Documenting the “Virus” Lie


Watching a good documentary and/or presentation can be an engaging, insightful, and eye-opening experience for many people. It is an easy way to disseminate a lot of invaluable information in a visually pleasing way. For me, the HIV documentary House of Numbers was life-changing. It was brilliantly done and completely destroyed the HIV=AIDS dogma and ultimately helped me to understand the “virus” lie. I’ve known others who were convinced to immediately stop vaccinating themselves and their children due to watching the intense information and experiences presented in the Vaxxed series. These documentaries may be just what someone needs to see in order to start their own journey into questioning the massive fraud that has been perpetrated on us for the last few centuries. As with other lists, I plan to update this page as I become aware of other relevant documentaries and presentations that can be helpful. I hope you…

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