Once upon a time, when I was popular


It’s hard to believe, I know, but there were a few intermittent occasions when I was very well received by others.  Like when my boyfriend’s best friend was a dealer of the street drug we then called ecstasy.  I don’t know what they call it now.

But after a semester of that I ‘cleaned up’ and flew straight.

Anyway, it was innocent enough, and then I joined the Peace Corps, still a fresh young thing!

U.S. Ambassador’s Residence, Prague 1994  

Oh I was so popular then!  That was long before cell phones, but if they were around then, mine would have been buzzing all day and night, woohoo!  And I probably would’ve loved it.

I imagined myself a future bonafide travel writer!

Lots of early clips I’ll someday scrapbook

There’s a lot actually, now lost to time and even cyberspace.
Like this little one giving a wee spanking to officers in Thailand.


I like being insipid and bitchy now and I feel inspired by other previously ‘harmless’ and people-pleasing types who have been donning their snark-spirit.  

From prey to threat, because, when in Rome.

Still hamming it up, Mena, AR 2018

But then, I dared to speak of subjects unpopular, and in a voice too unsavory.  Unsavory is the result of swallowing the bitter pill.  The obvious pleaser contract being:  Coat it in marzipan and holy water and all things ‘light’, or for heaven’s sake, at least smile!

1938 mom scan0003

I know how to smile; I have 1,000 of them. 

Teach me how to bristle again, like a teenage hedgehog, at least when they run me over in the night I’ll have humored us all first, authentically.


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