Funny Friday

I almost forgot! If Hubby weren’t sitting next to me now already laughing as we shared quotes from an article recommending muffins and meatloaf made of flies, I’d have forgotten it’s time for the funnies!

(Editor’s note: This is totally believable, but where’s Vanna?)

I’ve teared up laughing so hard at some of these, and I have to give all credit to Hubby. Oh that man knows me too good!

Hope y’all got some good laughs too, and happy weekend!

Funny Friday

A trigger warning accompanies this week’s batch! If a few of them seem sociopathic to you, I totally agree.

I don’t laugh because I think it’s right, but because it’s true, too often, sadly so. (And just adding such a disclaimer automatically makes it less funny, but still, no less true!)

Saved the best for last! How cool is that?! As awesome as walking on water??

Hope there was a little something for everyone! Wishing y’all a lovely weekend!

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