Fascinate, Me?

I doubt it.
But do try, if you please.

For I hold that which is more fascinating than all the revelations on the Worldwide Web.

For I know what’s more delectable than the greatest feast any queen was ever fed.

Home-raised and home-made by just little ol’ us:
2 cheeses, pig liver pate, sourdough rye, olive oil pickles, radishes and green onions,
persimmon kombucha.

For I have felt the pleasure of the task done only for her most dear.

For I have touched the archaic wisdom without fear.

For I have sensed the eternal crafted long before His key.

For fascination is my daily bread living this great mystery.

How ya gonna keep them wrapped in illusion once they’ve touched reality?

Story Sunday: All Hail Covid — Cosmic Observation

“He’s not Covid, he’s just cold.” Graham Chapman & Terry Jones from Life Of Brian 1979. Image Credits: Warner Brothers/Getty Images/The Covid Physician From a UK doctor… I encourage you to read the entire article. I’m shocked. ~Vic What has been witnessed in the last two years is not medical science. It is the death […]

Story Sunday: All Hail Covid — Cosmic Observation

Nearly 3/4 of the World’s Dictators Receive US Weapons and Military Assistance – Antiwar.com Original — MCViewPoint

https://original.antiwar.com/?p=2012344472 by Matthew Hoh The US supports nearly 75% of the world’s dictators, autocracies, monarchies, military regimes, etc., with weapons, military training and money. Please remember this the next time someone tells you the US should do X or Y because such and such a nation is bad… Comparing Freedom House’s list of Not Free […]

Nearly 3/4 of the World’s Dictators Receive US Weapons and Military Assistance – Antiwar.com Original — MCViewPoint

But don’t worry, be happy! The consequences of such actions won’t ever come home to roost, right?! ~Kensho

Brought to you by…. — Dispatches from the Asylum

In a world where wholesomeness, decency and honesty are ancient artifacts that were only in vogue in the 1950’s, and practiced by sexually oppressed simpleton’s, thank the gods that such jerky ways were abandoned years ago. Now, in present day Sodom and Gomorrah, nearly everything is a lie, a scam, a scheme, and the expected […]

Brought to you by…. — Dispatches from the Asylum

The Peculiar Persimmon

Another brief plant profile this post, as it’s our first experience of persimmons!

The first thing you learn is absolutely do not eat them when they look pretty enough to eat. With the persimmon, the uglier, the better! If you eat one when it looks like this, you might think you just stuffed your mouth full of dead rodent fur.

If you eat one that looks like these below, you might cringe a little at first thinking you’re about to taste something rotten, but you’d be quite wrong—it’s magically delicious!

Let this funny lady tell you all about it!

It is often claimed that American persimmons are only edible after a frost and that you cannot ripen them off the tree. Luckily, this is not the case. However, most persimmons you can purchase at the grocery store are of a Chinese variety. It seems American producers have decided our own varieties don’t ship well enough.

Preserving ’wild’ persimmons is also a bit peculiar as cooking it will bring the astringent taste back. Making fruit leather was the solution for Native Americans according to this article by Mother Earth News. “When desired, the persimmon leather can be cut into small pieces and eaten like candy. It is much relished by small children this way. Or, the dried pulp can be mixed like raisins with cornmeal and other cereals to make Native American puddings, various cakes and biscuits.”

Time for us to give persimmon leather a try! And persimmon cookies, clearly. I already made persimmon kombucha and it’s positively divine! 🙂

We’ve planted a bunch of persimmon trees in recent years, but only females produce fruit. The ratio of male to female trees is 10 to 1 and you can’t tell them apart until they start fruiting, in about 7 years. Nature’s way of teaching us patience and planning!

BRAVE NEW WORLD: Toward Global Technocracy & Slavery – By Catherine Austin Fitts — RIELPOLITIK

Source – technocracy.news “…Technocracy views humans as a natural resource to be exploited, similar to oil or livestock. Controlling economic activity, therefore, requires controlling all the resources. Since energy is the gas pedal to all economic output, Technocrats create a “sustainable development” equation under their total control” Toward Global Technocracy And Slavery Image: Solariadvisors.com PDF […]

BRAVE NEW WORLD: Toward Global Technocracy & Slavery – By Catherine Austin Fitts — RIELPOLITIK

“Technocracy, on the other hand, views humans as a natural resource, no different from an oil deposit or livestock, and they are to be used as such. Humans may be more or less efficient than a robot, for example, depending on the job at hand, and efficiency trumps humanity.We’re talking about a world where most people are under 24/7 surveillance and then their financial incentives and their financial power are related to how well-behaved they are. ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

To minimize problems within this human resource management system, there needs to be maximum compliance with minimal effort, and this is where social engineering through media propaganda (brainwashing), censorship and artificial intelligence comes in. For the most part, once fully implemented, the control system will be fully automated.”

Maine Sets the Example

This is a repost from my favorite farmer: Joel Salatin
Blog: Musings From the Lunatic Farmer

I would also have been speechless at the response to his question at that California conference!

I’d love to hear what y’all think, too. 🙂

Second Amendment for Food

            A ballot initiative you may not have heard about in Maine late Tuesday created unprecedented freedom for voluntary food commerce.  This first-of-its kind constitutional amendment does what the U.S. Bill of Rights failed to do:  guarantee citizens the right to choose their food.

  The measure added language to the state constitution providing that individuals have a natural, inherent, and unalienable right to food, including the right to save and exchange seeds and the right to grow, raise, harvest, produce, and consume the food of their own choosing for their own nourishment, sustenance, bodily health, and well-being, as long as an individual does not commit trespassing, theft, poaching, or other abuses of private property rights, public lands, or natural resources in the harvesting, production, or acquisition of food.”

        What this does is give the individual legal standing to sue any entity–including a government entity–that stands in their way of acquiring the food of their choice from the source of their choice.  This language has been championed by the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund for years and it’s truly wonderful to see that a state has finally adopted it into its constitution.

             Both the Farm Bureau Federation (you know, that outfit that says it’s a friend of farmers?) and the Maine Dairy lobby fought aggressively against it, charging that it would undermine food safety.  That’s always the argument, that choice is too risky.  Somebody might get bad milk, rotten chicken, or spoiled porridge.  Yes, that’s possible, but it’s also possible they’ll be able to get better milk, better chicken, and better porridge than heretofore available due to burdensome government regulations.

             I’m thrilled over this development and anticipate Maine now leading the nation in local food commerce.  It’ll be interesting to see if the federal government attacks the state like it did with the Food Sovereignty Act several years ago.  At that time, the federal government said that if the state didn’t rescind that freedom, it would pull all inspection from the state and nothing would be able to move outside state lines.  Maine buckled.

             Let’s hope Maine holds firm this time around because the same opposition is still very much in power, both at the industry level and the bureaucratic level.  Lest you think this is all academic, let me relate a quick story.  Several years ago I was speaking at a college in California and had about 300 people in a lecture hall.  I asked them “how many of you think that a government food safety official should inspect carrots and beets harvested from your own garden before you can eat them?”   One-third of the hands went up.  I’ll never forget the moment.  I literally was speechless (that’s a big deal for me) for a bit, trying to metabolize this reality.

             Are you in agreement with what Maine just did, or do you think this will fill the hospitals with folks suffering from tainted food?

~Joel Salatin

All’s Well That Ends Well

An early frost again this year means no pumpkins for us.

So close, and yet so far

Most folks think it’s climate change, others claim it’s the Grand Solar Minimum. I suggest it’s something else completely—chemical ice nucleation for weather modification. I don’t think mother nature swings quite like that without the hands of man involved. I suppose only time will tell.

I will today, however, stay focused on the nice and easy, if only to prove I can manage to do such a thing whenever I choose.

So, here’s a fun family walk.

And a huge harvest of sweet potatoes, along with some ginger and tumeric, too.

And a sweet little harvest of honey and wax.

Resourceful bees happily cleaning up my mess
Prepared for the next crops, garlic and onions, coming soon.
The final scent of summer—the last bloom of Macy’s Pride

And to end, a tender and thoughtful bow to a dear man we’ve lost today, sparing him, and our extended family, of potentially many painful years coping with a debilitating disease. A merciful passing for which we are grateful.

Papi, now completely blind and mostly deaf, is also not far from
his final journey to the great beyond.

May he rest in peace.

“My Government Lied To Me…” — Freedom Through Empowerment

Texas Father Who Lost 16-Year-Old Son to the Pfizer Vaccine “My government lied to me” pic.twitter.com/g6LTowkZeW — Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) November 3, 2021 Please take 2 minutes to watch this heartbreaking video of Mr. Ernest Ramirez talking about the death of his son from the Pfizer vaccine. We owe it to him and all those […]

“My Government Lied To Me…” — Freedom Through Empowerment

The Largest Land Grab in History — Piece of Mindful

The strategies and tactics directing human health systems and forest health management exhibit striking similarities.  Religious believers in the “active forest management” cult have declared that we need more vegetation manipulation — prescribed burning, logging, and thinning — to control large blazes.  Cultist ignore the numerous examples around the American West where burning/thinning/logging did nothing […]

The Largest Land Grab in History — Piece of Mindful
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