Backseat Driver

Toxic femininity
She’s not going to do it better
She’s going to tell you
You’re doing it all wrong
Mansplaining quite a blessing
When superiority comes not in deeds
But in pitiful pleads

Domination by guilt
Seduction through shame
You will confide to her your greatest pain
She will say you’ve misunderstood again

But I’ve been wronged you’ll plea
But you’re always wrong she’ll explain endlessly
She’ll say exactly how
You should feel about your day
Distract minimize redirect
Manipulate you with lies
Until your mind is fried
And your tongue is tied

Everyone agrees
The whole crew, tribe, family
It’s just YOU!

Swallow your tears
She demands
Run the gauntlet
She’ll scream
Then you might get to kiss our ring again

Diamonds finely cut she needs
Or smirks you’ll still receive
Tragic as it is you say
As she promises you
A fine fruitcake
On another day
All the while making you wish
You were somehow magically gay

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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