An-Cap Mennonites — MCViewPoint

You may think that these friendly people may be vulnerable to tyrants, but surprisingly, they mostly get left alone because the state parasite always seeks philosophical support from the host. These people will never lend their moral support to the state. An-Cap Mennonites By David Hathaway Many wonder if voluntarist communities that avoid state entanglements are […]

An-Cap Mennonites — MCViewPoint

Seems to me these types of communities will grow in the coming years, and I say, more power to ‘em!

Sounds to me like they’d make good neighbors. I have also questioned how effective against tyranny such communities would be, but this author asserts they are. What do y’all think?? ~KH

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Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

10 thoughts on “An-Cap Mennonites — MCViewPoint”

  1. I wonder, do they need a driver’s license to run their horse-and-buggy up-and-down the road?

    A dome over their lands might work.
    😆 (sigh) funny-not funny.

    I get what you’re saying; their food, air, and water is just as contaminated as ours.

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  2. Could it possibly be the religion thing? In large numbers, the religious groups can be powerful. Look at the Vatican. Look at the Mormons.

    The US government viewed the NAs as savages, not religious types. Most European Christians were horrified by them.

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  3. “Socialized with these values” so very true and easy to overlook. Protection, exactly, especially when presented with superior tech from others with so little empathy, or even really, common sense. Because I truly believe, those demons come home to roost eventually. Thanks for taking the time to share links and thoughts, I know you are very busy with your book at the moment and it is very appreciated!

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  4. That’s interesting. I wonder what keeps the Mennonites and Amish from getting the same treatment as the tribal Native Americans got? I certainly don’t think it’s because our government has learned from any past mistakes.


  5. Good point about the taxes. I wonder if they have some kind of ‘religious exemption’ on taxes like churches do? I’m going to have to look into that. I was thinking something like mask mandates and lockdowns—those would be ‘easier to resist’ types of tyranny in such a community. But what about geoengineering and weather modification and such? They spray whatever they want into their airspace, right, just like everyone else’s.


  6. An important topic, KH. I wish I had time to read the article and respond in a thoughtful way. I have had some long-ago experience with communal living: It made me wonder about the accuracy of the moral of a Sufi story – “You will only learn what you already know.” (
    How many people have been raised in cultures where they learn the value of discovering, honing, and using their skills for the sake of the community’s well-being and survival? And if they have been socialized with these values, and lived in such a community, how will they protect their knowledge and cultural ways when barbarians ride in to exploit their lands and resources? I don’t know the answers, but I do hope you find them…

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  7. Good article. I encountered some Mennonites in Virginia Beach in 2001-2002. Interesting people. Judging by the article, they function much like tribal Native Americans, before the US government destroyed their way of life.

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