Stop Complaining

I have (another) awful case of poison ivy, for over two weeks now, it just keeps spreading, I’ve no idea how.  The chiggers, fleas and ticks are relentless.  The weather-makers continue to steal our rain and a lap-dance of morons on tyrants make any foray into so-called civilization even worse than this rural recipe for vitriol gumbo.

And just for the record, I do stop complaining from time to time, but never about the weather.  The weather has become my most taboo, vitriol-filled topic ever, far beyond religion or politics, those are light-hearted topics in comparison to the manipulated weather, because the world continues to accept this, by hook and by crook, en masse.

Masks?  Please.  When a UAE sheikh’s harem wants another wave pool for their offspring’s birthday party, half a nation’s rain is diverted immediately in that fulfillment order, no matter if that means the peasants starve for a year.  That’s our global reality, about to get much worse.

You think we’ve got something to complain about now?  If only you could ask your great-grandchildren how they experience the world in their time.

Lucky for us, we don’t have any.  So, I can guiltlessly keep bitching about my infuriating poison ivy.


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

2 thoughts on “Stop Complaining”

  1. Thanks, will try them all! Keep hearing about jewelweed, but haven’t seen any around here, will go hunting for some. Haven’t tried unkers, will try it, need some relief badly!


  2. well said! I use Jewel Weed for poison ivy. it is usually found close by the ivy. make a tea out of the leaves,stem and flowers. apply with a compress. unkers is good for the itch! it takes it away. just some things i have used for that damnable problem! the cost of living in the forest. Chigger bites, and other insects. unkers again or witch hazel.

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