The LOVE Conference

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Ladies! Welcome! Welcome! We are so thrilled to be here for our 6th Annual Love Conference!!!

We’ve got some great speakers lined up for you today, the brightest stars in the business—Merry Willy, Liza Lotta, Toni Ruburson and our feature speaker—the one and only, Opur Winey.

And of course there’s our Breakdown-2-Breakthrough breakout workshops throughout the day, so let’s get started right away!

You’ll all find slips of paper there in front of you and I want you all to write down your first name and 6 words or phrases you associate with LOVE, plus one of your favorite songs about LOVE. There are no wrong answers, it’s all about YOU and your experience!

You have 10 minutes before my assistant will collect them and I’ll read them for the group.

Ok ladies, well done! So, let’s see what we’ve got here.

Joy’s slip: passion, romance, tenderness, compassion, forgiveness, family.
Oh that’s wonderful, Joy!
And her song is: All You Need Is Love, by the Beatles, of course!

Katy’s slip: hate, betrayal, misery, lies, gaslighting, obsession.
Ok, thank you for that, Katy.
And for her song we have: Back to Black, Amy Winehouse, yes indeed.

Marjorie’s slip: confusion, loss, fatal attraction, pain, shame, manipulation.
Her song choice: Ball and Chain by the legendary Janis Joplin.

Becky’s slip: sex, power, money, fame, sex again, chocolate
Her song choice: True Love by, um, Pink? Hmm, don’t know that one.

Seven hours later . . .

What a fantastic group you’ve been! We’ve all had such a wonderful time and I know you feel exactly how I feel.

Thank you all so much for gathering today with our favorite Love Bombers!

Love truly is the answer to all our modern problems. We are all One in Love. Isn’t it miraculous to know that we can all agree on love! And we can end war, poverty, cancer, drug abuse, you name it, because we truly believe love conquers all!

Now I want you all to go out and spread the word about the power of Love to Save the World!

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