Spray Day 5.25.17

I was pleased to be able to predict we’d have a spray day on Thursday after seeing the forecast on the local news several days before:  Rising heat, rising wind gusts, little rain chance except for isolated severe storm potential on the weekend.  “Ah,” I said to Hubby, “they will spray Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.”  Inwardly this does give me a bit of comfort, despite how much it annoys me to know we are all guinea pigs to these vampires.  At least I’ll know why I have an ear ache, head ache, joint pain and/or severe allergies.

To what do I owe my newly-found powers of prediction?  Psychic abilities?  Nope!  Thanks to a YouTube channel called 1PacificRedwood.



Not normal clouds! Stop pretending or pay attention!

We have an innate reflex defined as disgust.  When we find something repellant, something repulsive and ugly, most likely, thanks to evolution, we can surmise it is not healthy.  I see ridiculous comments and memes trying to push this geoengineering acting as if it’s the better of two evils–it’s severe climate change, or it’s this unsavory alternative to cover the atmosphere in heavy metal micro and nano-particulates.

Where do we get to choose? To opt-out? I’ll take my chances that the SUV drivers of the world won’t ruin the climate if the weather terrorists just stop with their toxic wizardry, thanks anyway.





Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

2 thoughts on “Spray Day 5.25.17”

  1. “Free will issue” — yes indeed! I so appreciate your comments YK, I especially like that I like to disagree and agree with you in equal measure! 🙂 You are a treasure.


  2. Hello Kensho!
    Yep, summer solstice is coming really soon, isn’t that fast how time passes!!!

    > my newly-found powers of prediction? Psychic abilities? Nope!

    LOL! 🙂

    Yes, I completely agree and resonate, that the “normal way” is very helpful and powerful, as long as a person is wise enough to know how to utilize the normal way.

    However, I personally ask my self at times, even in the “normal ways”, sometimes, it isn’t normal at all.

    Like, I often “by coincidence”, find interesting great websites. Like this kensho’s website, for example.

    In my “conscious mind”, when I track back my conscious memories, I recall that I found your website when I “sniffed” some “interesting smell” when I “noticed” your comments in geoengineeringwatch website.

    I wonder though, how come I “smelled” your comments in the swarm of other many many comments? Something resonated with me, even through just several sentences in the comments of dry combination of words appearing on the monitor of the computer screen. (By the way, at that time, I was skimming thru every comments in recent posted pages of the GWsite. Not doing that recently though LOL)

    Similar to that, I find many good websites by google search. Usually, I find the websites by choosing “appropriate set of keywords” that would lead to those webpages. But I wonder, how did I “come up“ with those good keywords?

    When I dig deeper into my mind, I usually come to a point when it is “vague” to detect the origin of how the keywords popped up into my mind.

    (If a person goes insanely deep, the one would hit the “free will” issue, which is far beyond the psychic layer. Psychic layer is still superficial mind layer, just a little bit extended than the so called the five senses of the physical layer. The five senses themselves are not only limited to the physical layer. The five senses could not work if it was only based on the physical constructs as the current “traditional science” hypothetically believes in a materialistic mechanical view. If a person honestly observes carefully how the five senses are working, it would seem very “psychic”, looking from a materialistic paradigm’s perspective and terminologies LOL!.)

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