At the Dentist

It’s amazing to like my dentist during this COVID Plandemic-Scamdemic even more than I had before. Having despised every dentist I’ve ever had until I found her about a decade ago, this has been a most pleasant re-affirmation of my perpetual superior judgement.

She has obliged her staff and clients to the temperature gun on the 3rd eye upon arrival, but apparently that is her limit on personal infringements, bless her heart. She did take all the magazines out of the waiting room, which is disappointing, but tolerable. I did enjoy shuffling through current issues of Texas Highways on my regular visits.

But, she did not require a face-diaper for the privilege of entering her offices or sitting in her waiting room. Again, bless her heart. And you know, she has a garden. Yes indeed, she does, with vegetables even! Heavens only knows how she finds the time.

Of course, there’s the nitrous oxide that’s thoughtfully pumped into my airways when I visit her, and that’s all the more reason to sing her praises. Does it bother me that it cost $50 extra in order to be totally high while my gums are prodded and my teeth drilled? Nope, not really! But, I accept we won’t be able to afford such extravagant expenses for much longer.

They love me even more when I’m on the gas anyway, and frankly, the feeling is mutual. Anyone would prefer me on the gas, myself included.  You know, my hygienist has the same name as me and also totally loves purple—come on now—how is that not a match made in heaven?!

Anyway, I think there was once a point to this post. Seems I’ve lost the thread.

I think what it was is that, I really felt for them, this office full of ladies wearing masks, but not beholden upon others to do the same, not in the least. Nothing highlights righteousness more than leading by example, without coercion, threat, or the myriad other brands of shaming and manipulation.

I tenderly inquired to my hygienist, “Is it hard to wear that mask all day?” She said it was difficult indeed and so she chooses not to wear it in public at all.  I said it gives me a headache instantly, she nodded in agreement.

I thought, in my well-gassed stupor, isn’t that sweet? I furthermore mused that it certainly must be that the whole public mask-wearing nonsense is really about trying to get us all to empathize with those poor long-suffering working folk who are forced to wear masks all day, like my dear purple-wearing hygienist with the same name as me, bless all our dear hearts.

That’s really what it’s all about, right? The abusers and Satanists and worshippers of whateverandwhoeverthefuck—well, they’ve just chosen the left-hand path to wholesomeness and that’s really their way of caring so damn much about us all, right?  Of course, everyone should suffer as the mask-wearers suffer.



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9 thoughts on “At the Dentist”

  1. Dental anxiety? I’ve had my teeth xrayed, scraped, prodded, drilled, filled, unfilled, refilled, pulled,filed, measured for partials while trying to answer incoherently to the dentist’s running monologue on traffic, chess or the chances of winning at bingo and trying not to gag as the well meaning assistant suddenly unleashes a small tsunami down my throat that dental anxiety would seem a welcome relief. A gardening dentist? Sounds like a title for Steven King horror story…

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  2. I read an article the other day about the Spanish flu and mask wearing. I found it ironically funny. they would call those who refused to wear a mask “mask slackers”. A term I’ve coined for myself except for the fact that my wonderful governor mandated masks in public. The article also said they’d take the “slackers” to the red cross and make them make their own mask. oh what a wonderful world!

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