Project Enchantment

Classified, 15XS72
Lee Saussereaux aka Sassafras HQ9

Debrief 1
1,000 hours clinical depression produced .1 hour BUTA (Brilliant Universal Timeless Art) saving 1.5 million (random subjects) over 2.7 decades (projected) from (NID) Nihilism-Induced Disease.
Above Top Secret Classification, 3T level (mod)
Project Success: 5.9

Habituation Classification: Dump or Distance
Abnormal Players vs Enchanted Masters

3 attempted coups, 4.7 success dividend
2 in progress, projected Game sequence alert 9.7
Resource capacity 12, upgrade POt -3
Alert transfer CAP 12(3)4.5

Read, English, BFE, NP1
”They label it Depression if you don’t feel like playing The Game anymore.”

The Goal: Consistent Enchantment.  Anything short of the Goal is Abnormal.

Abnormal Players are given BATs (Behavioral Adjustment Treatments) by the Programmers.  The Programmers have reached the Goal.  The Game has very specific rules that are: Constant Change.
The Programmers are trained by : Enchanted Masters.
These specimens have reached and maintained the Pinnacle of the Game, Permanent Enchantment, over a ten year period.  They’ve been thoroughly tested and vetted.
Witness testimony: Their only emotional state is Enchantment, whether pondering a blade of grass or mass torture.  With every inhale they experience nothing but the wonder of creation.  With every exhale your favorite scent swirls through the air like the mists of Avalon.  Their eyes are star lights, their voices SUSURROUS (, their laugh Vivaldi’s Spring (declassified)
Achievement: One Season Wuderland, perpertual adolescence; citizenry rest mesmerized by Magi, all levels.  Model: appropriately Enchantment-Based Behavior at all times: Observed and judged at all hours by millions of devoted citizens.

Re-enforcement programming successful at every social level.

Obviously, Enchanted Master is most coveted role in the Game.  They are chosen by the astrological calendar decades before their births.
Failure is not an option.

Notes on The Open Society. KP, KH
Full Report Follows




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