The Deal Breaker

He walked one day with the devil
So certain of his soul and prowess
His letters sciences plans and maps
Unaware all their inherent traps

He’ll never take me down that devil
Grounded in faith love worship skill he claimed
Duty piety ribbons stars even a crown
And with my peoples all so well fed
Still fomenting the devil’s daily bread

Love and longing for the limitless who wouldn’t
Right over the rainbow and into the void
Join me fellow journeyman he said
Or just walk with me a little ways
To my magic craft just beyond these walls
Pay no mind to that line in the sand
That has shifted again like a mirage in the clouds
Or just like one captured with a grin
but Nary a nod or a wink

Image mirage subtle stage art
A trick of the mind
Beyond space and time
A holiday in magenta
A simple desire mangled by fire
Crafted from dust doused in fine musk

A one world fantasy of sin
Where the devils will always win
All chutes and ladders and merry-go-rounds
Initiates marching mindlessly into Pinky Palace
Masters of Grift with Goals of Great Goatness

Goading herds in space
Where sheep jumping moons dance like
Jiving junipers to illuminous tunes
Your tired your weak your drunk
Give to me so We may deliver him to Gnosis
At the Golden Gate of Surrender and Sever
To the We Synch
One Man In Full
Beyond mundane fear in the Ultimate
Refined Hive Mind

Now We One-eyed Jacks
Globe-trotting Gaia-worshiping
Goethe grooming
Immortal enchanters of men bewitched
Griottes of games eternal

Violet is the new Scarlet
Science the new Fiction
Old the new Now
Fake the new Real
All you never thought it would be
Welcome, Friends to 2023

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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