Where’s the Emergency? — ViroLIEgy

How relieved are we all now that we can walk the streets freely without the fear of having to step over the corpse of a “Covid-19” victim? It seems like it was only yesterday when we would have to think twice about taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood in order to avoid having someone […]

Where’s the Emergency? — ViroLIEgy

Great article here, please read and share! I sure do wonder whether they will call it ALL off now that it’s so obvious the total scam that’s been played on the global public. HA! Just joking. Of course they will not. ~KH

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12 thoughts on “Where’s the Emergency? — ViroLIEgy”

  1. Went to the link you gave. Oh my goodness what a ton of info. It’s now on my to read list. Makes you wonder if anything from the gov. is true. I think not. It all goes back to that old saying that the most dangerous thing you can hear is ” I’m from the government & I’m here to help you”

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    1. You said it, Granny! And I think it’s even worse today than that old adage because now it is the combined power of the government and industry, in the form of ‘public-private partnerships’ who are ‘here to help’.


      1. Heh. I was trying to be nice on someone else’s blog. I normally curse like a sailor…or marine…I married one & live with the other. Raised in law enforcement, cops curse a lot, too. 😠😡🤬

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        1. Thanks for the thought. It would be more polite, but imo the time is over for playing nice! 😆I’m glad you have some experience in choice vocabulary, maybe I’ll need a lesson!


            1. Oh, my… Al Gore is one I haven’t heard much on in years. He just isn’t in the news cycle, anymore. I always ignored him and preferred reading Anthony Watts.

              I have a long list of people that need to go but, I lean more towards firing squads. On a positive note, hanging is less messy.

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            2. He’s still out there, up to his usual tricks. I just saw him in the documentary “Planet of the Humans” which is why he was front of mind more than the other criminals.


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