Hate is Love

What if each time the ‘copy’ gets ‘better’?  I’ve come to hate my own language.  I’ve come to hate my own culture, my own country.  My own family, sometimes.

But, what if that’s a good thing?

What do we really know about consciousness?  What might we be taking for granted?

I ‘discovered’ this band through a ‘friend’ I’ve never met, in a space I’ve never ‘seen’ or ‘occupied’ and I’m terribly sorry for all the quotes, but the language is failing us, as the culture is, as the ‘climate’ is, the media, government, sport, job, spouse, sink, toaster, or whatever the hell IS at the moment, there really IS still something greater, something genius, wondrous, magical, when someone, somewhere is able to add on brilliant, to copy +, or whatever it is, that makes the creative spirit make magic, over and over, and then . . . Even better.

And then, be at my fingertips, at any moment, presumably . . . indefinitely.

What if ‘Google’ or SelfishSquidsPro, had abrupted this magic, for, ‘copyright’ + ‘violation’?

What if that then plunged me into summer doldrums without recourse?  What if I then suffered serious depression?

IDK, could be room for a new ‘liable’ industry, no?

I do think there could be a there-there!


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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