Spray Day 10.19.17

spraylineIt’s been a while since I’ve posted spray day pics, but have no fear, the geoengineers are still at it.  There are rumors the heavy metal particulates in these man-made ‘clouds’ have intensified the fires in California.  I can only repeat what I hear, I do not know.

But I can look in my own sky and see this.  Spray begins.  Gorgeous blue sky.  Cool and beautiful.

x spray

Spray continues. Skies get ugly, hazy and cobwebby.


By morning there is heavy fog and I have horrendous allergies.


I have not edited anything in these photos but the size in order to fit here.  The color of the sky, the crispness of the air, not to mention the beautiful clarity are so obvious I’m in shock and awe that folks still call ‘chemtrails’ and geoengineering a conspiracy theory.  Or that they can look at this ugly mess and think anything good could ever come of it.


The artificial chemical induced ‘sun dog’.  Not so rare these days.

And to make it worse it continues still, I could take a dozen more pics right now as the sky gets further trashed by the hour.  If I breathe too deeply my throat burns and I start sneezing.

chemtrailI am grateful to the activists who have helped me understand at least some of what is happening here with ‘geoengineering’ like Dane Wigington, who continues to insist we all stop calling it ‘chemtrails’.  I’m fine with that, but I wish there was a word that describes what I’m seeing in equally derisive sentiment.  It looks like chemical trails, and it smells like them, too.  The various ‘scientific terms’ sound far too benign: solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol injection, climate remediation,  ionizing the atmosphere, whatever the hell they are doing and want to call it, whatever, it’s not like I get a vote.

But if I did, I’d call it weather terrorism.








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17 thoughts on “Spray Day 10.19.17”

  1. Yamakawa, I believe in free speech and free thought and I like to practice what I preach. Your comments and thoughts are your own, I do not endorse them just because I allow them to appear on our site. Come and go as you please, your opinions, experiences and research are welcome here. As you are finding me a waste of your time, I do thank you for your contributions and wish you well on your merry way!


  2. Hi kensho,
    is it surely ok you have approved the above comment?
    It is posted by my name YAMAKAWA, but now it is passed on to you,
    because this is your blog.
    You can delete it whenever you prefer.

    > As I’ve had much contact with New Age types I notice a similar lack of interest/capacity to deal in physical reality.

    Yes, surely some are. But some are not.

    There are non-New-agers, like many materialists,
    who are similarly lacking the will living in the physical.
    And some are not.

    Under the label “New Agers”, the definition in your image, is unknown to me.
    Similar to the label, materialists.

    There are wide varieties of different individuals and personalities
    that is wrapped to only one symbol, one label.

    Good cop, bad cop.
    Rich dad, poor dad. (materialists)
    Holy shit, dirty shit. (new agers)

    So kensho thinks he is saying something smart,
    but in reality, he is saying nothing at all.
    (Sorry for the rude writing)

    This is the limitation of “thinking” by words and labels.
    There are upper levels in “thinking”,
    “thinking without words”,
    which are often called contemplation.

    > If all this geoengineering has something to do with an alien invasion, why do you think they’ve waited so long to do it?

    The answers are there.
    Whether you take it or not, or taste the hypothesis,
    depends by your choice.

    Besides, would there become differences in kensho’s actions,
    between whether you take or even consider,
    those “hypothetical narratives” or not?

    If there are to be not much differences,
    the insights from the answers would not matter much…… to you.

    You don’t have to agree on anything that is coming from outside, right?

    Generally, a person don’t have to change their beliefs,
    if they don’t have the need and/or inner urge to.

    So I understand you are still comfy with your current situations and beliefs.
    I feel no need to answer your questions and stuffs in that case.

    Hey, there are great Americans out there,
    who are much wiser and greater,
    than this YAMAKAWA LOL!
    They will give much concise and better stuffs
    (if you could find the proper persons to ask)
    They can answer and give much better insights in good english!!!


  3. Here is a touchy “privacy-violating” comment, although the dots are easily acquirable from overt information. You may delete the comment if you prefer not to share this comment to the potential readers of your blog.

    The purpose of this comment is to push good-willed persons
    stuck in a rabbit hole: geoengineering issues seen from “contained” viewpoints,
    to become determined enough to proceed to the next steps.

    A serious person should first ask oneself
    why he/she could not have “done one’s research” further enough
    not enough to reach to these information and connect the dots.
    It is not that difficult to gather some dots mentioned below.

    Then, one should ask why the antagonists of DW,
    for example Mick West of Metabunk, a smart guy,
    have not exposed any of the info below.

    Last, the person should stop being a naive kid mindset,
    pretending to be a powerless victim,
    accusing brave activists for not “fully” sharing some of the truths they already know.

    If one should want to accuse someone,
    one should accuse oneself for being so numb, dumb and naive.
    Then, the person should begin to be serious in empowering oneself and grow up.

    @ DW’s relationship with Laura Eisenhower

    > 2.) If there is an ET presence behind all this, why would Dane Wigington refrain from allowing you to post [about the ET presence] and not be broadcasting it himself?

    My answers to emailed questions from a reader
    (She is aware of the infos in this comment
    because I have personally emailed the contents to her a year ago)

    “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference” 2012
    Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails-Climate Researcher Dane Wigington on GeoEngineering – HD
    Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Laura Eisenhower – Chemtrails, Consciousness & 2012

    DW and Laura participated in the same several geoengineering related conferences.
    They made presentations in the same conferences, so they know each other.
    NO secret to this.

    Laura Eisenhower: Dissolve Draco-Anunnaki Reptilian-Grey Matrix – Renegotiate Secret ET Treaties

    37:41 Laura took his son to visit DW

    You already know he has acquaintance with William Whitecrow.

    @@ DW’s residence

    his off grid house

    his address: satellite image Bing map
    40.752808, -122.096143

    @@@ Road blockage of the road leading to DW’s residence

    google> wigington site:www.redding.com

    Dec. 01, 2010 Road closure called ‘revenge’

    Dec. 07, 2010 Backbone Ridge residents regain use of road

    June 02, 2011 A gated-in community: Residents decry Sugar Pine Camp Road’s planned closure

    @@@@ wrap up connecting the dots mentioned above

    Now, imagine a good willed brave man with some kids.
    His kids’ smiling photos are on his wife’s fakebook pages.

    This man drives his kids to school every weekdays,
    his car going thru a slope road from his house.

    The slope road is the single way leading to the cities.
    If he could not use the road, the detour route would require tremendous time,
    which would be a terrible option.

    One day, he receives a telephone call from an anonymous voice,
    predicting of a future road closure,
    if some person does that, and/or does not stop doing this and that.

    This courageous person does not fear risking or even of losing “his life”,
    but does fear of the probability of some threat hitting his dear children.

    One day, the road closure happens.
    It may happen again.


    Now, imagine if you were in the same situation.
    Do you think you could do better than that courageous man?

    Now, you should realize the “dumbness” of accusing and criticizing the brave man,
    but rather realize to thank and honor the brave man.
    Whether the man is a psi-ops operative or not,
    does not matter much.

    And one should stop being a naive follower of the brave man,
    if he/she is depending on an activist
    to expose and explain everything for him/her.

    One may grow up, maybe strong enough,
    that some day, be able to help the brave man and support him,
    not merely follow him but help him,
    even liberate the brave man being “contained” in his martyr role.

    Get it?


    1. “Get it?”
      hmmm, not exactly! But I can see you are very passionate on the topic, so I appreciate the links for further inquiry. I have looked into the Metaphysical musings blog some, including the recent post with reader’s questions. Here’s the bottom line for me with UFOs and alien abductions: HG Wells fiction. The grey alien images and stories come out of fiction from the late 1800s. We know what the power of belief can do–it can heal (the placebo effect), it can make folks see things that aren’t real (gods rising from the dead, ghosts and apparitions, meeting Jesus, etc.) and stories about beliefs are how children learn and retain. I also think the way creativity functions, the imagination, is to draw on an unconscious collective field. Those stories and images from fiction are embedded in our psyche now, from the constant retelling and reimaging of these stories. Highly imaginative folks, especially children, tap into this field easily, but also do not often have the logical capacities to separate fact from fantasy. As I’ve had much contact with New Age types I notice a similar lack of interest/capacity to deal in physical reality. Many of them seem to die young and broke, for example, not accepting the reality of nature around them, but living permanently in a state of wishful thinking. They choose a fantasy-based reality. My uncle was a New Ager who wrote a couple of books on the topic, including the power to heal with the mind, reincarnation, past lives, etc. He was a kind and happy man who unfortunately died a dreadful, painful, slow death of pancreatic cancer far too young. Did all that meditation do much for him, I wonder, except to make him a more pleasant person to be around?

      As for Dane, he’s a heroic man trying to make a positive difference–I don’t think anyone needs to save him from his martyrdom. 🙂 He seems to be very grounded and consumed by the important work he is meant to do in his life and his approach, over the long term, seems to be working as more and more folks are standing with him, getting educated and trying to spread, as Dane oft repeats, “credible data”.

      If all this geoengineering has something to do with an alien invasion, why do you think they’ve waited so long to do it? If the aliens have been visiting us for hundreds if not thousands of years, why make a move now?


  4. Hello kensho,
    thank you for your sincere reply.

    I will take it as a YES, that you have contacted Ms.Ferguson, and asked her questions. I will from now on, write considering that you had contacted her, so correct me if I am wrong.

    It doesn’t matter whether you resonate with her materials or not,
    whether you believe/agree/disagree of the existence of
    the so called “aliens” and reptilians LOL

    If you don’t unlike Shane the Ruiner,
    in that above video,
    I really really do recommend you read his blog,
    very carefully,
    the site link I had written in the above comment.

    If you don’t have much time to spare, and/or
    not an avid-book-reading-type,
    you can try this specific article and the comments
    and feel if you resonate somewhat with Shane’s vibration.


    If you feel interested, having read that single page,
    then I advise you read the blog articles fully,
    from the first page all the way up to the last in order.
    Carefully skim thru all the comments,
    because there are many important things mentioned subtlely,
    from both Shane and from some commenters scattered in the articles.
    You have to be very careful.

    Your mother tongue is English, so there is no excuse
    that you don’t have the time to read “all” the articles. 58 pages.

    I began reading his articles yesterday,
    and am about to finish soon.
    I had to verify throughly the contents,
    in order to “confidently” recommend to kensho, for reading.
    It is surely not for everyone, but may be useful for you now.

    You have to read between, thru the lines.
    So understanding English language really doesn’t matter LOL
    You can understand that many English-fluent readers could not
    digest Ruiner’s blog contents, looking at many dumb comments.

    I presume current kensho would dismiss many contents at first.
    It is not easy read.
    It would probably take time, and
    lot of “mental powers” to digest the contents, between the lines.

    Points of reading these kind of “in-between-lines-materials”, are,
    not to stick in right or wrong,
    not to be distracted by I-agree-or-disagree-with-this-that inner-chats.

    A person use the external sentences as a reference point
    to check and rediscover one’s inner-knowing.

    You can be conscious of your thoughts
    by inner-reflecting on your inner reactions
    when you read certain phrases and certain part of the sentences.

    You have to observe your inner feeling when you are reading.
    This is quite tough task.
    Simply put, you use his articles
    as a focus ingredient for your contemplation.

    You don’t have to really “think hardly” even if you don’t get it.
    Probably, you might get it later,
    like when you are peeing in the toilet several days later LOL
    Well, like when you are working outside in the fields,
    and some inner understanding might spontaneously pop up.
    Those kind of unschedulable happenings occur frequently!

    If you prefer, you can skim thru quickly the first run,
    and repeat reading some articles and go thru them again, slowly later.
    As you like, following your intuition.

    I think going thru Shane the Ruiner’s blog fully,
    would directly and indirectly answer to your current questions.

    You can contact him if you prefer.
    (In that case, I recommend you finish all his articles before doing that.)

    I am periodically checking your blog updates.
    But probably, soon, you would not need my answers? anymore.
    Then, we can go thru more fun and deeper stuffs.

    It is important to invest the time reading,
    because it is not simply reading the sentences,
    it is a contemplation.

    A person should gain much more inner insights thru reading,
    than simply passively watching Youtube videos,
    where many important things are easily dismissed.

    Careful contemplate-reading is not passive,
    it is active, very tough, mind-energy requiring hard task.
    So there are more chances for you to grasp some direct knowing,
    not mere external-infos-opinions from others.

    After finishing the reading,
    you’ll probably grasp some more things watching Shane’s videos,
    and even from watching other persons’ videos,
    noticing something you had dismissed before reading his articles.
    But probably, it would become unnecessary to watch the videos
    for gaining “exterior” information anymore.
    It’s so tedious watching dumb videos LOL

    good luck 🙂


  5. Thanks for answering my questions Yamakawa, it’s good to hear your unique perspective and I’m so glad you take the time!

    So it’s interesting you are seeing a similar response in Japan, U.S and other places as to how we mere mortals handle being attacked from all directions. 🙂

    “Probably currently you don’t understand the “multidimensional construct”
    of this planetary reality.
    Many persons are expressing this as the term “multiple timelines”.”

    Yes, I’m certain I do not understand this! Does it have something to do with the power of belief? As in ‘consciousness studies’ — we are always creating our own reality? Certainly we can see in the occult circles the idea that once we become fearless we are able to manifest on another level–a quantum level I suppose. Also a belief that life is ever-recurring, and a mind-over matter mindset, I guess?

    I’m inclined to take it more practically though. There is the physical body reality of my day-to-day world, and the intellectual reality of the cyberspace/mediaspace I spend a good deal of time in, and the spiritual body that tries to balance these contradictory forces.


  6. Here,
    even if a person can “pretend” to disregard
    exopolitical, black magic, and astral influences LOL,

    for an American people’s perspectives,
    it’s all declared,
    even in the “contained” geopolitical pespective.
    It’s placed in front of everyone’s eyes…….

    some recent examples I can recall,
    from mass pop culture thru movies and comic books:

    WAR for the PLANET of the APES
    burning flag

    APES WEEK: Unpublished on the Planet of the Apes — Metallic Rose Comics

    War for the Planet of the Apes | Final Trailer | 20th Century FOX

    2:04 burning flag

    Captain America in the Marvel Universe
    is a Hydra operative (Nazi),
    that’s well known too.

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  7. Yamakawa, always a pleasure to read your unique perspective, thank you! I will certainly listen, though as I’ve mentioned, Ms Cara, though a lovely woman certainly, has not ‘moved’ me in the past. Perhaps I am still an ‘adolescent’ in ‘victim’ mode! 🙂

    Unfortunately I noticed on my ‘Dashboard’ page that you made 2 comments, but only this one included the tab for me to ‘approve’ it. The other comment also looked very useful with links to some work by a Susan Ferguson. I don’t know why I’m not able to post it, unless you’d meant to delete it? With your permission I’d like to copy and paste it into a comment that will appear publicly.

    I’m sure I’ll have comments and questions after I view the materials you linked, I do hope you’ll find time and interest to check back and reply to them!


    1. thanks kensho,

      > Ms Cara, has not ‘moved’ me in the past.
      Yes, I know that you don’t resonate with her!
      My intent was to Shane in that video.
      (I don’t resonate much with her either LOL,
      and she does irritate me when she ruins Shane’s insights by
      blocking what he is trying to start saying…)

      Well, what I learned from Cara, from her videos,
      are from her talks sharing her experiences of
      her audiences minds blocking and being stuck at the chemtrail concepts.
      The audiences’ minds halt going further beyond chemtrail narratives.
      It’s just an entry point in her talk, which is very discouraging….
      So her examples show that average sheeples are really “programmed” and blocked,
      “contained” to not go further.
      You can feel those “halts” from audiences in her recent video of her lecture in June 2017.

      I don’t know if Shane interests you, but I think what he mentioned in that specific video wraps up many insights in a very short time. If what he says interests you, you can go further research “his” materials.He covers many insights on how black magic mechanism operates.

      He does not tell you much on,
      how to overcome and nurture yourself to be immune to those dirty stuff though.

      But he gives clear insights on how the toxic system is working on people’s psyche.
      It is one of some hints that
      “mass awakening” strategies don’t work.
      (It’s a designed rabbit hole to distract persons’ good intentions)

      > Unfortunately I noticed on my ‘Dashboard’ page that you made 2 comments, but only this one included the tab for me to ‘approve’ it.

      When I posted the 2 comments, from my computer, both comments waited for your approval.
      Both are meant to be publicly open, so you can choose to approve it or not.
      I googled by the CEO name of American Elements, there comes many “fishy” articles.
      Even if there are no “direct proofs”, “many many” indirect stuffs show up.

      Ms.Ferguson does have very “fishy” articles in her website,
      “to the emissaries” type articles LOL,
      which does filter certain audiences.
      But her articles focused on geoengineering aspects are still edible,
      even to the “contained” minds.
      (I don’t resonate with her Anunnaki perspectives anyway)

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  8. > we are not even privy as to whom are the combatants
    It’s out there.
    I am curiously watching
    why people aren’t pursuing it further at GWsite.

    Maybe, they are not that attentive.
    Probably they “really” don’t want to know.
    Many just seem to want some reasons and
    “comfy explanations in geoengineering dialects” to stay as victims.

    Victims don’t want “real truths”
    that would ask for, and reclaim, their personal responsibilities.
    Reclaiming their powers ask for their responsibilities,
    so victims choose to stay powerless to stay irresponsible.

    I’m not sure about the details of how the info came out,
    but probably,
    Ms.Ferguson’s comment-post pushed DW to not ignore the fact.
    But it seems that it’s quite passively presented in his article.

    Susan Ferguson says: September 30, 2017 at 10:44 am


    October 3, 2017

    If DW chose to ignore and not to approve Ms.Ferguson’s “that” comment in his website,
    then that would give impressions that he is not what he is publicly known to be.
    So it is likely that he passively, but quickly wrote the article and made the video,
    in response.

    In social engineering perspective, it is interesting,
    to see why DW allowed the comment enabled in that specific Youtube video.
    People can see that basically, he disables comments in his Youtube channel.
    Some recent videos are allowing comments,
    which is interesting to speculate why the selective.

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  9. Hello kensho,

    > when no war has been declared
    It’s declared “occultly” as black magic,
    although consensus programmed minds of sheeples
    don’t “recognize, accept, or acknowledge” it.

    But the unconscious part of their minds do recognize it,
    (but their “programmed minds” quickly push
    the unpleasant recognition away into their shadows)
    so the shadow parts of the unconscious peoples are used to
    fuel the “manifestations” of the propositions from the black magicians.

    In black magician’s mindset,
    without the denial of their proposition (from the recipients)
    is regarded as consent.
    Whether the consent is unconscious passive or conscious,
    does not matter to them.
    Unconscious consent is still accepted as approval of their proposition.

    The unconscious recognitions from the sheeples,
    are deemed as passive consents,
    which are fueling the manifestations.
    Some examples of these stupid manifestations are the notorious chemtrails.

    Sheeples are whining at unpleasant manifestations,
    blaming at some invisible doers and cursing their malevolent acts,
    posing themselves as innocent victims.
    However, many are fueling the very things they are disgusted with.
    Although they are not the designers, they are ”unconsciously cheering it up”.

    So in this perspective, many geoengineering whistleblowings
    are utilized for the black magician’s uses.
    Whether the whistleblowings are from genuine benevolent indignation,
    or from social engineering design,
    it ultimately does not matter.

    It depends on the receivers’ mindset and consciousness.

    @ Understanding the mechanism and how to dismantle them
    whether persons like it or not,
    whether they understand it or not,
    whether they acknowledge the facts or not
    does not matter.

    The explanations of the symptoms
    and the many cures are out in the open.

    Even if they could not receive them at the moment,
    whether they choose to invest their time to digest it or not,
    whether they determine to “grow up” so they can see clearly
    is up to each persons.

    Stand In the Place that You Took! The American Eclipse

    The Ruiner

    eclipse: e-splice

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    1. Well, for whatever it’s worth YK, I do not consent! I think I’ve said that before, but to no avail! Where is the formal paper to sign, I wonder? 🙂

      So, I have watched one interview so far and I will look at some others, but maybe you can give me your opinion on a couple questions in the meantime.

      “The explanations of the symptoms
      and the many cures are out in the open.”

      Are you referring to organite here as a cure? I’m confused by this statement, can you elaborate? By symptoms you mean the visual cues of the ‘chemtrails’ that lead one to Geoengineering?

      I do not agree with Cara at all that ‘chemtrails research’ leads to a dead end. I see it so far leading to lots of folks showing their anger and care and trying to figure out what they can do to stop it. Folks in California especially seem very aware that they are in some kind of ‘sacrifice zone’ and sure they don’t know what to do and feel helpless b/c officials are turning a blind eye, but, as an optimist I would repeat ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.

      What is your experience there in Japan? Is there such massive geoengineering occurring there as here? Are folks concerned? Taking any action?


      1. Hello kensho!
        I am sorry, I didn’t realize your reply comment
        until just right now.
        I have watched the number of 9 comments to this article page unchanged,
        mistook that as no new comments…! ;(

        > Are you referring to organite here as a cure?
        I am not specifically referring to organite related methods.
        Organite-related-method is one of the many cures out there.
        There are many other options.
        Those options are in front of peoples’ eyes, but most are dismissed.
        Because, many don’t fit to the conventional belief systems of average peoples.
        Peoples dismiss many things that are not shaped conforming to their beliefs.
        Many would choose to suffer rather than challenging their stubborn rotten beliefs.

        > By symptoms you mean the visual cues of the ‘chemtrails’ that lead one to Geoengineering?
        Chemtrails are one of the many sicknesses
        becoming apparent to the average peoples,
        currently in this timeframe.
        There are much many many more sicknesses
        that are not apparent to the average peoples though…..

        @ Ms.Ferguson
        I don’t know how much you have pondered
        and had observed clearly things happening around you now in November.

        It would be great if you or Michele have had contacted Ms.Ferguson,
        and asked her some questions.
        Your questions answered in the her latest article in Nov. 17th?
        Good questions and sincere replies!!!

        If my speculation is correct,
        I could reference her materials in some circumstances.

        I don’t know how much you currently
        grasp, believe/agree/disagree or understand
        the “fishy” part of her writings,
        but I hope you had at least skimmed thru
        her serious sane articles focusing on geoengineering.

        @@ Geoengineering in Japan
        Yes, geoengineering is happening in Japan also.
        It’s happening globally, it’s showing on EOSDIS satellite images every day.
        Some Japanese scientists are participating in geoengineering too, as you can see some Jap names in the overt technical papers.

        Probably currently you don’t understand the “multidimensional construct”
        of this planetary reality.
        Many persons are expressing this as the term “multiple timelines”.

        Some many persons are taking actions.
        Some understanding the multidimensionality, hence in effective ways.
        Some not understanding the reality, hence in ineffective ways.

        I see some Japaneses taking effective actions
        rooted with deep understanding of realities.
        Some many are taking ineffective “foolish” actions stuck in ignorances.
        I see the similar situations in the Americans as well.
        Other nationalities too.

        > I do not agree with Cara at all that ‘chemtrails research’ leads to a dead end.
        I don’t mean to be rude,
        but the core important thing isn’t that, in my understanding.

        Whether you agree with Ms.Cara or not, does it matter???
        Does it matter to you?
        Does that matter to the well being of the other persons?
        Does that help the planet?
        NO, it doesn’t matter much.

        Currently, Ms.Cara is not understanding multidimensionality of this reality.
        Hence, even if she is taking action from good will, it is not that effective.
        But it is helping beginners to look for other options to go to the next steps.
        That is my understanding.

        Probably, many stubborn persons have to try everything
        they can come up with in their minds under the conventional belief system.
        After they have exhausted all the old options,
        they give up.

        Then, they have no choice left to challenge their old ineffective beliefs.

        😉 !

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  10. Lots of rain overnight north of Santa Rosa. This arrived as very unsettled weather from out of the Gulf of Alaska. Wild and very windy. It’s early morning and misting. Three days ago gargantuan aerosol jet trails floated overhead. The eastern Pacific sky had been merciously sprayed. These trails had morphed into covering up 50% of the visible sky from my vantage point. And your pic of the “sun dog” is precisely what showed up here. I have seen these many times. Artificial concoction. One of my favorite meteorological sites for garnering an understanding of how the weather terrorism operation is achieved is: 1PacificRedwood. This is a you tube almost daily short video that utilizes satellite images you will not see on the MSM cartoon forecasts. It’s been a big help for me to observe the chemtrail and microwave transmitters and how these two tools are coordinated by the weather warfare terrorists to conduct their playing god while they wreck the hydrological systems. One would believe Sacrsmento would finally wake up to why our state is suffering from years of drought, and the ensuing wildfires. But no, it’s as if the governor on down are in a normalcy biased stupor.

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    1. Thank you for this update and comment N. CA. I’ve also learned quite a bit from 1PacificRedwood YT, glad you mention him. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcnHuosOLaKOGU0qQoYzfA
      I like that he also calls them weather terrorists, b/c I don’t see how it’s a ‘war’ as others call it, when no war has been declared and we have no way to fight back and we are not even privy as to whom are the combatants–that’s not war, that’s terrorism.


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