Heroic Elderly Woman!

I will focus on the positive here, mostly, for the moment, and praise this 65 year old lady with all my might! BRAVO! You are my hero of the week!!

And shame on the cowards in line who don’t support her. And WOW, who raised that pathetic ‘officer of the law’? I’m totally disgusted by every person in this video who participated. And witnessing is participating!

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9 thoughts on “Heroic Elderly Woman!”

  1. This had to be one of the more depressing & disgusting videos I’ve seen in a while. The part that was really upsetting was watching the sheeple standing around with their face diapers on & not saying a word in the woman’s favor. How stupid do you have to be to believe that a naturally occurring flu bug would still be going around for over a year. What ever happened to our collective intelligence & common sense.

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  2. I was just looking at that YouTube channel. The previous videos have a woman’s voice that sounds damn close to the woman’s voice on Headlines With A Voice channel. Never Lose Truth has the Headlines channel in its followed channels results. I think they are connected, honestly. I don’t know who she actually is but, with Headlines, she calls herself Nancy Morgan Hart. That name is an actual historical figure because she posted a video about her, once. I followed her site on WP for a while.

    In the dropdown data, she links back to a Fox Houston station. When you go to that channel, further data shows a link to the story. It happened in Galveston so, Galveston PD released the footage to the Fox Houston.

    F***ing Harris County. They are a bigger blight on Texas than Travis is.

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  3. I don’t know where it was filmed and usually this is not the kind of thing I like to post b/c I don’t have enough info. But! This whole mask charade has me so peeved I can hardly stop myself! Beyond anything the mayors and governors are doing, and not doing, how is it not obvious to everyone this is fascism and a global coup d’etat?? What’s further amazing to me is, either this is completely staged (and I don’t hold that outside of possibility) or this officer finds his comportment completely acceptable and worthy of promotion, which is why he’s sharing the vid far and wide!


  4. Where was this? Do you know? I tried to read what city it was on the SUV.

    Abbott…he’s becoming a joke. He lifts the mandates but, allows businesses to still force people to restrict their breathing. Talk about f***ing useless. Then, he declares that social media can’t block free speech but, then, turns around and attacks GAB.

    I’m starting to see reports leak out that he didn’t bother to get the coal powered plants brought online ahead of the storm…when he had the chance.

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