Prosecute Clinton: For a Server or Orchestrating Mass Murder? —

Here’s one I point a finger at men, primarily.  I know that sounds illogical on the surface, but consider this please.  She was a smart, very attractive young woman, who rose in a man’s game.

And she used that her entire career, even when she got vicious and ugly, to manipulate men in power.  She might be a woman, and I call a woman down as easily as I will a man, but this shyte’s mostly on the man, imo, for promoting a wolf in sheep’s clothing just because she seduced y’all.

Of course now, because of her rise to power, she’s popular with (amoral) women based primarily on the fact that she f**ked the f*cker.

When will a true hero come and take the high ground?

The kabuki theater stunts between the two-pronged hydra-head of the one-party political class in America knows no bounds. After Mueller was shot down for his lame and easily disprovable case against Trump, the tide turned against the Democrats. Now it’s Hillary’s turn in the hot seat, not that it really matters. As I noted on…

via Prosecute Clinton: For a Server or Orchestrating Mass Murder? —

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