Funny Friday

It’s that time again!

A mildly humorous harvest this week, but if you watch the bonus video at the end and don’t laugh, please, let us know in the comments. I promise I won’t judge.

And the bonus video . . .

Wishing y’all a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by and thanks to all the funny meme creators and sharers out there, we sure do appreciate your efforts!! 😁

WTF Photo

The curiosity is killing me!

I must appeal to the precious few—do y’all have any clues?!

I saw these two bizarre emerging ‘eggs’ two days ago while mushroom hunting. Today I took a few photos, they are more exposed than when I first saw them. The whiteish surface is kinda slimy.

Any expertise out there, or just some random guesses??

Funny Friday

The week has just flown by and I’ve not posted a thing, shameful! I have posts stacked up in my notes, just waiting to be refined . . . Yet, here we are, in need of some funnies once again.

Got some good ones, a group effort, hope there’s a chuckle in here for y’all somewhere! My personal fav to start. . .

Wishing y’all a lovely weekend!

Silly Saturday

Oops! The busy week got away with us and we found ourselves on the couch at 8 pm last evening after wrestling goats, I mean milking, saying, “Where’s the memes?” Hubby said, “Re-cycle, re-use” which normally I’m all for. But in memes, considering how readily available they are everywhere for free, it just felt wrong.

So, here’s a compromise—the few we managed to gather, plus some old favs for good measure. And, back next week with our regularly scheduled programming!

Hope y’all find a smile in here somewhere.

Still applies!

Wishing y’all a lovely weekend!

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