds of the winds and the surroundings.

    My personal preference, is to honor the “true landowner“ first, become good relationship with them is the utmost priority. Then, come the methods and technologies and the techniques.

    So personally, I think persons like putting orgone stuff around their property for protections, while ignoring the “true landowner“, look very disrespectful and foolish.

    A person does’t have to be a disciple to a certain shamanic path, if one doesn’t prefer to. A person can still be friends and in good mutual relationships with other organisms and spirits.


    Anyway, here is a recent video which is full of info about good technologies. Also about benevolent reptilians, a perspective free from exopolitical racism. Brigid is funky funny lady too 🙂

    ORMUS, monoatomic atoms, orgones, scalar wave technologies, pyramid grids, etc.

    There are enough good infos to experiment, try, and utilize in the field!

    Ancient Technologies, Benevolent Reptilians & Consciousness with Ken Rohla – Bridget Nielsen


    1. Thanks, I’ll take a look. I have seen them before but it’s been a while, maybe it will strike more of a chord now. I do read up on the native practices in our area and communicate with the ‘spirits’ of this land–I believe this is why I was called here though we had no family or friends or life history in this area. I have learned so much about how to take care of it! This is how I know something is not right, the land is telling me. What do you think of the fact that in the photos the “icicles” defy the “law” of gravity?


      1. I listened to all I need to in order to affirm these are not people I can listen to. Anyone who thinks reptilians and aliens are real, whether or not they think they are here to harm or help us, and are pawning ‘solutions’ to problems they don’t understand are not serious people. The alien agenda is Tavistock brainwashing, and my has it been effective! I don’t buy it and I never will. I have dreams and intuitions all the time, these are coming from my own subconscious and cellular memory and possibly the current collective unconscious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone quote something, or say they heard something from an alien or other source that comes directly from a fictional story from childhood. I have caught many scholars take complete liberties with history based on fiction from the past, including mythology. It’s outrageous! We were bred to listen to stories, it’s very deep in us, and that’s how we’re being so easily manipulated by the powers that shouldn’t be.


  18. Hello kensho!
    I’ll move to this new page, since the previous page is now crowded much, that I have to scroll down a bit, to make a new comment there LOL!

    Curious the situation and how you got to found Pami in the pack of dogs! Maybe, it was not you who attracted Pami, but Pami attracted you!!! Well, it never works in one side only, so mutual sides have worked in “agreements”.

    Yes, as a person progresses, the past teachings may become obsolete, but some may turn to be effective tools, much more utilizable than before, under a more broader perspective.

    As inner confidence grows and the trust to inner guidance is nurtured, a person won’t be swung much by other persons’ perspectives much. When others’ stuff might be a hint at that timing, a person can “smell” to their stuffs, and pick up the part that may be useful in that timeframe.

    Judging whether the unverifiable stuff is true or false does not matter much. When it is difficult to prove something, one can still ask one’s inner heart if the stuff resonates personally or not. The intuition is helpful, but a person can also use the rational mind as an assistance.

    The question to ask the rational mind, with intuition in the background:

    1 If this stuff is true, what benefit is to me personally? What necessary changes do I have to take for me to embrace the stuff?

    2 If this stuff is false, what would this matter to me personally?

    Most of the time, the answers to the two questions won’t differ much LOL!
    So those kind of stuffs might be mere entertainments and/or distractions, but not crucial to the person personally at that timing.

    By the way, even geoengineering can be a learning experience to see how nature works under the artificial influences. Artificial influences never work without the support from organic nature in the background.

    I have learned from observing the dissipation process of the aerosol sprayings. Without visible trails, it is difficult to observe the air flows. So observing chemtrails assists to see visually, how the ionospheric flow, plasmic waves are working in the air. Might even help sensing the “sylphs”, the elementals working to neutralize the toxins too LOL!!!

    Also, the unnatural icicles in the picture of this article, might be showing the work of nature to scatter the coldness to help the plants survive. The coldness might be guided to focus and gather to the icicles, so the roots of the plants won’t be damaged.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate your positive focus 🙂 That’s an interesting idea about the icicles! But in that case I’m not so worried about the grass, it has proven to be very resilient. What is striking to me is the phenomena that an area would freeze so quickly after such high temperatures as to cause the water freezing to reach upward so dramatically. There seems to have something to do with pressure and magnetics. What is concerning in the immediate sense, and not just a curiousity, is that the plants are failing because they bloom out in the unusually warm weather, then quickly freeze back. In this area we have 2 distinct growing seasons when we are able to grow different crops, but now the crops can’t tell when to grow and when to go to seed–the winter crops look terrible overall because it’s too hot, but you can’t grow the summer crops because it suddenly freezes. The dogs also, they don’t have on their winter coat because it’s too warm, then they go outside and are shivering in suddenly new and extreme temperatures.


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