The No “Virus” Challenge

It’s getting hot, hot, hot!


Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of working with some brilliant people on establishing a challenge to virology in order to finally put their (pseudo)scientific methods to the test. Stemming from the mind of Dr. Tom Cowan and meticulously crafted by Dr. Mark Bailey and Dr. Kevin Corbett, theNo “Virus” Challengeis designed to meet virology halfway. We want virology to show us, using their own methods, that they can actually independently reproduce and replicate the exact same results while blinded to the different samples that they will be working with.

I will leave the exact details of the challenge to be explained by the document linked below, but we are offering a first step to finally settle this debate once and for all. Whether the virology community (and those who back them) will accept this challenge (which Dr. Cowan has already received financial backing…

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6 thoughts on “The No “Virus” Challenge”

  1. Let’s see….when I sneeze and have a runny nose, I have a cold. I take a cold pill, I stop sneezing and my runny nose stops. Looky there! I did my own analysis and came up with this conclusion: I had a harmless cold and I killed it. Ta-da!

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  2. I completely agree! But, I love this move anyway. I think turning the tables, taking an offensive position, could really help others (a precious few?!) see through their machinations. The experts will fall on their own petard if enough questions come flying at them from a public who can see what they’re doing is not based in science or logic. For those of us who don’t understand the science most of the time (like me) we can still discern the signs of lying, gaslighting and manipulation, which will insert that crucial seed of doubt in their confidence game. I think it’s exciting!


  3. I think that sound some may be hearing, but don’t recognize, is the sound of ‘a’ or ‘some’ virologist’s butt(s) puckering after reading this challenge. Surprising the challenge hasn’t been scrubbed by the controllers already.
    Wouldn’t it be amazing if some actually accepted this challenge, and followed the guidelines, and reported honest results?
    I’m thinking there aren’t many, if any, electron microscopes in actual use now. I figure most are in some university, behind locked doors with the lights off, and only see the light when new students receive orientation to whichever advanced ‘scientific’ field they’ve been chosen to participate in…………”class, this is an electron microscope. We don’t use them anymore, it’s all CGI, but occasionally we might get a picture or two of some of you in lab coats sitting at it, to use in an article someone has written for us. OK, now let’s go see the rats and monkeys. Last one out turn the lights back off please.”
    Thanks for this.
    Looking forward to today’s Funnies (I STILL have my Ukraine decorations up, btw).

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  4. They will NOT accept said challenge because we are not supposed to question them, are are just to take them at their word.
    For them to even entertain the idea, is to admit they could be wrong.

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