Under Our Skin — Dispatches from the Asylum

Great read here from the Asylum, hope you’ll take a moment!  

I will add my personal touch to the opening paragraph about understanding among long relationships.  I think there’s an ‘astral’ or cosmic element to this—a kind of repel and attract, that’s part of a greater field we’ve no real control over.  I know that sounds rather mystical, maybe that’s what often comes with age?

But as an example, when Hubby and I are ‘on’ as in ‘connected’ we communicate easily even without words sometimes, completely effortlessly, like two seasoned dancers in a perfect duet, gliding through the day together.

And then, another time, we get nothing but stepping on each other’s toes, losing our words as if our balance, talking past each, getting aggravated over nothing—just like that—like our tempo suddenly shifted.  The astrologers might suggest Venus went retrograde, or something like this.

Or, the conspiracy theorist in me might muse, someone might be deliberately altering our frequencies with Directed Energy Weapons.!

Baffling reality.  🙂

“People understand me so poorly that they don’t even understand my complaint about them not understanding me.” ― Søren Kierkegaard, The Journals of Kierkegaard If you’ve been with your significant other, for any substantial amount of time, the above quote is something you’ve probably muttered to yourself in some fashion or another, and then quickly forgotten the misunderstanding […]

via Under Our Skin — Dispatches from the Asylum

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One thought on “Under Our Skin — Dispatches from the Asylum”

  1. wow….i understand that perfectly! hubby and i clash sometimes out of the blue…exactly like we got hit with something…it seems so silly and stupid to be irritated about and we both know it…we start looking around to see what hit us!! well said…thank you!

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