Tiptoe to the Tyrants

These will be the most honest words
I’ve ever spoken or written
Honesty is never ever
the best policy for children
Or adults living as children
under tyranny

The ice trays are too full
The ice trays are not full enough
Next time you’re grounded
I’ll give you something to cry about
Is that lint on the floor
A bigger list now you’re nearly six
I’m in charge you’re responsible
Front and center
Claims the parent-mentor

You don’t like your latest step-mum
Ingrate, why can’t you be the bigger person
Your boyfriend won’t lend me money again
What a loser
Never whisper our secrets to a soul
We have no secrets

Why should he tell you the truth when
he tells no one else anything close to it
You are so entitled
What makes you so special
Basic bitch

I screamed I could not breath!
Year after year
I yelled I cried
I was ignored
Now the tyrants insist ALL
Stifle breathing
with a suffocating, humiliating
face diaper
Is that very hard for you Now?
Seems to me you’ve always played
right in line
so the air deprivation should
work just fine

Somehow I am not able to garner much
I wonder
Bitterness from lack of tenderness

Why should I lift a finger to help you
when you never lifted a finger to help me
Now right now
when I have the power
why I wonder
do I choose to guard it small and tight
beyond any rationality ALL
Rather to watch it wither and die
than ever have it
mistakenly serve you
as you are always
serving Them
Not ever
Ever again

I LOVE to serve! I LIVE to serve!
What does that feel like, I wonder, when I shift every effort
from service to y’all, to place it all
right back on me?
And the roots of my tiny tree
Oh, what glee!
No wonder at all why you twisted and maneuvered
so very hard way back
while you still had the chance
my power is so immense

Petty Shallow
Vindictive ingrate
Spiteful Selfish Self-serving
You bet!
Congratulations on your very excellent
very reciprocal child rearing
enough power to watch you all drown
with nary a frown

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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