Wavy Feelings

The artists know. They just don’t know exactly what they know, or how they know it. Can you see what he feels?

Beginning in 1890, Jacques-Arsene d’Arsonval (1851-1940) Director of the Laboratory of Biological Physics at the College de France, investigates how electricity of high frequencies affect living organisms. The facts proved, he wrote, “That the currents of high frequency penetrate deeply into the organism.”

The Scream (1893) Edvard Munch

G. Marconi, electrical engineer, had not heard of D’Arsonval’s research.

“If radio waves are dangerous, Marconi, of all people in the world, should have suffered from them. Let us see if he did.

As early as 1896, after a year and a half of experimenting with radio equipment in his father’s attic, the previously healthy 22-year-old youth began running high temperatures which he attributed to stress. These fevers were to recur for the rest of his life. By 1900 his doctors were speculating that perhaps he had unknowingly had rheumatic fever as a child. By 1904 his bouts of chills and fevers had become so severe that it was thought they were recurrences of malaria. At that time he was so occupied with building a permanent super-high-power radio link across the Atlantic Ocean between Cornwall, England and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.”

Invisible Rainbow: 5G Electromagnetic Radiation and the Evolution of Life on Planet Earth – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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3 thoughts on “Wavy Feelings”

  1. Fully understand and greatly appreciate (sometimes commiserate with you) on “progress” as we see it today. Yes, a “Boomer,” most of “our” displeasure with techno-everything and nose-in-air fashion-plating is de rigueur. A badge we (me anyway) wear with distinction suffering disdain for it. Pardon, but I must ask, and feel free to be righteously incensed, but do you have just a smidge of Luddite in you? I admit to some Luddite sympathies, so it won’t perturb me one way or the other.

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    1. I’m “Gen-X” according to the official boxes and fully embraced the educational technology as a grad student, because of course, they promise the moon—all the world’s books from all of time available for free online, and to boot . . . Flying cars! What do we actually get? CGI fakery everywhere and pop-up ads so thick you can’t even get a recipe for mayonnaise without wasting 20 minutes. So yes, I’m now committed to the Luddite role and won’t shed a single tear if the entire cyber shit show goes black tomorrow. Sometimes I even hope for it! And am so glad I’ve saved all my books. (Thanks for noticing!) 🙂

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