Misery DESERVES Company

Reader Warning: Rant imminent.

How I hate stupid slogans repeated by nitwits to condone toxic behavior like those including, but not limited to: minimizing, denying, scapegoating, redirecting, demoralizing, spiritual bypassing.

“I choose to remember the good times.” As claimed by shallow, smug brats and moral inferiors with a superiority complex and the courage of a dead rodent.

Does misery love company?  Is that what you say from your high horse when you don’t feel like slipping your pinkie toe into the mud to help a sister, or a daughter, or a friend?  Is that how you justify your routine betrayals in order to sleep at night and continue to emit the stinking pretenses of love and care?

What is friendship?  What is loyalty?  What is honor and nobility?  What is family? What is CARE?

How many fair-weather friends of dubious character are we allowing to remain in our inner-circles?

Is it possible that the shit-show of tyranny we see unfolding in front of us in an endless cascade of deception and lies and gaslighting and propaganda is a DIRECT result of the toxicity and denials and betrayals we’ve been allowing by those in our personal circles, those whose appalling behavior we repeatedly excuse?  Those whose lies and betrayals go unrecognized and unaccounted for? Swept under the rug and forbidden in any company?

Toxicity is NOT the woman in distress who pleas for help. It is the woman, whether mother or nurse or director, or ANY woman in a power position over you who demands it, immediately, without question, and on her terms and her terms only and under a barrage of excuses and lies and abuse. The kind of woman willing to throw even her most loyal allies into a living hell for her own comfort and self-serving agenda.

We hear an awful lot in the media and education indoctrination centers about the ’toxic masculine’ — but that is NOT what we are witnessing in the public arena today and what I routinely experience in my personal life.

What we are experiencing is the TOXIC FEMININE. Under the guise of CARE and SAFETY we get coercion, manipulation, mandated group-think, and an impossibly alarming level of socially-condoned psychic VAMPIRISM.

“There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t step over a puddle for you.”


Need an antidote to the rampant modern disease of hypocrisy, betrayal and cowardice? I sure do!

The Cult of the Medicshttps://cultofthemedics.com/episodes

Chapter One of a new documentary series about the occult history of the medical industrial complex, created by David Whitehead. Something is terribly wrong with our world. 

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

5 thoughts on “Misery DESERVES Company”

  1. Don’t hold back. Tell us exactly how you feel. 😄

    I take it that you have family and/or friends that have gotten on your last nerve? They’ve shown their true colors?

    Are you being hounded by those that follow the Cult of Covid/Medics?

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      1. This area? Please. I’ve got UNC in this county & Duke in the next county, East. The propaganda media arm are all hysterical about the unvaccinated. I know good & damn well the hospitals are FULL of sick vaxxed folks.

        Then, there is this little gem, picked up from Detroit:

        I found the post on Facebook dated 09-10-2021. Had to scroll a lot. Up to 187,000 comments. That ABC affiliate got more than they bargained for.

        Ever watch Stew Peters?

        The only covid related thing in my family that shows up is, I had a second cousin that got it…covid, itself. If any other family member has gotten jabbed, they haven’t fessed up about it.

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        1. Thanks for the info! The plot thickens. I have listened to Stew Peters (funny name, huh?!) a few times. In our small regional hospital I drove through the parking lots several times back when the scamdemic began, when supposedly the hospitals were stuffed full, and crickets. Now it’s totally full with “Covid” patients complaining of flu-like symptoms. It’s baffling. And, since when did folks go to the emergency room for flu-like symptoms anyway? That used to be something for the clinics, and the emergency rooms for actual emergencies.


          1. Yeah. I wondered the same. Why would anyone bother with an ER visit for “mild to moderate symptoms.” Talk about a huge bill for “take a Tylenol, drink fluids and sleep.” Before this crap, if you wanted to see a doc, you went to your GP or, in the last 30 years, a walk-in clinic.

            I had a big, fat nasty back in Jan. 2019:

            I was having a convo with my retired chiro on email a week or two ago. He told me that he thought he and his wife had “the rona” (his words). In the course of the convo, I sent him the link, above. He said my symptoms were identical to theirs. They didn’t get “tested” (using term loosely as the PCR test is a test that doesn’t test for viruses). It’s a head scratcher. I don’t think the flu just disappeared and I can’t help but ponder the fact that “the covid” gain of function research was handed off to Wuhan from UNC…in my county.

            I’ve asked him if he is interested in getting antibody/T-cell tested. I hope he does. I want to know if he shows “rona” protection.

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