Evolution or Devolution?

According to Charles Darwin, intelligence is based on how efficient a species becomes at doing the things they need to survive.

Seems to me, based on this definition, the more dependent man is, the more intelligent he becomes.

Things man needs to survive: Food, water, shelter, health, reproduction

Food: Walmart
Water: Water company
Shelter: Construction industry
Health: Medical industry
Reproduction: Medical industry

Is efficiency working out well for us so far?

Joy & Pain

Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine.
Et nos amours, faut-il qu’il m’en souvienne?
La joie venait toujours après la peine.

Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine
And our loves, must I remember them?
The joy forever coming after pain’s den.

Excerpt from Le Pont Mirabeau by Guillaume Apollinaire, and my rather liberal translation 🙂

Fourteen years ago I impulse-purchased a black lab puppy from a stranger at a bar in Galveston, Texas. A few months later we were forced to evacuate before Hurricane Ike made landfall. Papi the puppy, and I, road tripped up to Arkansas, on through the Bluegrass Mountains, to my cousin’s lake cottage in Massachusetts for several weeks before renting a cottage on Cape Cod for several months. It was quite the adventure for us both.

Little did I know many more ‘adventures’ would follow. They include, but are not limited to: 5 emergency trips to the vet for: suspected rat poisoning, several snake bites, at least one stroke, severe constipation of unknown origin.

Additional drama created from: swallowing a fishing line, a wasp attack, snorting fire ants, 2 ear hematoma, (suspected) tripping on hallucinogens, fight with pit bull, jumping out of moving car, several spring disappearances including the last one where I discovered him half a mile away after several days tramping around with a pack of feral dogs—he was suffering from multiple head injuries, limping very badly and hardly recognized me.

Aahh, such is love. Of the trauma-bond variety especially.

Over the last couple of years he’d gone blind and deaf, had warts and tumors all over his body, but still had a voracious appetite and remained as vocal as ever, whether directed at the mail lady, strangers, or walks and mealtimes not occurring promptly enough for his preference.

He was, by far, the most demanding dog we’ve had—our ‘problem child’ we always joked—but we blubbered like babies when he passed a few days ago.

We will miss him dearly. He was a pill, no doubt, but he was our pill and our first pup, and for every ounce of pain he brought, they were balanced by joy.

Dancing together was one of those big joys. Dancing was a way to keep my spirits up on all those lonely weeks Hubby was working. Papi got pretty good at it. Of course it was always an issue who would lead.

This was one of our favorites. Tu vuo fa l’Americano

A life fully lived is one of joy and pain dancing through each season again and again.

Rest In Peace, dear Papi, thank you for sharing your life dance with us.

Funny Friday

Hoping to inspire a chuckle, or two. 🙂

“What a show! But alas, only a show!” Dr. Faustus, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1808)

And last, but not least, Hubby in his old man droopy drawers (sorry Lovey, couldn’t resist!) and Bubba, who sees a place to plop wherever he goes.

Not a dog house, but he hops right in anyway!

Hope y’all can channel your inner Bubba this weekend! 🙂

PC-Free Friday!

In this shit show, vaudeville act, fantasy-based reality, LARP, mass formation, post-modern reality simulation, totalitarian tiptoe, or whatever you want to call it, humor is the best medicine.

In fact, these days, it may be the only safe medicine.

So here’s an attempt to get us started!

One funny song:

One funny question:

If you had to choose between losing a war with the Russians or the Chinese, which would you choose?

I’ll start! To me, this is not a political question, but a cultural one. The politics in every country are equally shitty, I’d choose none of them. But, culturally speaking, the Slavs won a long time ago in my book. They’re my kind of folk! In fact, I’m pretty sure I was a Russian Jew in a past life. I even passed for one once in Slovakia, but that’s another story.

One funny meme:

One funny oldie-but-goodie, from the simpler days of 2015:


Google Removes Entire State Of Georgia From Google Maps — MCViewPoint

Hehehe, always nice to wake up with a chuckle! 🙂

https://babylonbee.com/news/google-removes-entire-state-of-georgia-from-google-maps MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—Tech giant Google announced today that they are removing the entire state of Georgia from their Google Maps platform, effective immediately. This comes in response to the state’s recent voter law that many are calling racist. “We cannot allow these racist laws to stand,” said a spokesman from the Google Office of […]

Google Removes Entire State Of Georgia From Google Maps — MCViewPoint

Sunday Follies

In honor of ‘white privilege’ I’d like to demonstrate through clips two other mainstream myths: White man can’t dance & White man can’t jump.

Just one white man can jump, like that famed tall man in China?

I don’t think so.

Cypriots culturally appropriating Celts? How dare they!

Even those privileged white kids can do it!

If Diversity means anything at all, it should mean the privilege to be unabashedly the color that you are.

Or, to mix it up, if that’s what you’re feeling.

But that’s not what we’re seeing, is it? “Privilege” according to the myth-makers is meant to make us feel shame, rather than pride, in our cultural achievements. We are meant to burn with the dishonor of the worst traitors of our races, rather than soar with the best examples of our greatness.

Stop buying their bullshit, folks!

TERRA NOUVA: ‘Natural Justice’, Days of Planetary Psycho-Cultural Upheaval – By Sacha Stone — RIELPOLITIK

“I sensed the broken dreams of thousands of honest family owned businesses annihilated over the past two or three decades by a creeping globalist monoculture which, wittingly and unwittingly, seeks to eradicate family values, community values, societal values and civilisational values. I witnessed all of this rushing past my car window. The bleak legacy of a social economic inferno being wrought upon millions of common people by the European Union and its nefarious raison d’être.”

Source – sachastone.com “…The creeping monoculture I speak about is of course the natural outcome of a civilisation which has on the one hand become drunk on excessive consumerism and is on the other hand traumatised into a false-model of scarcity-economics. Where everybody is living both in excess and a state of fear….reliant on the […]

TERRA NOUVA: ‘Natural Justice’, Days of Planetary Psycho-Cultural Upheaval – By Sacha Stone — RIELPOLITIK

Gaslighting We the People In the Name of Well-Being to Avoid a Dictatorship of the Dead — Invisible Serfs Collar

Welcome to 2021 and if any of you have ever read a book or seen a film where Gaslighting by some villain was a tool of control, you will remember that the sanity of the person being manipulated always becomes an issue. Think of this post as a means of illuminating what may appear to…

Gaslighting We the People In the Name of Well-Being to Avoid a Dictatorship of the Dead — Invisible Serfs Collar
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