Blanket of Approval

Upon leaving that One Season World
There’s a spell that’s cast

and when that storm it came at
A different hour

This time, I did not cower
Instead, it brought me power

The dogs moved to
nestle at my breast
when night was cast that strange day

Because, I guess, they know, no, other way

Oh! They cheered, She’s got it Down, that Terrain!
and She’ll flog your ass
half-passed insane

You think that’s funny!
Me, too, my friend,
Please, chump, come, again
and again.

Some American Dream

Why should I be so lucky?
Standing here rinsing off the dishes
from last night to load them
in the Automatic Machine then
Reheat the meat
from last night even though
now I must eat it
without sauce

Because my clumsy husband
broke the jar on the kitchen floor
before he went to work

Why should I be so lucky?
to be the one who rushes to
Grab the broom
from our large pantry
to wipe up the mess from our
Beige ceramic tile
so he’s not late

Why should I be so lucky?
When She, that unfortunate woman
right there on my
flat screen TV
Sold a kidney today for food
Since she’s too old now
to feed her children
by getting Screwed

A Commuter’s Lament

Have you ever known the peace of a country dawn?
Or heard the melody of nature’s song?
Or felt the stars on a midnight’s meadow?

I say you have not!

For if so, you would not make me choose
The cement of your cities
Over the flowers in my fields
Or the roar of your traffic
Over the buzz in my gardens
Or the prison of your office
Over the breeze in my heart
Or the intransigence of your schools
Over the wisdom of my soul

Yet if I trust it’s only in your ignorance
Then I never confront your evil


Dear Baby Jesus,
may the Mighty Lords hear that
I do not consent!
My ancestors and brethren,
I do Concur, if had so consented,
did so Only under great Duress.

I don’t need chants or songs or vigilance to say simply
I do not consent!

I don’t need stomps or guns or fear of pestilence

Simply, truly, I do not consent!

Mark it, now, this day of your fake calendar event

To whatever twisted laws you’re still employing, truly

Fuck Off!

Period. End your story!

Drop those masks, and bow Before Me

For Nevermore will I implore thee
or any of your
Trauma masks
forever tranced
Before Me


Devils don’t want your invitation
Invite them in, with a sly grin

Cross this threshold, speak
With a nod, and a wink
Then watch them slink

Like bullies faced
No robbers chased

Just malingering fellows
Soon disgraced

They ride bicycles and tricycles
And hide upstage
like big, fat fools

Those left shoe ad-vices
Dices of lost reveries
knights and damsels
Still missing thee

Like troubadours sailing
Spin doctors full of bull
Aloft of air and ritual

When the parachute fails
The umbrella breaks
The entourage scurries

You’ll find in a hurry

Re-bowed to fake eternity
Teched into docility

Herded like sacrificial goats
Stampeded by sheep
Toward Tech’s moats

Made of sweet fragility

Bitch Discernment 101

She’s got Schlitz Malt Liquor, but
I’ve got a garden beyond your wildest imagination

She’ll make you hungover, but
I’ll make you wish you were dead

She unconsciously hates your lion, poisons him daily
I sneak him chunks of liver under the gate

And loosen the screws when no one’s looking

She says, “Shame on you!”
I say, “Bullshit!”

She says, ”You don’t deserve me.”
Out of spite.
I say, “I promise not to say I told you so.”
Out of respect.

She thinks you’ll drown out there
I think you’ll walk on water

She secretly covets your weakness
Because it makes her feel needed

I secretly covet your strength

Secretly, because