Ministry Of Love

Welcome, friends
to our show that never ends
Oops I mean
The Hotel California
Oops I mean
it’s all so very

just love
so very much to choose from
one man’s compassion
another man’s
kick in the pants
not that he’d notice
in or out of it
just like
He claims love is blind
He then claims hate is speechless

We all know love
We all know romance
We all know the word and the feeling exact and
all the other accompanying
Everyone around all the world
agrees because it’s
just like with the monumental
science of vaccines

It’s so unequivocal 
no one ever had another
or misgiving
it’s so very clear
We can move the world with
Such nebulous words as
right, hope, love, fear

Sometimes for the right reasons
Sometimes for the wrong reasons
but like miracles
somehow come right
Often for the clouds that fill our heads
in the middle of the night
The ones that never feed our crops
just poison all instead
like electrolights and
dry lightening
better than water
so it’s said

Sucking prana like
vampires on blood
Sweet or bitter
same-same as they say
Golag Goulash
That eternal internal problem
with no name
intentions as right as
chemtrail rain
just convince them it’s all good
we don’t care how
psy-ops divided among
fractured clowns
assigned to vapid sluts and
lame-ass schmucks
who spin up
dramas like
Dorothy’s Oz meets
Brady Bunch

Join our tribe, they say
where we deny everything
spin and smile and
all the while
the jokers just
one more chain
congratulate yourselves anyway
because that next manufactured
is bound to hit your neighbors
this time
Chance still has a chance
in all this manufactured
so you can
for that
deep bow
Brown cow
for you lived
to bitch
one more day




Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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