Regenerative Beekeeping: Wax — Wayward Bee

Just wanted to share the site of a UK beekeeping teacher sharing loads of excellent info!

Wax is produced by bees to create their home. The external walls of the cavity they occupy (be that hive, tree, chimney) will have been assessed for suitability by the scout bees before moving in, and as the combs will form an essential part of the bees’ “body”, it is equally essential that the cavity […]

Regenerative Beekeeping: Wax — Wayward Bee

Author: KenshoHomestead

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12 thoughts on “Regenerative Beekeeping: Wax — Wayward Bee”

  1. The etba stands for East Texas Bee Association . Don’t know how good they are as I haven’t had time to explore yet. Seems like they cover a lot of topics. I’ll see.

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  2. What an interesting site. I’m not a bee keeper but bees interest me immensely as I realize how vital bees are to our own existence. Always try to check out new sites. The last one which I’m sure you know about was ETBA which I have not fully explored yet. They were recommended to me as a site to find out more about plants that I could plant that would help the bees.

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