Dear Diary

I am so thankful today! Every day I say my gratitude mantras for all that has manifested in my life, all that I’ve been able to co-create with nature, my friends and family, and the Great Organizing Dynamic.

Since today is such a special day and everyone is talking about gratitude I thought I should write the list down so I never forget. How incredibly dull my life would be without all these fantastic challenges to overcome!

I’m so grateful I find so much inspiration in the shitshow we call Normal Life in civilized society. Like . . .

I’m so grateful I have the privilege of helping to pay for, and clean up after, ‘my’ government and their corporate interests. It’s such a pleasure to make apologies to my overseas friends and strangers alike for our warmongering and resource grabs around the world. I like to fortify myself daily by reading the most scathing reports available concerning our behavior and how good we are at pissing everyone off.

I’m particularly grateful I’m not a victim. Victims are so not good company. Also, this makes the perpetrators feel much better and I know they really need that. No one likes to feel guilty or ashamed of their abuses. I’m so pleased when I can spare them that unpleasantness.

I’m happy each day when I see the sky covered in artificial clouds that spread out and cover the sun and then watch how miraculously the weather changes considerably in less than 2 days. Yo-yo weather is every bit as fun as it sounds. It gives me great peace of mind when my joints are aching from the rollercoaster pressure variables that at least I know why it’s happening and that I only have to suffer for 2 or 3 days, until a few weeks later, when the magic clouds come back. I know how important it is for man to engineer the atmosphere and it gives me great pride to suffer on their behalf and to do my part for the greater good.

I’m so blessed by the ample choice I have in allergy and dis-ease management medications and the routine advice given by experts and professionals that is so clear and consistent and helpful. It’s so wonderful to feel so loved and cared for by the government and their successful industry partners.

I’m so thankful for all the folks who see opportunities instead of problems. It is such an exquisite growth opportunity for me personally, because where I see disaster capitalism they see weather futures; where I see exploitation they see the economy reimagined. I agree with them that I must be selfish, immature and playing the victim whenever I can’t see immediately how right they always are.

UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System

I’m so thankful that with man’s technology we can finally fix everything Mother Nature can’t seem to get right. Ultrahumanism and Planetization sound like the perfect augmentation for the heart and mind. I feel our spiritual goals are so aligned and that really helps with my meditations and gratitude mantras they were so thoughtful to teach me.

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Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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