Info Brokers

Info Brokers
You mighty jokers
Pretending to care
What we unwashed share
Pretend empathizing
Shell companies
Crisis actors
Phony advertising
Any and every trick
to fleece
Your next to last
Schmuck, moron, innocent
Or otherwise

You know though
We trip you up
Sell you our manufactured junk
Fall on our swords
Like boots in the soup
Like clogs in the wheel
Like those futbal wankers
With their stubbed toes
Rolling on the greens
Begging for woes

I claimed once
To love the cunts
Cause that’s where the juice
was flowing
When it moved to dick
That became my schtick
Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Jew
Riddle me next
How To:
Best Move You

Cause I can juggle in twelve languages
Or more
Across all ages and continents
And jingle and tingle
with all your fetishes
Just like a digital
Master Tartuffe

Only better
Cause where he obeyed his
Majesty’s months
I scrub my nethers regular
with ALL those crimson letters
From Rome to Stockholm to Jerusalem
I’m just plain bored with your
Dumb rotten shows
I sneeze on your masks
I fart on your sorrows

I laugh and I skip and I dance
on your lame lost causes and
eternal threats of
so less than worldly
New World Order
command and control
Full spectrum dominance
Never will it come to pass
Under my courageous watch
Nor Over my grave
Such Great vigilance
Nor Over my land
Not your hand

Any of your
Unfruitfully Unjoyously
Ungraciously crafted
Was Alas
Never even uttered
in This/His Most Gracious and Eternal


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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