Hate Is Nothing To Fear

If you think those rioters hate you
those others
whoever they may be
hate us
you’re confusing hate
with desperation

Similar to watered down compassion
Similar to love and sex
When you give it out to everyone
just willy-nilly
What value is then left
that’s not just silly

If you hate the man who’s desperate
He covets your life, your wife, your gloves
So much so he snuffs through strife
Your very common sense or
decent fool’s lament

You might see
Hate is just inverted love
As fear is just inverted heart

You think you destroy their art
And history
Jacking monuments and sucking tears
Striking down all meant dear

So Blake has never met your ear
The iron hand crushed the tyrants head
and became a tyrant in his stead

Hate has only passion
For you to fear
Don’t confuse hate with desperation
Hate like love has everything
Yet nothing
For you to fear

Passion, word of the devil
Come and take it, with me
very deliberately
Our sacrament
I need your consent
In case some day
we need repent

Let us hold it
The bravest only
Or the most clever

That I withhold
I do
Because my passion comes
Then lasts

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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