Humility vs Humiliation

So she read my diary
Slept with my boyfriend
Had his baby
That was such a long time ago

I’m over it
You know
I’m just not the type
to hold a grudge

No anger
No justice
Smile schmuck
Carry on

I was glad to be rid of him
So needy
Lucky they had that sun 
Sorry I mean son

He was circumcised
jabbed with every needle
under the sun
that son 
She was so loyal
Her big-pharma bosses
those cocks so lovingly

Catty bitch was she
I loved her for that
most of all
Serves me right

I was vindictive
one time
an unfortunately
short-lived situation 
I just don’t have it in me 
Trainers in tyranny are reserved for
upper classes and
obedient masses

In any case
She wore her bitch on her sleeve
Her success was guaranteed 
That she should spare me
that was my own
Destination Folly

Big Pharma loves materialistic divas
pretty is necessity 
Where it lacks
oh no worries
they’ll find
those hacks
fillers crimpers plumpers
liners blushers boobs
all free for
She of Loyalty

Time will tell
I know 
Bitches fade
like flurried snow 
Whereas my grimed hands
unpolished and
unforgiving lands of
barbed walled gardens
forever paying for
long lost ancestors’ sins
So it would seem
I will never give in

Rather to die at the wellspring of truth
than to deny even tyrannical roots
Rather to feign than fawn
Rather to challenge each dawn
Than to accept random
despots’ decisions
Choosing my weather
what it does and
just how it defines the soils
I’ll forever walk upon

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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