Memory Holed

Like they never happened
Like roaches in the basement
Their rotting carcasses
Swept under the carpet

We choose good times
Can’t you see the signs
No ugly allowed
Nor pain, nor facts
Just juggle those masks
To make us proud

Or display them loud
With a colorful tattoo
Pretending they weren’t taboo
And all is always fine with you

Whitewash and minimize
Feign by gaslight
Transfer and twist
Fog and spin
Such fun laughs
Never admit defeat
Then rinse and repeat

Scream them harmless
Shun she who reminds you
With a potent cue
To fill your brain
With only
The vapid, fake and inane

Truth is for troublemakers
In our realm where
The Mythmakers reign
She most stuffed with happy lies
Wins this lifelong game

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

2 thoughts on “Memory Holed”

  1. If we whitewash our memories, then we never learn. Memories create experiences, both good and bad. Do you remember the first time you touched a hot pot? I do, and because of that, I learned not to touch a hot pot ever again.

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